To the Beautiful You Episode 14 Review

Episode Recap

Tae Joon doesn’t want to go to the hospital after hearing that his father has collapsed. He tells Jae Hee that it has nothing to do with him and leave him alone. Jae Hee doesn’t want to hear a word from him and tells him that he’s going to regret it.

Tae joon hesitantly opens the hospital room and find that his father is already up and looking for something. Tae Joon silently adjusts the bed and turns on the humidifier. This reminds his father how Tae joon was the one by his mother’s beside. His father admits that he didn’t how much struggles that Tae Joon has gone through and he sees why Tae Joon was so angry with him. Tae Joon coldly replies that his father has no idea and he’s relived that his father is not in a serious illness. He doesn’t want to come back and visit again.

Jae Hee and Tae Joon walk back to school. He silently holds onto Jae Hee’s hand and asks if they can walk like this for a while. He sighs that if he didn’t hold someone’s hand like this, he feels like he might lose his way forever.

Seung Ri visit Hanna before he’s discharged. He is determined to make Hanna laugh. She warns him that she’s not the type to laugh easily but he’s still going to since he came prepared. He list all the jokes one after another which she answers them casually until one joke that lets her not being able to answer. Seung Ri happily answered that joke and laugh but Hanna maintains a poker face until she wheels away with a small smile.

Jae Hee writes a determination height, which is higher than Tae Joon’s previous record, on the pole to motivate Tae Joon.

Seung Ri gives an intense training on the track and field team. Jong Min shouts at him whether is because the team didn’t visit Seung Ri at the hospital. Seung Ri asks if he’s holding a grudge over something like that and then orders them to do more sit ups. Tae Joon sneakily lends a hand to help but he tugs too hard that makes Jae Hee flies on top of him. They stare at each other in surprise. Seung Ri praises for Jae Hee’s efforts to the rest of the team. Again, he asks the team to do more sit ups.

Jae Hee puts her hand on her flushed cheeks and recall about the sit up moment during the practice. She notices that Tae Joon has been nice to her. She wonders if Tae Joon likes her which makes her think that Tae Joon likes guys. She shakes herself as it’s impossible. Jae Hee decides to test him. She shows him a picture in a magazine and asks what he thinks. He truthfully answers that he finds it pretty and would accept a date. That makes Jae Hee gasp in horror and asks if he likes guys. He has no idea what’s she’s talking about since he looked at a photo of a woman. Then, she notices the picture of a man has fallen on the floor.

During the high jump practice, Hyun Jae fails to clear the 2.30m mark. Hyun Jae hears the same criticism that he’s jumping too early. Tae Joon suggests singing a song in his head rather than counting his steps. His song is ‘A Frog Boy’. Tae Joon jumps but fails to clear the same height. Coach Baek raises an eyebrow at sudden failure. Coach Baek asks if something’s going on with him. He tells him that Things are less tense but still awkward during high jumping practice and Hyun-jae fails to one or two seconds can make a difference between success or failure in high jumping. Tae Joon is puzzled to why his progression has suddenly dropped. He ignores Jae Hee’s suggestion that it’s about his father’s conditions. He continues looking at his jumps through Jae Hee’s phone. Then, a text from Eun Gyul comes through. Eun Gyul’s supposed to go for his debut at the national soccer match and she’d agreed to watch the game with him. She wonders if she should tell him that she has something to do. Doctor Jang looks at the two of them from afar and smiles warmly.

Teacher Lee gazes at Doctor Jang until Coach Baek walks out behind her. She talks about Doctor Jang’s muscles. Then, Coach Baek flexes too and mutters that he see no difference.

At the hospital, Director Jang tells Tae Joon’s father to take care of his health and asks if Tae Joon came by to visit. His father nods. She asks how long his father wants to keep the truth about his mother from Tae Joon. However, his father answers that it’s best for Tae Joon not to know and asks that she doesn’t mention anything to his son.

Jae Haee asks one last time if Tae Joon wants to watch the game together and he refuses. She murmurs that it would be nice if he went. Then, he changes his mind but she leaves, only to stop and turn around to take her phone. He sighs. Jae Hee and Eun Gyul watch the match on his phone while sitting at the soccer field.
She apologizes about his leg again. He muses that he’s been hearing a lot of apologies lately. Eun Gyul reminds her that she’s his best friend and is happy that he is by her side. However, he wants to take it to the next level. Jae Hee wants to say something but he cuts her off asking why they both had to be guys. She apologizes again for everything and hopes that he’s not too upset with her if she disappoints him. She wonders if they’ll still be friends. Eun Gyul says they will stay as long as Jae Hee wants to be.

The boys still fail to jump over the bar at practice until Coach Baek finally stops them. He gives Tae Joon a day off because his heart is not in the right place. Hyun Jae has to stay to practice some more. Coach Baek place Jae Hee to take care of Tae Joon. If they don’t have fun, they’re all in for ‘hell training’.

Jae Hee stops him from doing work out by sitting on his back while he does push ups. He continues to do it until he collapses to the ground. She laughs because she did have fun.

Coach Baek invites Teacher Lee to impress his coffee making skills and his muscles. She notices them but she points out that one arm is whiter than the other. She pulls up his sleeve and fined that he’s tied it off. Coach Baek immediately drinks the coffee from the cup but it tips over, spilling, hot coffee onto his pants.

Jae Hee finds that Tae Joon’s high jump progression has dropped since his father went to the hospital. Tae Joon is reluctant to go out but Jae Hee’s determined to make sure he gets some fresh air and have some fun. She wants to take him somewhere.

They walk around town, play games, and visit local shops. Tae Joon tries to take pictures of Jae hhe without her looking. They visit at his old elementary school and Tae Joon asks how she knows. Jae Haee answers that she knows everything about him. If it was test, she will score high marks. They spend some time at the playground and his old classroom. When they leave the school, Tae Joon hears a voice call out. It’s a fragment of memory when his father picked him up from school and doted on his son. Jae Hee asks what he’s looking at and he says it’s nothing.

After returning to school, they take Sang Chu for a walk. Tae Joon admits that, while walking at his old school, it brings back some memories. Jae Hee share her wonderful times back at her hometown and how nice if she can show him one day. He asks if she ever regreted coming to Genie High. He finds it strange when he is the source of strength to someone so far away. He wonders again if she’s going to leave when he’s back on his feet. Tae Joon wraps her with his jacket when she says that it’s cold. He looksinto her eyes and she stares back. He gives her a kiss. Jae Hee pulls back. She asks whether if the chocolate he ate earlier had any alcohol. He lies that it might be it. She runs off. Tae Joon kneels down next to Sang Chu and says that if she knows that he knows her secret, she’ll leave immediately. He admits that it’s getting harder to see her as a guy.

Doctor Jang doesn’t find the situation a big deal at all. He asks what she would do if Tae Joon knew that she was girl. She replies that she’ll leave because it’s getting harder to act as a guy around him. Doctor Jang points out that her secret can’t stay hidden just by trying and tells her why he turend a blind eye to her in the beginning. So, he doesn’t want to interrupt and lets Jae Hee to deal with the situation. Jae Hee tells him that there’s one more thing which she needs to do.

The next morning, Jae Hee tells Tae Joon to go out dinner with her. He wonders if she has something to say. He continues to ask her but she didn’t give an answer.

Hyun Jae asks Eun Gyul about his love life and if that person is a guy. Eun Gyul says yes. Hyun Jae leans in and asks whether it’s him. Eun Gyul says that his crush is like a mirage which he can’t a hold of and he feels like he;s just walking in place. Hyun Jae wonders who made Eun Gyul so hung up on them. When Eun Gyul sighs, Hyun Jae grabs him and asks him to stay strong.

Tae Joon returns to the room and Jae Hee has left. He wonders what she wants to tell him during dinner. He thinks that she’s going to say that she’s a girl. On the other hand, Jae Hee visits hi father at the hospital and asks him for a favour. Later, Jae Hee returns to school with a heavy heart. Eun Gyul walks up to her and asks what’s going on. She tells him that she did something that might make Tae Joon really angry. Eun Gyul asks if it’s good or bad for him. She tells him that it’s for his own good. Eun Gyul points out that Tae Joon will know that Jae Hee is helping him out. Eun Gyul sends her off with a smile and updates his status with another picture.

Tae Joon is excited about dinner but he becomes angry when he finds out that he’ll be eating with his father. When his father enters, he gets up to leave. Jae Hee excuses herself. Even though Tae Joon asks her to stay, she leaves. They sit down and his father has something important to say to him. Tae joon doesn’t want to heart it and gets up. He hears the truth about his mother’s death.

Later, Tae Joon sits by the Han River while holding back tears. We find that his father tells the truth about his mother. His mother knew about her illness from the very beginning but she kept it hidden from the rest of the family. The doctors propose to do a liver transplant even the success rate is low. She didn’t tell Tae Joon about this because of he’s going to participate in the Olympics. His father decided to let his son hated him to make things easier on Tae Joon. His father says that he’s sorry. Back in the present, tears stream down Tae Joon’s face.

Jae Hee waits at school and recalls the earlier conversation with his father at the hospital. She told him that Tae Joon needs someone to lean on and that he’s just a kid who pretends to act strong and hid his pain. If it was her, her heart would have been bruised. If his father really cares about Tae Joon, then he shouldn’t hide anything from him. Tae Joon returns. He still cries and Jae Hee gives him a comfort hug. They both cry.

Eun Gyul is back in the soccer field after his recovery from injury. Tae Joon sends his father an e-mail which makes him smile. He tells father that he went to his elementary school for the first time in a long time. He tells his father not to carry the burden alone. His father smiles. Finally, Tae Joon successfully clears the high jump.

Jae Hee asks if Tae Joon has come back together with his father. He tells her not yet and adds how she can get over that overnight. He keeps staring at her which makes her comfortable. Tae Joon thanks her. Eun Gyul looks at them laughing and lets out a deep sigh. Eun Gyul lies outside on a bench and wonders he can’t act natural like Tae Joon does. He sits up and pulls himself together that they’re all humans. Eun Gyul smiles but scratches his head, leaving him confused again.

Tae Joon finds a pot of flowers on his desk. He looks at her and asks does this mean in whatever he thinks. Jae Hee tries to change the subject but Tae Joon looks at her. He takes her by the arm and tells her not to act as nothing happened between them. She still doesn’t get it and Tae Joon says that he likes her. She stares back and he leaves her standing. Once he’s outside, Tae Joon leans against the door and smiles.
After Jae Hee is shock to hear that, she decides that it’s time to tell Tae Joon that she’s a girl.

Eun Gyul comes to Jae Hee’s room for a bathroom emergency. The door is unlocked and he lets himself into the bathroom. He finds Jae Hee is in the middle of changing. So, he finds out that Jae Hee is a girl.

Point of View

Eun Gyul is seriously going to have a hard time after finding out that Jae Hee’s a girl. We all know that Tae Joon is going to tell Eun Gyul that he knows something since Eun Gyul will be giving the cold shoulders to Jae Hee.

I wish that the bromance between Eun Gyul and Hyun Jae a bit more. Can’t you see that they’re so adorable close buddies even though Eun Gyul is the master while Hyun Jae is the slave? It’s so sweet when they talk together as friends especially Eun Gyul is still having doubts about his feelings.

I was hoping that Tae Joon will confess to Jae Hee that he knew that she was a girl from the very beginning. Yes, the kiss is sweet and romantic that I almost squeeze my pillow really hard. However, with the alcohol with chocolate excuse, I was like ‘damn just say it’. Another problem is Jae Hee. Even though it’s been quite a long journey for her in the boys’ school, she needs to realize her feelings even more. To be honest, I don’t see any impact from her. She still thinks that Tae Joon think that she’s a boy even though Tae Joon has already giving hints. Then again, later she’ll soon realise is that kiss gives her the answer that Tae Joon knows that she’s a girl and he has feelings for her. She has to pinch herself a bit even though she has been surviving as a girl in the boys’ school for a very long time while having the motivations to support Tae Joon.

Thank you, Jae Hee for helping both Tae Joon and his father to be together. At least Tae Joon knows the truth about his mother’s death so they could clear up the misunderstanding and lack of communication. Even though it hurts to see Tae Joon cried after hearing the truth, but him and his father are back together as a family.

Stay tuned for my last two episodes review on ‘To the Beautiful You’.

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