To the Beautiful You Episode 15 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Gyul opens the door and finds Jae Hee’s exposed wrap. He has find out the truth about Jae Hee: She’s a girl. Jae Hee stops him and apologizes. She should have told him sooner. Angry and hurt, Eun Gyul if she’s sorry for playing around with him. That’s not what she means but Eun Gyul continues to say that she could have thought of him with serious thought. Then, he storms out of the room. Meanwhile, Hyun Jae is in the bathroom giving him some encouragement. Once he’s out, he’s startled when Eun Gyul shouts at him and pouts on his bed which leaves Hyun Jae feels sorry for his mistake.

During practice, both Tae Joon and Hyun hae have a bromance talk. Coach Baek give them the bad news. There’s a new high jumper who just came and he’s about to turn this whole playing field upside down. He’s only been in sports for six months and his personal record is a centimetre above Tae Joon: 2.31m.

Eun Gyul continues to ignore Jae Hee’s call. Seung Ri fails to make Eun Gyul laugh at his jokes.

Later that night, Jae Hee sits with Sang Chu. She says that leaving is the right thing to do but she wants to be by Tae Joon’s side more than ever. She calls herself the worst wanting that. Tae Joon finds her and asks her to come inside. She asks if he remembers their first meeting. In tears, she recalls that moment. Jae Hee has something to tell him. She breaks into tears and tells him that she’s a girl. Tae Joon silently pulls her into a hug and thanks her for coming by his side. Surprise Jae Hee pulls back. Tae Joon admits that he knows that she’s a girl and he has something to tell her: he likes her.

Hyun Jae apologizes to him as he still thinks that Eun Gyul is still upset about him using the bathroom for too long that morning. Eun Gyul apologizes for shouting at him. Hyun Jae asks about his love life and Eun Gyul sighs because he’s angry with that ‘person’ now. He adds that it’s hard for her and she has no one to talk to. He doesn’t know anything and he couldn’t help her which makes him angry. The things he does makes him angry. He’s angry at himself. Hyun Jae gives a comforting pat on Eun Gyul’s knee.
The next day, the rumours about a girl at Genie High is spread out. Young Man overhears it.

Coach Baek helps Reporter Yang to carry the school files to her car. Their friendly conversation is overlook by Teacher Lee who is so jealous. Coach Baek immediately turns his back on Reporter Yang and leaves to avoid a misunderstanding from Teacher Lee.

Tae Joon wants to have a talk with Eun Gyul. He points out that they’re best friends but now he’s giving the cold shoulders to Jae Hee. Eun Gyul says that it’s not of his business but Tae Joon insists that he cares since it involves Jae Hee. He reminds Eun Gyul of his own words of warning that he wouldn’t stand by if Tae Joon hurts Jae Hee. It seems to him that Eun Gyul is hurting Jae Hee. Eun Gyul soon asks if Tae Joon knew about her secret all along. Tae Joon admits it which makes Eun Gyul angrier with his excuse and leaves.

Eun Gyul is alone at the laundry room until Jae Hee’s sock puppet drops by. She apologizes and saya that she wouldn’t have lasted a day at Genie High if it weren’t for him. There were times when she wanted to run away, but she endured, thanks to him. Jae Hee comes out to say sorry but he leaves without a word.

Coach Baek invites Teacher Lee for lunch but she’s still jealous about his time with Reporter Yang that she calls Doctor Jang for lunch instead.

Tae Joon finds Jae Hee in the room. She’s doing the laundry in deep thought. Jae Hee says that Eun Gyul is really angry and betrayed after he found out about her secret. Tae Joon assures that he’ll come around with his bright and understanding personality. Jealous Tae Joon if she’s been thinking about Tae Joon all day. Jae Hee changes the subject by saying that he’ll come out on top at nationals. She hears about the rookie jumper and Tae Joon jokingly asks her if she thinks that he won’t win. She quickly defends to say that she bet her inheritance on Tae Joon. With pride, he assures that he’ll protect her inheritance. Before he leaves, he says that she’s by his side and because of her, he can jump. He asks if she’s going to continue to do that and she nods.

Seung Ri hears the rumour about a girl within Genie High. Young Man says that if it’s true, then the culprit lives in Dorm 2 which Seung Ri considers it as nonsense. He lets them do what they want to do since it’s a rumour. He takes Young Man by the neck and warns him that he’d better be prepared if nothing turns up. He tells Young Man a joke which he answered but failed.

Tae Joon searches about date ideas through the Internet. Later, they are at the aquarium. Jae Hee forgets herself for a while as she puts her arm around his. He keeps it there. They explore the place and feel nervous when they see a couple snuggle each other. When Jae Hee is having trouble seeing the penguins, he takes her by the hand and brings her to the front so she can see well. They walked outside and Jae Hee admits that Tae Joon is being too nice to her. He asks if there was a time when he made her upset. Then, he asks when she was most disappointed in him and is surprised to hear that he left her that night earlier for Seoul on their camping trip.

Tae Joon brings her to a camping store and then they built an impromptu camping spot. They enjoy s’mores that Jae Hee made. Tae Joon asks what they would talk about if they spent it together like they originially planned. She answers that they will talk who taught her how to make these. Tae Joon wonders if she’s talking about Johnny and remarks that the s’mores are not tasty. Tae Joon says that he enjoys going camping especially during winter because the cold makes him feel alive and the snow would be so beautiful. He suggests going together. She wonders how long she has to stay. Tae Joon asks her to stay by his side for a long time. They hold hands and vow that from now on, they’ll do everything together.

The embroidered jersey which Jae Hee made for Eun Gyul brings back memories: from giving the jersey to Eun Gyul till Eun Gyul’s love confession to Jae Hee.

Finally, both Tae Joon and Hyun Jae clear the 2.31m after numerous high jump attempts.

Reporter Yang hears the rumour that there’s girl in an all-boys school. She starts to get more curious when she sees Tae Joon paying attention to Jae Hee during practice. During break, Reporter Yan asks Jae Hee if she knows anything about the rumour. Jae Hee pretends that she doesn’t know and Tae Joon comes to the rescue but Reporter Yang is not going to stop till she gets more details.

Hyun Jae runs into Eun Gyul and asks whether he heard about the rumour in Genie High. They both agree that the rumour is nonsense but Hyun Jae mentions that he saw the other dorm leaders carrying a cardboard box into the locker. Immediately, Eun Gyul demands the key to the locker room and runs. Meanwhile, Jae Hee lock the door to change while the dorm leaders peeks. While panic, Eun Gyul quickly opens the door with the key. Just when they almost find the truth about Jae Hee, she gets a text and Eun Gyul pulls her out. The dorm leaders climb out from their hiding spot, scratch their heads at her disappearance, and decide to move on to the next location.

Eun Gyul hides Jae Hee while cover her mouth with his hand to keep her form screaming in surprise. They stand back and Eun Gyul tells her that the rumour is spread about. He asks her to be more careful. He turns to leave but Jae Hee stops him by the wrist. She apologizes again. He takes her to the soccer field where he first fell for her. They bet on a wish the last time but he hasn’t use it yet. He asks her to fulfil his wish. Even though he knows she has feelings for Tae Joon and he’s the reason she came to Genie High, he asks her to be fair to him. He was rejected by Jae Hee who acted as a guy but if she still feels the same way, he’ll accept her rejection.

Tae Joon isn’t happy to see Reporter Yang waiting for him outside after practice. She wants to interview Jae Hee. She won’t do that on one condition: she wants to do an exclusive interview with Tae Joon. Tae Joon agrees to do it to save Jae Hee.

Jae Hee lies in bed while thinking how she promised that she would spend the day with Eun Gyul tomorrow.
The next morning, Tae Joon is reluctant to hear that Jae Hee is going to hang out with Eun Gyul. Jae Hee assures him that she’s going to settle things with Eun Gyul today. He wishes her luck on her date and she wishes the same for his interview. He is asked not to forget about the practice and he teases her for nagging.
Eun Gyul gets himself ready for the ‘date’ while Hyun Jae is suffering outside the bathroom door. Jae Hee apologizes for being late but Eun Gyul doesn’t mind. At the same time, Reporter Yang starts the interview with Tae Joon.

Hanna sighs at Seung Ri’s appearance. He already promises her to visit her every day to make her laugh. She’s in no mood to be amused and asked him to drop the act. He’s still symphatise about her problem which makes her uneasy. Seung Ri vows that he’ll never leave her. She calls him a stalker but he doesn’t care and asks Hanna to accept his heart. If Hanna lets him, he’s determined to learn everything about her. If she doesn’t, then he’ll leave Hanna’s presence. But, he will not take his feelings from her. Hanna is moved by his words and asks why he’s telling her this. He replies that he loves her. He starts to do a physical gag by chasing his hat around and rips his pants. She slightly smiles and Seung Ri is happy that he succeeds in making her smiles.

On the other hand, Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are on a date: playing games and visiting the shops. Eun Gyul buys a hairpin which Jae Hee likes. When Eun Gyul gets food, she quickly sends a text to Tae Joon but she is sad when she doesn’t get a reply from him. When he returns, Eun Gyul tells her that the spicy ddukbokki here helps to clear his head. At the café, Reporter Yang still interviews Tae Joon with a lot of questions including asking him about his rival high jumper.

Later in the evening, Eun Gyul and Jae Hee sit by the Han River. He admits that he was glad to hear that Jae Hee is a girl. At first, he found it difficult to like her as a guy but he did. He thought that it would be difficult to forgive her but now he is able to do that. For him, he rather sees her smiling than smiling himself.

At the café, Reporter Yang thanks Tae Joon for the interview. Out of curiosity, she asks him why he is protecting Jae Hee. Tae Joon smoothly replies that he doesn’t want to trouble her and he rather takes the struggles. He leaves the café and read Jae Hee’s messages about her date. He sits on a bench and sends a reply: asking where is she and asks her to come back because he misses her.

Jae Hee’s reaction at the text is noticed by Eun Gyul. Eun Gyul asks if it’s Tae Joon and tells her that he’s going to the bathroom. He adds that if she’s not here when he gets back, he’ll take that as her answer. Eun Gyul gets up and takes her hand. He hopes that she doesn’t go. Ten minutes later, she’s gone. He sits on the bench, dejected. Then, Jae Hee shows up behind him and calls his name. He turns back and see her with a smile of relief.

Tae Joon waits nervoursly until Jae Hee shows up. It turns out that at the Han River, Jae Hee tells him that she can’t accept his feelings and apologizes to her. In the present, Eun Gyul sits alone by the river. Jae Hee tells Tae Joon that she ran over because he said he missed her. Tae Joon looks at her for a while and hugs her.

Point of View

A great episode which shows Eun Gyul’s complications that he had in between friendship and relationship. He had a hard time questioning his own sexual identity and being accepted from somebody. He already takes his time to muster up the courage to tell Jae Hee that he likes. Yet, he finds out the truth about her. I understand that he has the right to be angry for what Jae Hee has done but at least Jae Hee feels sorry and asks for his forgiveness. I’m glad that Eun Gyul lets go of her after gently rejected by her. I’m happy that Eun Gyul accepts her decision about where her heart leads to especially (hopefully) she goes to be at Tae Joon’s side. Lee Hyun Woo has become one of my favourite actors because of how he portrays Eun Gyul really well in this drama. His smile and outgoing personality made us feel that you want him to be the closest friend to be there for you. At the same time, he is able to show how hard it is when it comes to love and friendship. So, Hyun Woo. I give thumbs up to you.

By looking at it, Tae Joon and Jae Hee starts to be ‘together’ after they both know about each other’s secret. Also, they already admit their feelings for each other. So, we are really happy for them, right? I know you want this couple to stay like this. They can secretly go on a date but I’m sure we all know that they’ll be lots of drama at the last episode especially when Jae Hee’ secret identity might soon be revealed. What are they going to do next if the whole school find out about this?

To be honest, I am slightly disappointed with this drama because I wish this could have shown more of Genie High school students. I understand that the production team want to focus mostly on the main drama casts but still without the students, wouldn’t it be more fun to watch when they do something funny? What about the friendship and bromance? Although the dorm leaders are shown in a few episode, but there’s a lack of it in this drama. To me, it’s more like it focused on the main characters’ stories rather than the school life. It seems to me there’s a lack of balance. Although I love the main characters in this drama, mostly Tae Joon because of Min Ho’s great acting, but I feel that the Genie High students are put aside.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the ending will be good.

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