To the Beautiful You Episode 16 (Final) Review

Episode Recap

In the morning, Jae Hee wakes Tae Joon up from his bed. She prepared him breakfast with a glass of milk. The boys are training hard as the Nationals is coming near. They share tips on how to do a better high jump which makes Coach Baek smiles. Tae Joon notices that Hyun Jae’s jumping shoes are worn out.

Jae Hee asks Doctor Jang on advices about how to do sport massages for Tae Joon. Doctor Jang asks if the binding on her wrap still gives her trouble. She informs him that she’s gotten used to the constriction.

Hanna beautifies herself before Seung Ri arrives. She pretends that some little things still annoy her and gives her goosebumps. Seung Ri points out that his words are genuine. He didn’t get prepared to share a joke today but he heard about an interesting rumour that there’s a girl in his dormitory. Hanna’s eyes are wide open and she asks what he’ll do about it. Seung Ri decides that he’ll have to his dorm train shirtless to confirm whether it’s true. Hanna shouts that they can’t do that because they might catch a cold. Seung Ri believes that she’s concern about his health. Then, he starts to wear a wig which makes her laugh because she says that he’s ugly. He didn’t expect that reaction and asks again if she means it. She nods and still laughing.

The rumours are still going around in school. Tae Joon tells Jae Hee not to worry and says that he’ll protect her no matter what happens. Jae Hee smiles and replies that she trusts him. Then, they talk about Eun Gyul whom she is unable to contact him after what had happened by the Han River that night. Jae Hee mumbles that she must be a bad friend. Tae Joon assures her that he’ll smile and move on. He advises her to leave him be for now. Eun Gyul shows up and invites her to go shopping. Tae Joon follows.

At a shoe store, Tae Joon shows Jae Hee a pair of shoes that he picks out. She wonders why Tae Joon is
asking for a size smaller pair of shoes and he replies that he’s buying this pair for someone else. Eun Gyul pretends to join in and show them the shoes that he picked out. As they eat, Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are wearing couple rugby shirts. That makes Tae Joon jealous.

They return to the room. Tae Joon gives Jae Hee a bag and tells her that it was on sell. He also has the same bag. Jae Hee comments that it’s like having a couple backpacks and then slinks her arm in his. Then, she decides to give her a massage by pushing him into his bed and starts to massage his leg. Tae Joon swallows hard before he asks her to stop even though she insists that it’s for his own condition. Tae Joon declares that she can’t come within a meter of him. Jae Hee finds this barrier rule silly. She bends down to continue to massage until he suddenly grabs her by the arm. Tae Joon stares at her before backing her into the pole. He orders her to stay put and leaves. We find Tae Joon sleeping at Doctor Jang’s office. Doctor Jang asks what he’s doing and Tae Joon answers that he found the office a better place to sleep. He goes to the bathroom and says to himself that it’s getting more and more dangerous.

Hyun Jae reminds Tae Joon that the rookie jumper is no match against him but he’ll beat him and detinitely make it to the Olympics. Tae Joon replies that he has no intention on going alone. He gives him a pair shoes which he bought earlier. He tells Hyun Jae that they should go to the Olympics together.

Jae Hee helps Tae Joon in double checking the things that he needs to bring. She picks up the red shoelaces she once gave him. Tae Joon answers that he still needs a bit of luck. She promises that she won’t be late on the competition day. When he’s about to leave, she stops him and gives him a kiss. He drops his bag. She pulls away and remembers the one meter barrier rule. He shakes himself out and leaves. Then, he comes back to get his back and awkwardly tells her not to be late.

Coach Baek is happy to see Teacher Lee waiting for him at the parking lot. She gives him some side dishes because she doesn’t want to ‘waste’ them. She tells him not to eat too much ramyun because it’s unhealthy. He smiles and suggests that they should carpool because he recently moved into her neighbourhood.
Meanwhile, Tae Joon is on his way to Nationals and he gets an encouraging text from Hanna about how’s she’s on her way to rehab and wishes him good luck. She also asks about Jae Hee.

Jae Hee’s diary is missing and finds that her wrap is tighter than before. Her face is pale after an intense practice. She faints after walking a few steps out from the gym. The boys rushes over and Seung Ri instructs them to loosen Jae Hee’s shirt to help her breathe. They do so but then stop when they notice the bandages that bind her chest. So, they found the girl in the boys school is Jae Hee. Seung Ri asks Eun Gyul is he knew that she’s a girl. Eun Gyul goes running.

Seung Ri steps outside with Eun Gyul while he’s seriously angry. Eun Gyul admits that Tae Joon knows as well. Seung Ri warns him that they are going to be expelled but Eun Gyul says that it doesn’t matter. Seung Ri kicks the trash can in anger.

At Doctor Jang’s office, Jae Hee has regained consciousness. Doctor Jang places his hand on her shoulder and says that her secret is out and it isn’t her fault. Eun Gyul walks over to her bedside and her eyes well up with tears as she asks what she’s going to do now.

At the same time, Tae Joon wonders why Jae Hee hasn’t pick up his calls. He’s called over by Coach Baek who tells them that the place will be their playing field for the next two days.

Seung Ri is in frustration. Previously, he talks with Jae Hee who’s in tears. He scolds her while all she can do is to apologize. She says that she’ll take full responsibility for the consequences of her action. She doesn’t want to get Tae Joon and Eun Gyul into trouble. So, she vows to accept the punishment that she deserves. Seung Ri asks if she’s alright and she continues to say that she’s sorry.

The secret about Jae Hee is spread throughout the school. Jae Hee notices that the students are looking at her. Eun Gyul appears and takes her to her room. She says that the other students have found out about her secret. Eun Gyul tells her not to worry and that they’ll figure something out since he doesn’t want to send her away like this.

Jae Hee tells Sang Chu that she has to leave and Sang Chu cries in response.

The dorm leaders gather in the gym and Young Man scolds Seung Ri at his request to keep Jae Hee’s secret hidden. Although they have a pull that doesn’t exist in other schools, he argues that they have to inform the school for the sake of the rest of the student body. Seung Ri declares that he’ll take full responsibility for everything and insists that he’ll see it till the very end. It’s his first and final request. So, the dorm leaders agree and Seung Ri tells Jae Hee later not to worry because the secret will be hidden from the school authorities.

Jae Hee tells Doctor Jang that she’s going to leave and she won’t stay to see Tae Joon’s competition. So,
she has already booked her flight on the day of Nationals. She thanks Doctor Jang for everything as tears fall from her eyes. Doctor Jang comes over with a hand on her hand and gives her comforting words.

Jae Hee fights tears while packing her things. She wipes them from her eyes when Tae Joon alls to tell her that he misses her. She replies that a whole day hasn’t passed by yet. Tae Joon wonders why he misses her so much. Then, he said that it’s because of the ‘Messy Messy Disease’. Tae Joon asks why her voice sounds off and Jae Hee replies that Seung Ri was hard on them during training. She asks him not to come over to visit her since his competition is coming real soon. After hanging up, Jae Hee breaks down in tears.

Eun Gyul drags her outside after she hands in her transfer papers to the school office. He declares that he won’t send her away. Jae Hee hugs him and replies that everyone has been good to her which makes her even greedier. Eun Gyul holds her by the shoulder and repeats that he’s not going to send her away like this and she must stay just for him. Jae Hee apologizes and Eun Gyul leaves.

Hyun Jae and Tae Joon leave after the final practice since they are satisfied that they will be able to go to the Olympics. Hyun Jae excuses himself because Jae Hee has arrived. Tae Joon excitedly goes over and asks why she’s here so early. Jae Hee smiles and tells him that she missed him so she came tosee him just for a minute. He wants to spend time with her by taking her to ride bikes in the park.

Later in the evening, they sit on the bench. She reminds him that he should get back early because he has a competition tomorrow. Tae Joon says that seeing her makes him in top form. They hold hands. They are amazed at the large fountain, Tae joon catches her looking at him and jokes if she finds him handsome. She says she can’t describe because he’s her miracle and because being with him, every day is a miracle. Then, he asks what’s wrong with her because her voice sounds off. She changes the subject and asks him to stay still so that he can remember his face in her memory. Suspiciously, he asks her if something’s going on. Jae Hee replies that she’s happy to see him. Jae Hee cycles her bike away. Tae Joon catches up to her with his bike and kisses her.

He takes her to the bus stop and reminds her to come before his event. Jae Hee nods and puts out her hand. She formally tells Tae Joon to take care. Tae Joon it’s a little bit dramatic since they’re going to see each other tomorrow but shakes her hand. They shake and Jae Hee pulls her hand out. Before she gets on the bus, she turns to embrace him. He asks her if something’s wrong and she replies that she doesn’t want to leave him.

Jae Hee sits on Tae Joon’s bed the next morning and she looks around the room and by the bathroom door where she thinks about the memories on her time with Tae Joon.

She drags her luggage and walks through the campus. He hears a voice called out for her. A crowd of students led by Seung Ri approaches her and Seung Ri calls her full name. He puts out a hand and tells her not to forget about them because they surely won’t forget about her. She notices that Eun Gyul is not there and the others say goodbye to her. She bids farewell with a smile.

She continues to walk until she hears another voice. Eun Gtyul and Sang Chu run towards her. Eun Gyul admits that he wan’t going to see her off. Jae Hee thanks him and then hugs him. He asks she won’t see Tae Joon before he leaves and Jae Hee shakes her head that it’s better this way. Eun Gyul jokes that it’s not forgiving her for leaving. He vows that he’s going to see her and get his revenge. She walks away and Eun Gyul lets a tear runs down on his cheek. Jae Hee turns and Eun Gyul sends her off with a smile and a wave.

Coach Baek gives his athletes some encouraging words. He tells Tae Joon that he didn’t received any calls or texts. Eun Gyul calls Tae Joon and tells him the bad news that Jae Hee has gone to the US. Tae Joon gives the phone back to Coach Baek and heads back to the locker room without another word. Hyun Jae goes after him and telling him to stay put. Tae Joon tells him to get out of his way but Hyun Jae grabs his bat. It falls to the floor and Tae Joon finds Jae Hee’s diary from his bag. Tae Joon looks through her diary which has records about his progress. At the last page, he finds a drawing of himself clearing the 2.31m mark at Nationals. Hyun Jae tells him again that the competition is about to start.

Jae Hee is on her way to the airport by bus. She notices that the woman is watching the competition through her phone. She lets her watch together. Tae Joon is ready to jump over the 2.31m mark and he ties Jae Hee’s lucky red shoelaces. He puts a hand to his chest and then starts running. He jumps and flies over the bar. Success. Tae Joon gives a fist pump to the crowd and Jae Hee is in tears. He looks straight into the camera and tells Jae Hee that he’ll come to see her. He adds that she has to wait for him. She nods.

One year later, Jae Hee’s in California. Jae Hee checks her email. She is happy to find a video message from Eun Gyul. He shares about his recent soccer goal with the national team and tells what has been going on. Coach Baek and Taecher Lee are planning to get marry next year. Seung Ri is Hanna’s boyfriend. Doctor Jang left Paris to study fashion. As for Tae Joon, he went on vacation to a place where Eun Gyul can’t remember.

Jae Hee says aloud that it would be nice to hear how Tae Joon has been doing. Her diary falls to the ground. As she reaches down to pick it up, a pair of boots walk up to her. She looks up and see a mysterious guest until she realizes that it’s Tae Joon. They nod. Tae Joon smiles back at her and they embrace each other. Tae Joon reminds her that he did say that he promised to come and see her.

Point of View

The ending didn’t left me disappointed at all. We know how the characters are doing within that year. The most important thing is that Tae Joon comes all the way to California to see Jae Hee which is really sweet. A nice and sweet ending, indeed.

The OSTs of this drama is amazing especially when it fits well with certain scenarios. Thank you, SM artists for great songs. The use of camera technology including the 360 camera was fine. However, the flow of the story is sort of dragging on even though it supposed to makes us tense whenever there’s the time we think ‘just get to the point of saying something’. It’s sad to say that there are few things missing within this drama. Not to forget, it frustrates me to think of some things that you have to think before you act such as Jae Hee’s previous accidents. So, my point is this: the storyline itself has not shown as a whole as there are some things that we still question a lot.

Although I haven’t read the manga of this drama, but I rather much experience the cute and funny high school drama. What about the Genie High students which are hardly focused on? Besides Episode 2, EXO wasn’t even in this whole drama which leaves the fans upset because once they saw them in the drama poster, that’s when they are really looking forward to watch EXO in ‘To the Beautiful You’. However, they are hardly even in this drama. To me, it’s seriously a waste of money to place EXO in the drama poster. If only the production team could add in more high school moments and bromance in this drama. Although it’s fun to watch this drama because of the main characters, but from my point of view in storyline, again, there are few puzzle pieces that need to be added to make give out the whole picture.

Basically, the whole story is that Tae Joon injured himself and Jae Hee went all the way to Genie High. Go through hard times at the boys’ school even though she hardly faced any challenges at school. Later, she decides to leave and the students decide to protect her secret till the very end. Other than the cute and adorable moments between Tae Joon, Jae Hee, and Eun Gyul, don’t you think the whole drama doesn’t give much impact to us that leaves us asking lots of question?

Then, we didn’t see much character development including the main casts. However, Eun Gyul and Hyun Jae’s grab my attention with their sensitive and emotional personalities. This makes us feel the sense of connection with them. In terms of acting, I would give thumbs up to Lee Hyun Woo and Kang Ha Neul. What about Sulli and Min Ho? I would say this: Both of them give a solid performance in portraying the characters even though I am a little bit disappointed about Jae Hee in this drama. Jae Hee supposed to be the strong character but the problem is how she’s aware within her surroundings. You know what I mean? For Sulli and Min Ho, they did a good job. Throughout this drama, I am truly impressed with Min Ho’s acting in this drama. Not as an idol, but as an actor in this drama. From the beginning till the end, he is able to portray Tae Joon through various emotions and actions that we see in this drama. I’ll truly support him till the very end. Whatever he does, I’m sure he’ll do his very best to develop and showcase his talents.

This drama is enjoyed to watch if you enjoyed some dramatic love and friendship. However, you’ll be upset if you find out there is something missing in this drama. Then, you yourself will be in question marks zone.

Rating: 7/10

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