To the Beautiful You Episode 4 Review

Episode Recap

At the pension, Seung Ri’s moter wonders where Chang Hyun (aka Seung Ri’s hyung) went off too. Tae Joon thinks the same. He suddenly thought of Chang Hyun’s inappropriate behaviour before he rides of on a bike.
Chang Hyun panics when Jae Hee asks to borrow hi mobile phone. Tae Joon shouts on the phone while Jae Hee is confused. Chang Hyun takes the phone away before she tells Tae Joon the location. In a scary and calm voice, he tells her to stay still so nothing bad will happen to her. He locks the door and stops at the salt farm. He laughs when Jae Hee addresses him as ‘hyung’. He replies that she’s a girl. The air grows tense and worse when he grabs her wrist to prevent her from escaping. He jumps on her and she pushes him off and slaps him. She runs out to escape from the creepy guy.

Creepy guy chases after her while Tae Joon searches through the abandoned van. On the other hand, Creepy guy catches her until they fall. The bracelet falls out from her pocket. Creepy grabs her by the shirt, punches her, and asks her to scream for her life. She’s terrified and he mocks her shouts for help with his mad eyes. Then, he gets the flying kick from Tae Joon. Two of them fight until Tae Joon gives him one last punch that makes Creepy guy KO. Jae Hee stops and begs him from fighting. Creepy guy escapes. Tae Joon breathes hard for a while and then gives a half-laugh as he’s sorry that he arrived late. He pulls her into a tight hug. She hurts her ankle and he offers her a piggyback. Tae Joon silently picks up the bracelet before carrying her all the back to the pension.

Late night, Doctor Jang is worried about Tae Joon and Jae Hee who haven’t return. He suggests having a search party. They search through the woods but they are nowhere to be found. Doctor Jang breaks the group into pairs. Eun Gyul and Hanna whines. In the end, they are split up into pairs and continue to search.

Tae Joon and Jae Hee stops for a while to have a break before returning to the pension. Jae Hee asks why he started high jumping and gets an answer from Tae Joon: ‘it just happened’. On the other hand, he feels sorry for Jae Hee because he realizes that she moved to America after her father passed away and her mother remarried. However, she says that she’s okay thanks to Tae Joon. They continue to use light bracelets to direct the path. Jae Hee wonders how Tae Joon feels when he’s high jumping. He remembers the time his mother asks him the same question when he was younger. His answer: ‘when I’m jumping, it feels like I can touch the sky’. His mother says that it warmed her heart to see him jump.

After they’re found by Eun Gyul and Hanna in the woods, they head back to the pension where Doctor Jang treat Jae Hee’s sprain ankle. He tells her to take care of her injury or else it’ll get worse. Seung Ri asks about what happened. Tae Joon saves her by telling the others that they were fighting. Later, Jae Hee sits in her room, still shaken up while Tae Joon thinks and concerns about Jae Hee.

Eun Gyul cheers her up by singing a song. He starts to dance which makes her laugh. Outside the door, Tae Joon holds a plate of milk and snacks. Sad Tae Joon walks away.

Jae Hee quietly eats her breakfast while other notice that Doctor Jang is gone. Seung Ri’s mother sighs that he’s too busy to go dating and comments that he’ll die as an old unmarried man. Hanna confronts Jae Hee about what’s wrong because her intuition is telling her that something’s not right. However, Jae Hee is still not in the mood to listen to Hanna’s doubts.

Before they head back to school, the group gathers to take a photo.

Jae Hee checks her email in the van. She hits her head in surprise when she reads that her brother is coming over to see her this week.

Doctor Jang left early to attend a seminar. At the toilet, he notices a handsome, well-dressed young man. He says every single detail of how a man dressed which makes him so happy. He is surprised when the Western man talks to him in Korean. He finds out that the Western man is a prominent doctor.

Director Jang fills up Tae Joon’s upcoming schedule with more CFs shooting. She wonders whether he should retire since he’s not jumping.

Meanwhile, the CF director is mad over the multiple takes and complains how difficult it was to get to shoot here. His assistant says that the principal is fine with it. Then, the principal walks in and boasts how great Tae Joon is to the director.

Jae Hee reads her brother’s email like a conversation. His brother doesn’t know that she cut her hair and goes to an all-boys school. Jae Hee figures out how to get a female student’s uniform. Hanna bursts into the room while wearing a female student’s uniform. Jae Hee asks for a favour but Hanna rejects her request. However, while she is busy shooting the CF with Tae Joon, Jae Hee secretly takes Hanna’s uniform away before Hanna returns.

Hyun Jae is busy training for the upcoming competition. Coach Baek gives him the tough training and sets the bar high at Tae Joon’s record. Hyun Jae fails to clear and is frustrated about it. Coach Baek gives him an encouragement pat on the back and telling him that the tiniest bit can mean the difference between gold and silver. Hyun Jar stares at the height bar with determination.

Eun Gyul happily looks through the photos in his phone until he sees a photo of Jae Hee. He shakes himself out of it and looks into what gay means because of his curiosity. He raises an eyebrow at the first definition: ‘joy’. He imagines marrying life and their married life where their son comes crying because the kids are making fun of him for having two fathers. Jae Hee comes out in a scruffy look. The kid asks them who the father is. Eun Gyul comes back to reality and he points out that is not even joyful at all.

Director Jang visits Tae Joon after the CF shoot. She looks on with pride about how much he’s grown since he first signed to their company when he was in middle school. She reminds him that it wasn’t just a contract but he was entering a family. After a deep breath, she suggests that he should retire earlier. Tae Joon agrees to it.

Coach Baek arrives at school in his car and meets his crush, Teacher Lee. He asks her where she lives and offers to carpool since he lives near the area. When she asks where, he replies his place which is the opposite end of the city.

Doctor Jang googles about the handsome doctor until Jae Hee enters into his office to ask for a pass. She waits for her brother while sitting like a boy since like she almost forgot that she’s dressed as a girl. Her brother, Daniel Dawson (Julien Kang), the same doctor who attended the seminar, arrives. At lunch, he asks Jae Hee a lot of questions about her new life in Korea. Daniel laughs that her sister is living in Korea without a mobile phone. So, they are going to do some shopping.

He finds it amusing that Jae Hee is looking over at the men’s clothing section. He buys her lots of new clothes and accessories. Jae Hee goes to the bathroom. She accidentally goes into the men and then she goes to the ladies. She gasps when Hanna walks in. She tries to leave unnoticed when Hanna stops to returh her hairpin. Jae Hee nods her head while Hanna notices the uniform. Jae Hee sighs as the coast is clear. Daniel tells her the good news that Tae Joon is here to sign autographs. He ignores her protest and brings her along since she doesn’t want to regret in missing the chance to meet her idol. Jae Hee does her best to cover her face when they approach Tae Joon. He asks for her name and she answers ‘Goo Jil’. She takes the autograph and readies herself to leave until Hanna stops her. Hanna narrows her eye as she knows her somewhere. Tae Joon interrupts and tells Hanna probably that they saw each other at school since it’s the same uniform. He lets Jae Hee go while Hanna is still curious. Jae Hee sees her brother off and then heads back to Genie High.

Tae Joon enters into the gymnasium and packs his belongings with a deep sigh. He looks through the headlines and old photos including a photo with his mother. Coach Beak jumps in and notices that Tae Joon is really going to quit. Tae Joon says that it’s better that a real athlete should take his place. Coach Baek warns him that he won’t be able to come back if he leaves. Instead, Tae Joon leaves Coach Baek behind.

Jae Hee stays up late on her computer and gets caught up in the middle of class for yawning. Eun Gyul gets kicked out because his phone rang. Both of them get caught again and they have to run laps. Eun Gyul asks her what has been doing so late at night. He lights up in surprise that she’s has been making a ‘video’. She asks Eun Gyul about the mysterious caller and he replies that it’s the girl who used to beat him. Young Eun Gyul gets hit on the head from a girl because he teased her drawing. Then, she tells him that she was moving to the US and he told her to go but she kicked him. Just thinking about it gives him the heebie-jeebies.

Doctor Jang calls Jae Hee for help. He informs her about the doctor he met at the seminar. That doctor is an expert about Yips syndrome and Doctor Jang asks for her help to translate. She is happy to help but that doctor walks into the room and finds that it’s her brother, Daniel.

In her room, Daniel is angry about the entire situation that she’s into. He grabs Tae Joon’s picture and asks whether is because of him. Jae Hee says that because of him, she found a reason, a desire, and courage to come back into the world again. Daniel says that Tae Joon is done because of yips and asks her what she is going to do with her life. Jae Hee tries to calm him down but Daniel wonders whether it makes sense for a girl to live in the guy’s dorm. Outside, Tae Joon overhears the conversation. Daniel asks Jae Hee what she can do to help Tae Joon. He asks if Tae Joon has changed at all since she arrived. She can’t give him an answer. Daniel sympathizes her intentions but he thinks she can’t go on like this. He tells her that he’ll take her back to the US.

Tae Joon sits outside with Sang Chu and wonders if he was good to her because Jae Hee’s a girl. He wonders how she gets to enter into an all-boys school. He thinks again whether he should send Jae Hee back to the US.

Jae Hee finds her bags packed when she returns to the room. She thinks that it’s a joke when Tae Joon tells her that he wants her to move out. However, Tae Joon is not joking and tells her straight that he means it. If she won’t leave, then he will. He tells Jae Hee that there’s no point in trying to convince him to start jumping again because he’s already quite. Jae Hee mentions about his injury and Tae Joon fires up. He already comes to a decision that he wants to quit. He asks Jae Hee to quit too. She still tries to change his mind but Tae Joon tells her, in an angry voice, to get lost. He storms out and Jae Hee silently cries.

Eun Gyul finds Jae Hee crying outside and asks why sweat is coming out from her eyes. He sits there and waits. Jae Hee shares her thoughts that she has been troubling other people. She wants to have it her own way but end up hurting people. Eun Gyul tells her that it’s not true. Jae Hee rests her head on his shoulder and his heart beast again. They sit there for a moment. Eun Gyul slowly turns his head towards Jae Hee’s. Suddenly, he excuses himself. Eun Gyul runs until he lies on the ground. He decides to call the girl from elementary school.

Tae Joon pretends to sleep when Jae Hee enters the room. He listens as she apologizes for being selfish to try and help when he didn’t want to. Even though they spend their time together for a short period, she was happy. She tells him to take care. Then, she leaves while rolling her luggage bag behind her.

Point of View

Knew it. Nasty and creepy Chang Hyun gets his hands on Jae Hee. He wants to rape her and I do really want to kill him while this sentence is in my head: Leave her alone, you bastard!!! I am so angry for what he is doing to her. I can’t believe he got away. He needs to be captured and sent to the police station as soon as possible. If Tae Joon tells them the truth about this, then the police can investigate and catch Chang Hyun. However, Tae Joon didn’t. It’s a good thing though since Jae Hee is not ready to tell the truth since she’s the victim. Lesson learnt: raping is bad.

Thank goodness that Tae Joon saves her or else even worse things will happen to her. There’s one slight problem: Tae Joon hugging Jae Hee. What do you think? Did he hug her as a caring friend or does he know that she’s a girl? Eun Gtul is a great friend to rely on as he tries to make Jae Hee happy by dancing and singing to a song which makes her smiles. Tae Joon, don’t be sad. You did want to make her happy by making jam sandwiches and give them to her. You will still have chances to open your heart to her.

I enjoyed as I imagined myself being at Genie High. You get to know the classmates and involved in what’s
happening at school. You get to understand the main couple: Tae Joon and Jae Hee which is soon going to be developed from time to time. You get to know the dorm leaders and a few classmates. However, don’t you think that, at the moment, other classmates are not shown yet and instead focusing on the main casts of this drama? I hope that the production team will slowly show other characters and feature cameos in this drama. What happened to EXO who are supposed to be the cast of this drama? It’s time that they need to do give some other classmates to shine and they need to add some comedic elements to it.

Ah, the good old homosexuality that allows Eun Gyul to explore and question his own sexual identity. The element that is needed in this romantic comedy that gives us laughs. I love his crazy imagination when he is married to Jae Hee and have his own family. Let’s all enjoy his wonderful adventures of exploring his identity, his ‘boy-next-door’ personality, and his funny acts.

I know that the production team doesn’t want to miss any scenes from the manga and adaptations so the fans will not complain about it. Yes, they touch on some important scenes that we loved. They didn’t forget about the characters’ side stories. However, has anyone realized that there a slight gap between these scenes while watching this drama? Hopefully, it doesn’t happen and we will keep up with this drama with great plots and characters. Again, I am rooting for the main couple: Tae Joon and Jae Hee. I do feel jumpy whenever they do something sweet like how Tae Joon hugs Jae Hee after saving her.

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