To the Beautiful You Episode 5 Review

Episode Recap

Tae Joon is in his room and picks up the lighted bracelet. He thinks back about when Jae Hee fastened it onto his wrists. He opens Jae Hee’s laptop and find a presentation written for Coach Holton, the coach he hoped to work with. Jae Hee shares her hardships when she lives in the US while she is being different from others. She feels as if there is no miracle in reality. Then, she saw Tae Joon jump and starts to believe that ‘a miracle is just another name for effort’. That encouraging quote made her decide to join the track team and the courage to stand up to others. Thus, she became her own miracle. At the end of the presentation, she sends a video of herself to ask Coach Holton to help Tae Joon to fly again.

Jae Hee says goodbye to Sang Chu and wonders whether she has the made the right decision to come her. Previously, Jae Hee read articles about Tae Joon’s injury and decides to cut her hair short and fly all the way to Korea to see him jump again. At the same time, Tae Joon thinks about how Jae Hee is so persistent in wanting to see him jump again especially when she reminds him about his encouraging quote and runs to finish the marathon. He runs out, catches her by the steps, and grabs her wrist. Out of breath, he asks if she really wants to leave without seeing him jump. He breathes as asks her not to go.

Eun Gyul thinks about the almost kiss scene with Jae Hee while Hyun Jae asks what’s the problem. Eun Gyul hesitates a few times before he talks about his doubts. He gets Hyun Jae’s attention even though he is annoyed. Eun Gyul asks about touching lips with a guy but he stops because it is so awkward to ask this question. Hyun Jae takes off his shirt and puts on a sweater to cover himself. Eun Gyul updates his status: ‘Life…is like an espress without any suger’ (He didn’t know that he made a typo error.).

Tae Joon almost enters into the bathroom and notices that Jae Hee is taking a shower. He mutters about how she is not careful as a girl. He lets out a deep breath and thinks back when he caught her in a towel. On the other hand, Jae Hee smiles as she is happy that Tae Joon is going to jump again. The next morning, she ignores the call from Daniel and finds Tae Joon has left.

It turns out that Tae Joon is busy training himself as he’s going to get back to high jump again. He looks at the ring on his silver necklace and asks whether his mother is looking over him or not. Before high jumping, Tae Joon gives a low down on how to do an awesome high jump. However, in reality, he failed to jump over the bar.

Jae Hee is happy to find that the bathroom door is fixed and locks it to do her own things in the bathroom. This means that Eun Gyul and Seung Ri will not disturb. They are left suffering outside the door while Jae Hee minds her own business.

Tae Joon ignores Hyun Jae when he says that it’s time for his practice. He asks Tae Joon to get lost since he’s not part of the athletic team anymore. Before they start to fight, Coach Baek stops them. Coach Baek is disappointed that Tae Joon changed his mind. He reminds Tae Joon that he was the one who decided to quit. He dismisses Tae Joon coldly.

Jae Hee stills getting calls from Daniel and Eun Gyul wonders how she can ignore those calls.He gets a call from ‘Hong Dan Mu’ and Jae Hee shoots him back with the same response which he gave to her. Eun Gyul defends himself by saying that it’s all part of the give-and-take relationship. Jae Hee doesn’t agree with him. Eun Gyul raises his eyebrows and asks if she knows anything about girls.

Director Jang sighs because Tae Joon wishes to start training again. She reminds him that the outside world still believes that he has the yips. If he failed to jump like he did before, he is going to struggle even more. Tae Joon points out that he has found the reason to jump again. Director Jang asks if his father knows about his decision to jump again and he replies that it’s not is concern. She asks again whether he’s sure about this. Tae Joon smiles and nods. She lets him do what he wants to do but warns him that she will have higher expectations on him.

Hanna sneaks into the campus with her gymnastics skill. She searches through Tae Joon’s room and gives Jae Hee a fright. Jae Hee notes that Hanna is going to get caught and Hanna sighs that she wouldn’t step foot in the school if it weren’t for Tae Joon. She brings up the uniform snatching incident. She narrows her eye after Jae Hee says that the student had no other choice. She lets go the matter drop and decides to wait in Tae Joon’s bed until he comes back. Jae Hee notices the uniform hanging from her loft and hurries to hid it before Hanna finds it.

Eun Gyul waits for Hong Dan My to come but he’s scared about how she currently looks like. He gapes when he saws a larger girl waving in his direction. Luckily, he breathes a sigh of relief when she runs to someone else. Then, Hong Dan Mu shows up and smiles at him.

Again, Jae Hee ignores Daniel’s calls but he caught her red-handed. He has come to transfer her out today and demands to know where the office is. He ignores Jae Hee’s pleas and marches to the principal who say in Konglish. Daniel says that he’s here to transfer his sister out of the school while the principal listens and nods. Then, the principal turns to Jae Hee and asks what he’s saying. Jae Hee brings her brother someplace else and they continue to argue about whether she stays or not. She spots Doctor Jang and points out that he’s the best person to talk to.

The dorm leaders gather at the cafeteria. Dorm 3 introduces himself to the ladies and Young Man tells him off because of his English name. Seung Ri has high anticipation on Jae Hee but he gets to the point. Genie High will be participating in the regional athletic championships and he wants the entire school involved.
Jae Hee pleads Doctor Jang to help her out and he decides to do so. Inside, he leans over to sniff Daniel and asks what cologne he used. Daniel tells the doctor to put the transfer request but he talks about something else and asks him to go out for drinks. Daniel sighs.

Eun Gyul sits outside with Hong Dan Mu (real name is Da Hae) talks about their old classmates. Da Hae is back in Korea for good and Eun Gyul is surprised that she is currently pursuing in music. She asks him what she might do instead and he almost going to say martial arts but, instead, he says arts before he gets hit by Da Hae. She boasts that she is a pretty decent violinist. She pulls out her violin and starts playing immediately which attracts a small crowd while Eun Gyul smiles as he is impressed with her talent.

Back at school, Jae Hee is upset to hear that the students gossip about Tae Joon who refused to rejoin the athletic team.

Jae Hee decides to surprise him with a cake as a celebration for high jumping again. He tells her not to
overreact. She pouts and sighs that she has put in so much in making the cake. Suddently, she trips and falls face first into the cake. Tae Joon runs over, concerned, and holds his laughter at her frosting caked faced. He wipes a bit of frosting from her face with his finger and tastes it. He comments that the cake she made tastes good. They celebrate with the ruined cake and Tae Joon smiles to see how happy it makes Jae Hee. He warns her not to place the frosting on his face. She still does it and he chases her around the room with the cake.

While waiting for a bus, Da Hae politely declines Eun Gyul’s help to carry her violin. She smiles and tells him that she’ll ask him if she really needs help. Da Hae says goodbye when her bus arrived. Before she leaves, she tells him that it’s ‘espresso’ and ‘espress’. They wave each other with a smile and Eun Gyul is surprised that he sees Da Hae as a woman.

Doctor Jang and Daniel are having drinks. They have drinks battle until Doctor Jang asks Daniel if he insists of taking Jae Hee back to the US. He insults him and seriously asks him if he is in Jae Hee’s shoes. He tells Daniel that he doesn’t trust his own sister. Daniel turns the statement back at him and Doctor Jang suggests that he should trust her.

Coach Baek finds that the gym storage room is cleaned up. At first, he wonders if there’s a ghost living. Then, his eyes grow wide in realization.

Jae Hee asks Tae Joon about the silver necklace which finds it in the bathroom. Tae Joon says that the necklace is given by his mother. Although he doesn’t explain, he recalls back when his mother gives it to him before he went to the Olympics. She runs to catch up with Tae Joon but runs into Daniel. He tells her the good news that she can stay to watch Tae Joon but on one condition: she has to leave right after he jumps in the championship. Later, she finds that her gym clothes is soaking wet in her locker. She thought about what Daniel had said to her. Jae Hee goes to pick one of Tae Joon’s shirt. Tae Joon walks in and asks if she smelling it. She denies and points out that she’s going to do laundry.

In the laundry room, Eun Gyul wonders about receiving a text from Da Hae who asks to hang out together that weekend. He sighs and looks over the photos of Jae Hee. He’s scared up to death when Jae Hee asks if he’s watching porn on his phone now. He defends as he’s an innocent person and she nods. While they wait for their laundry, Jae Hee asks how Eun Gyul feel if he had pretend to be a girl in a girls’ dormitory. He imagines that he dressed up as a girl but, back in reality, he says that he’ll be easily caught. Jae Hee asks how things going with Da Hae. Eun Gyul says that she has feelings for him. They laugh and share the chocolate that Jong Min gave him while Jong Min is outside mumbling.

Jae Hee counts down few days before the championship. She spots Tae Joon dressed up and asks if they can hang out together later. He tells her that he’ll be late so she doesn’t need to wait for him.

He walks to the entrance of his house and stops at the garden. His eyes grow wide when he see his mother looking at him while smiling but this is just his imagination. It turns out that it’s his mother’s death anniversary. Tae Joon helps to set up the memorial and pays his respect. At dinner, his father is happy to hear that Tae Joon decides to start high jumping again. Tae Joon gets up because he is no mood to listening to his father. Then, his father asks him whether it’s his fault for causing his mother’s death. Hanna enters in a cheery mood but notices the tension between the two of them. He finds Tae Joon sitting outside and tells him to try and get along with his father. She adds how his mother would feel if she sees them like this.

Jae Hee is still waiting to get a reply from Coach Holton. Eun Gyul drops by and notices that Tae Joon hasn’t come back yet. He mentions that today is Tae Joon’s mother’s death anniversary which is news to her. She receives a text from Tae Joon to meet at the swimming pool and she runs out. Later, Eun Gyul is surprised when he sees Tae Joon comes back alone and he has no idea what Eun Gyul is talking about. Tae Joon remembers that Jae Hee mentioned to him about her wet gym clothes and he runs out.

Jae Hee spots a person that looks like Tae Joon at the diving platform. She finds that no one is around and she steps out to look again. She finds a note that reads ‘don’t mess with me’. Suddenly, a mysterious person pushes her off and she dives into the water. She floats while being unconscious.

Then, Tae Joon and Eun Gyul rush into the swimming pool and the mysterious person just runs off. Both of them dive into the water and swims toward her. Tae Joon doesn’t notice that his silver necklace falls to the bottom of the pool. They pull her out of the water and Eun Gyul says that she’s not breathing. Eun Gyul starts to do CPR but hesitates to do so. Tae Joon takes over. Finally, Jae Hee coughs up the water and opens her eyes. Eun Gyul notices that Tae Joon is really concerned about her.

Back in the room, the boys ask if Jae Hee can think of anyone who hates her. She can’t think of anyone and Eun Gyul, who worries that she’ll get more attacks, insists that someone hates her. Tae Joon tells him to back off for now. After Eun Gyul leaves, Jae Hee notices that Tae Joon’s necklace is missing. Tae Joon looks for it before he tells her not to worry about it. Jae Hee looks on while feeling guilty.

The next morning, Tae Joon wakes up and is annoyed by Jae Hee’s alarm. He finds her gone. Jae Hee has already gone to the swimming pool to look for his silver necklace. Tae Joon dives in and pulls her out of the water. He shouts that he already told her not to worry about it. She says that his silver necklace means a lot to him. He dries her hair and ask if she’s an idiot who try to find something that’s already lost. She apologizes and he assures her that it’s not her fault.

Coach Baek confronts Tae Joon about cleaning up the gym storage room. He asks Tae Joon why he wants to jump again. Tae Joon says the same answer: because he has found the reason to jump again. He agrees to let Tae Joon try out. If Tae Joon can beat Hyun Jae, he’ll let Tae Joon rejoin the athletic team.

Seung Ri runs into Jae Hee in the hallway. As she leaves, he turns around with a smile. Jaee Hee enters the darkened gymnasium and watches Tae Joon fail to jump over the bar again and again. She packs her things and calls Daniel. She runs into Eun Gyul outside and gives him a surprise backhug. She thanks him for everything.

Tae Joon gets ready in the dressing room and discovers a note which is left by Jae Hee. She’s going back to the US. She is unable to watch him jump because of her flight time. She left a pair of shoelaces which she wore on her first and last track meet. She will share her luck with Tae Joon. Meanwhile, Jae Hee sits at the steps and waits for Daniel. Daniel pulls up a taxi to pick her up and takes her bag.

Point of View

The good news is Tae Joon has the motivation to start high jumping again. The mystery is why he stopped high jumping. It’s related to his mother’s death and there’s still some things that we want to know more about Tae Joon. Thankfully, he already watched Jae Hee’s presentation for Coach Holton which makes him decide to get back on his feet and try again. Even though he used to have an injury and facing his fear, at least he’s going to give another shot in high jumping. I’m sure he’s going to show Coach Baek that he should give him another chance even though he previously quit the athletics team.

Daniel, please stay until the very end even the doctor likes you which makes it even more interesting. He should be the brother who is protective about Jae Hee and goes having a battle conversation with Tae Joon. You get the idea.

Jae Hee, it’s very obvious that Tae Joon is not there. That mysterious looking person at the platform is not Tae Joon and why on earth would he asked you to meet at the swimming pool. Also, why either Tae Joon or Eun Gyul goes after the mysterious person? This is complicated.

The sweet thing about Tae Joon that he cares about Jae Hee especially when he asks her not to love and tells her that he’ll start to go for high jumping again. I love the ending of this episode as Tae Joon is slowly considering Jae Hee more important in his life. Thus, her life is more important than finding his precious necklace. Well, the love and caring moments are soon to be blossomed.

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