To the Beautiful You Episode 6 Review

Episode Recap

Tae Joon mutters Jae Hee’s name after he reads her note and holds on to the red shoelaces.
In the taxi, Daniels asks if Jae Hee is okay leaving without seeing Tae Joon jump since she is the one who come here in the first place. Jae Hee blames herself for troubling Tae Joon. She doesn’t have the confidence to watch him jump. He asks if she won’t regret it and Jae Hee keeps quiet.

At the championships, Hyun Jae successfully jumps over the bar (2m, 2.05m, and 2.10m) Tae Joon continuously signals that he’ll pass because he wants to jump even more higher.

Meanwhile, Hanna rushes to make the meet while her manager says that someone left the uniform in the car. She lurches in disgust but she spots the same lighter bracelet what was found in Tae Joon’s room.

Hyun Jae successfully jumps over again at 2.15m bar and Tae Joon gets up. He warms up and the timer ticks down. He runs toward the bar, leaps into the air but his lower body touches the bar and it falls to the floor. He failed while Hyun Jae smirks.

The taxi stops and Daniel tells her to go and see Tae Joon jump. He tells her to stay strong because Tae Joon is doing the same.

She makes it just before his last attempt. She calls out his name and Tae Joon looks at her. Tae Joon smiles and says her name. With strong determination, he starts to run. He jumps and soars into the sky, landing on the soft pad. Tae Joon looks up and notices that the bar didn’t fall. Everyone celebrates his victory. Tae Joon looks at Jae Hee and gives a great smile while tears stream down from Jae Hee’s face. Later, Tae Joon teases her about how she said she wouldn’t be able to see him jump. He asks if she’s disappointed that he didn’t do as well as last time. Jae Hee shakes her head and is happy that he did well today. She gets a text from Daniel that says that she can stay longer and come back any time. She shares the good news with Tae Joon and gives him a hug. They had an awkward moment until he pushes her away from him. Tae Joon shows the red shoelaces to her and points out that he used them well.

Eun Gyul and Da Hae talk about the movies. He asks what the title of the movie is and she suggests that they should go on a date. His eyes grow wide and his heart starts to beat.

Hyun Jae is upset that they’re tied at 2.30m. He vows that he’ll break the record within the year. Reporter Yang drops by to have a quick interview with Hyun Jae and congratulates Tae Joon on his comeback. Hyun Jae is not interested in digging into Tae Joon’s past. He warns Tae Joon that next time, he’ll not go easy on him because he’s starting to get bored. Tae Joon points out that this game is going to be fun when he’s around. Hyun Jae looks a bit worried.

After Hanna finds out that the bracelet belongs to Jae Hee, she confronts Jae Hee about the stolen uniform. Jae Hee avoids answering the question but Hanna continues to ask her. Tae Joon steps in and says that what Hanna said is nonsense. She shows the bracelet as proof and Tae Joon shows his bracelet to her. He tells her that those bracelets are sold at the nearby school. He asks her to stop jumping into conclusions. Hanna gets angry.

Tae Joon tells Jae Hee to be careful. She asks what she’ll be outed as and he answers that she’s a pervert. Jae Hee takes offense at the comment and Tae Joon asks if she’s a girl. He adds not to worry as he knows how to respect people even though they are weird. She is frustrated while Tae Joon laughs a bit.

Hyun Jae’s fans boasts about his victory and questions about Tae Joon’s ability to full recovery. Tae Joon’s fans is about to have a fight with them but Hanna steps in. She pours tea all over the tablet and warns them that Tae Joon is currently training and he’ll be back on his feet soon.

The principal meets with the dorm leaders. He is upset that the preparations for this year’s festival are behind schedule. The dorm leaders have already printed out the pamphlets and the principal is impressed with it. He asks if they are planning to do ‘that’ this year. Young Man assures that it will happen since it’s a school tradition. The principal is concerned but Seung Ri says that they should keep the tradition going. Seung Ri is determined that this year’s Miss Genie will be from Dorm 2.

Jae Hee is surprised to see the previous Miss Genie photos as she couldn’t believe that their dorm leaders are dressed as pretty ladies. Eun Gyul changes the topic about dating Da Hae. He asks about Tae Joon and he heard that he had lost against Hyun Jae. This means Tae Joon is out of the athletic team. Jae Hee worries and wonders if there is any way that she could help him.

Tae Joon waits for Jae Hee in the room while doing push ups. He wonders what is taking Jae Hee so long and questions himself why he worries about her. He goes to find her until he meets her in the hallway. Jae Hee asks where he’s going at the late night and he awkwardly and cutely points at the random direction. Jae Hee leaves first and turns to him. She smiles and tells him that Tae Joon is the coolest when he’s out in the tracks. He smiles back and replies that he hasn’t yet.

Seung Ri is busy scribbling on a picture of Jae Hee. He adds on the long hair and is satisfied with it. He smiles as he has found her. At the soccer field, Eun Gyul is concerned about Da Hae’s confession and Jae Hee’s support for him. He accidentally kicks a ball straight to his coach’s head.

Jong Min talks with Jae Hee about her near drowning incident. He thought that she has a chlorine allery. He tries to get more details from Jae Hee but she doesn’t tell him more after she saye that she just slipped from the platform. Seung Ri barges into the classroom and asks Jae Hee to see him for a while.

Seung Ri looks out from the rooftop and seriously asks Jae Hee her thoughts about man. He says that there are times when an individual must sacrifice themselves for the group. He asks her what if that person was her. Jae Hee is confused. Seung Ri shows an edited photo of her. She gapes in horror and Seung Ri rakes her by the shoulders. He declares that she should be a girl for just one day. Jae Hee refuses but Seung Ri continues to persuade her. Jae Hee leaves and Seung Ri calls out that she’s not acting like a man and she should considered to be a girl for once.

Eun Gyul is upset and distracted at dinner because his shoes are worn out that it can’t be repaired. Da Hae asks why he doesn’t want to buy a new pair. Eun Gyul tells her that these are his lucky shoes. She is confused with the football jargons. After dinner, he throws the shoes away with a heartbroken sigh.

Tae Joon does pullups in the room and Jae Hee is impressed with his exercise. She volunteers to help and she doesn’t hear his answer. She sticks her head out to hear him better but they are closer to each other when Tae Joon pulls himself up. She knocks her head on the railing and he falls into a beanie. Tae Joon excuses himself to the bathroom. He mutters at his reflection that she’s dangerous.

Teacher Lee encourages her students to be excited for the upcoming festival. Nobody is willing to volunteer themselves as baristas. She assigns Tae Joon to the task. Jae Hee, Eun Gyul, and Jong Min join in.
Tae Joon is annoyed that Jae Hee tries to cool him off while he tries to break a sweat. He chases after her with one of the mini fans. He stops when he sees the track and field team busy training.

Later, Seung Ri acts cool when Jae Hee approaches him. Jae Hee decides to dress as a girl for the festival. In exchange, she has a favour to ask. Seung Ri eagerly agrees to whatever request is.

While Jae Hee and Eun Gyul go for grocery shopping, Jae Hee buys some lemon that help with fatigue. She puts her efforts into making honey-dipped lemon in the evening. She places two jars of honey-dipped lemon with Tae Joon’s fanmails. She is happy that the fans are still supporting him. Later in the evening, he returns and he recognizes Jae Hee’s handwriting from the note.

Seung Ri leads his team in training but he thinks about Jae Hee’s request. In order for her to participate in the Miss Genie contest, she asks Seung Ri to help Tae Joon to rejoin the team. So, Seung Ri asks Coach Baek to let Tae Joon to come back to the team.

At the classroom, Jong Min asks whether Jae Hee will be participating in the Miss Genie contest. Eun Gyul and Tae Joon are surprised while Jong Min is pissed.

Coach Baek catches Tae Joon training at the gymnasium again. Tae Joon asks again to let him rejoin the team. He falls down onto his knees in front of Coach Baek. Coach Baek lets him join the team but he has to train together Hyun Jae.

During the festival, the boys set up the café and Jong Min brings in the animal suit so that they can bring in more customers. Jae Hee volunteers to dress and Eun Gyul comments that she looks cute which leaves Jong Min angry. While he takes over when she goes to the bathroom, Tae Joon gives her an iced coffee while still think that it’s still Jae Hee. After he left, Eun Gyul takes of the suit and looks at the iced coffee. He wonders why is he being so nice to Jae Hee. He returns to the café and finds Da Hae waiting for him. Tae Joon asks who she is and Eun Gyul clarifies that they are just friends. Jae Hee returns and asks who the girl is. Tae Joon tells her that Da Hae is Eun Gyul’s girlfriend. Eun Gyul looks over at Da Hae and smiles. Then, he looks at Jae Hee and Tae Joon. He shakes his head.

Later, Eun Gyul and Da Hae sit by the soccer pitch. Da Hae doesn’t care about what the boys say about her. She explains about some soccer facts which make Eun Gyul surprised. She says that he is the striker. He asks if she has already is interested in soccer but she says no and she’s interested in him. She presents him his old shoes which are fixed. He invites her to see a soccer match. She asks whether that they are dating now. Eun Gyul offers his hand and she holds onto it.

The Miss Genie contest begins but Tae Joon finds it so boring that he decides to leave even though Jae Hee is participating. He bumps into Seung Ri in the hallway and thanks him for helping him to rejoin the team. However, Seung Ri tells him that he should thanks Jae Hee. Each participant including Jong Min showcases their talent.

Seung Ri drops by to give Jae Hee the outfit for the contest. Then, she gives her lots of bread. Jae Hee asks if it’s for her to eat but Seung Ri says that these are for her to put in. Tae Joon thinks about entering the dress room but he decides not to. He walks past a mysterious student but continues to walk away.

Jae Hee is busy changing but the baddie takes her clothes away while she isn’t looking. When Seung Ri announces her name, she doesn’t show up. Jae Hee panics in the dressing room and locks the door. Seung Ri runs to find the key. The baddie runs along the hallway until he is tripped by Tae Joon who comes out from the shadows. The baddie is the guy whom Jae Hee pulled his pants previously. The baddie is still angry with that incident. Tae Joon grabs him and pushes him against the wall. He calmly tells him to be careful. The baddie asks what Tae Joon’s relation to Jae Hee is and he replies that she is his roommate.

Jae Hee panics when the door is unlocked. Luckily somebody left the outfit near the door. Jae Hee thanks that person before Seung Ri returns with the key.

Seung Ri returns to announce Jae Hee and she comes up to the stage. All the audiences including Eun Gyul are stunned by her beauty. Jae hee starts to sing. Doctor Jang is thinking whether she is letting everyone know that she’s a girl. Eun Gyul tries to come to his senses as he says that Jae Hee is a boy. He faints when she gives him a wink.

Hanna visits after the festival and bumps into Eun Gyul. He tells her to leave before she is caught by security but she doesn’t care. She boasts that she’ll call the cops on the pervert who jumped in her bath which makes Eun Gyul fumes.

Jae Hee enters the gymnasium while Tae Joon continues to successfully jump over the bar. She thanks him because she can recognize his hand. He asks her whether she won. She didn’t win and asks if she’s pretty. Tae Joon gives a small shake of his head before he take the confetti off from her hair. He tells her that she’s not ugly. He adds that he needs to get back to practice. Jae Hee is going to leave but she trips on the pole and the box flies out of her hands. Eun Gyul and Hanna looks while Jae Hee falls on top of Tae Joon. Confetti is flying around them.

Point of View

Thank goodness for having the dorm leaders bonding time and comical moments for Eun Gyul love confusion. It’s so lovely to see them work together to follow with the school tradition. I’m glad that they organized the yearly school event where it’s open to the public to have some fun including the Miss Genie competition. I
love that so much that I laughed especially when boys are dressed in girls’ clothing.

Rather than focus on just Tae Joon and Jae Hee (even though I flipped when I see Jae Hee falls on top of Tae Joon while confetti flying around them), I decided to say about a few characters in this episode. Like Tae Joon, Hyun Jae is determined to be a well-known high jumper. Also, it’s interesting to see some rivalry between the both of them. Both of them really work hard to achieve their goals and I’m sure they didn’t care much about popularity within the celebrity and sports world I’m not saying that Hyun Jae is a totally bad person. He does care about his classmates and friends including Eun Gyul. On the outside, he can be rude but he has a caring heart.

It’s so sweet when Eun Gyul and Da Hae are together even though I enjoyed his bitter conversations with Hanna. It’s nice of him to have adorable moments with Da Hae. But, I’m sure Eun Gyul is still around in circles when it comes to love which is going to come really soon. Yes, the spices on the dish.

I am really impressed with Min Ho who portrayed Tae Joon in this drama. At first, he shows a cold character and then he starts to reveal the cute, sweet, and adorable side which I truly loved. Love him a lot and supporting till the very end. Fighting!

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