To the Beautiful You Episode 7 Review

Episode Recap

Hanna is shock to see the bonding time between Jae Hee and Tae Joon in the gymnasium earlier. She thought that he was with some girl. They run into Seung Ri and the guys. He tells her that the school festival is over. However, Hanna goes all cutesy to Seung Ri so that he can change his mind. He tells her not to stay after-hours but Hanna calls him an ‘old fogey’ and goes to the party.

Eun Gyul comments that Hanna is the person who will survive in this world with the cockroach who will be able to crawl into the boys’ dormitory. Jae Hee congratulates Eun Gyul who is dating Da Hae. She agrees and accidently slip that ‘even as a girl likes her’. Eun Gyul looks at her and she realizes that she made a mistake. She covers up by saying because of what she’s wearing right now. As she leaves, he takes a picture of her as a teaser.

The party goes wild and Jae Hee, dressed as a boy, joins in. Hanna gets up to sing a duet with Tae Joon who refuses. The boys chanted that they should go on a date. Jae Hee couldn’t bear it that she decides to leave.
Jae Hee tells her problems to Sang Chu and says that she can put on a show. She sings as a girl but she knows she dressed as a boy. Tae Joon finds her and he excuses himself to leave because it was too loud inside. He lets her know about her clothing and she replies that she’s comfortable in dressing like this. Tae Joon asks whether it’s comfortable to disguise like that. She looks at herself and he means when she wears a dress. He thanks her for asking Seung Ri for help and Jae Hee smiles while at a distance, Hanna is seriously jealous.

Dorm 1’s plumbing system has broken down so the students have to temporarily stay at other dorms. This means it’ll be three person in a room. Jong Min comes looking for Eun Gyul but he’s angry when he finds that Eun Gyul has moved someplace else. Eun Gyul happily greets his new roomies and he looks for his new bed. However, Tae Joon isn’t happy about this and Eung Gyul defends that he didn’t want this to happen. Then again, we see Eun Gyul beg with the Dorm 1 student to change places with him and he offers his precious signed Park Ji Sung soccer ball. Tae Joon wonders how he ends with people who have nowhere else to go. Eun Gyul suggests that he will share the bed with Jae Hee because Tae Joon hates sharing space. Tae Joon comes up with a solution. He asks him to sleep on a hammock. Jae Hee is willing to sleep on the
hammock but Eun Gyul is fine sleeping on it. He happily hops onto the hammock but he falls out of it.

The students complain about having the third person into their room. Jong Min grumbles when he see Eun Gyul is so happy to have his new roommates even though it’s temporary.

Jae Hee looks for Tae Joon’s necklace by using a raft and look through the telescope in the swimming pool. Eun Gyul joins her in the raft and asks whether she has been looking for the necklace almost every day. He says that it might be faster for her to swim in the pool but she reminds him that she has chlorine allergy. She playfully pushes Eun Gyul into the pool and sticks her tongue at him. Again, she teases him that she’ll pull him up if he calls her ‘hyung’. Eun Gyul resists but then he gives in.

Hanna is still suspicious about Jae Hee. She asks her manager to look into ‘a friend’ and he replies that she doesn’t have any. She orders him to research about Jae Hee and find out every single detail about her.

In the dorm room, Eun Gyul asks if Jae Hee wants to eat ramyun but they don’t have any. Luckily, Eun Gyul brings up his portable gas burner and ramyun. Jae Hee jokingly says that only he, Hanna, , and the cockroach would survive and if he and Hanna got together. Eun Gyul replies that he rather be with the cockroach. Tae Joon enters the room and finds them cooking which they are not supposed to. However, Eun Gyul says that rules were meant to be broken. Tae Joon asks them to eat somewhere else so they eat at the bathroom. Tae Joon overhears them joking and laughing which makes him presses his ear to the door.
Suddenly, the door’s open and Tae Joon falls inside. They asks what is he doing and he give a lame excuse about the door. Eun Gyul invites him to join them for the meal but Tae Joon kicks them out of the bathroom when he says that he needs to go. When they leave, Tae Joon lets out a deep sigh and hangs his head.

Eun Gyul stays up late texting to Da Hae who tells him that she misses him. He hesitates before he replies that he misses her too. Then, he watches Jae Hee sleeping which makes his heart beats. He sighs and wonder what she is.

The next morning, Tae Joon is jealous when he sees Eun Gyul looking at Jae Jee in the mirror. Then, they start to have a furious toothbrushing battle.

They assist each other during the training but both of them shoot glares at each other. At the locker room, Hyun Jae asks if the rumours about the yips syndrome are true. Tae Joon asks why and thinks that Hyun Jae wants the rumours to be true. Hyun Jae sarcastically says that he’s worried about his teammate. Tae Joon tells him that he’s not the reason for him to jump again. He hits Hyun Jae again that he doesn’t see to be the case for Hyun Jae.

Tae Joon is unhappy when he enters the room and take the old movie (Heart Is) out from Jae Hee’s hands. Jae Hee says that she likes that movie too including the ending. Tae Joon doesn’t know he hasn’t seen the ending yet.

Director Jang takes the snacks away from Hanna in the car and reminds her that she needs to lose weight before the competition. The manager lets Hanna know that Michelle Kim knows about ‘that friend’ since they went to the same school. Director Jang is surprised to hear that and Hanna pretends that she doesn’t know about it.

Tae Joon covers his ears from the noisy Eun Gyul and Jae Hee. He acts annoyed and pretends to do pullups. Jae Hee apologizes for the noise and stop distracting him. She closes the shade. In the end, Tae Joon is still frustrated and of course he’s jealous.

They meet Seung Ri and the others and begin to have a bowling match. Everyone including Jae Hee plays well in bowling. When it’s Tae Joon’s turn, he gives some points on getting a perfect strike but the ball flies out of his hands in the opposite direction. Jae Hee catches it without getting hurt. He covers up his embarrassment by saying that he hasn’t warmed up yet. Then, the bowling ball, which he throws, end up at the gutter which leaves him so annoyed. Jae Hee cheers for Eun Gyul. Then, Eun Gyul is a little bit jealous when Tae Joon celebrates his next strike with Jae Hee.

At school, Eun Gyul enters the room and finds that the bathroom door is locked. He hears the shower running and he moves his hand to the handle but Tae Joon interrupts.

Eun Gyul comes to the swimming pool to look for the necklace. He takes a picture of himself for his hardwork effort but he drops the phone to the bottom of the pool where is right next to Tae Joon’s necklace. He picks up the necklace. Later, he reaches into his pocket to return the necklace to Jae Hee who said that it was important to her. However, she says that the necklace belongs to Tae Joon and he decides not to return it to her.

Da Hae calls him out on a date even though he’s sad. She wants to know the problem but is confused after he says that he is not a good friend. He is jealous over something but Da Hae guesses that it’s because of Jae Hee. She tells him that he always talk about her and Eun Gyul thinks it’s impossible as Da Hae would be jealous of a guy.

Jong Min stops Jae Hee outside and lies to her that he had found the necklace. But, he dropped it at the building which will soon be demolished tomorrow. Still, she decides to go over there to look for it at a restricted area. Jong Min and his friends dress up as ghosts and look for Jae Hee. Dorm 1 makes sure to pick up their treasures. Then, both teams scare each other. Meanwhile, Coach Baek impresses Teacher Lee by talking about his marine days. Doctor Jang says that he must be able to catch ghosts and Coach Baek boasts that he’ll always be a marine. But, Jong Min and his friends run towards them and causes Coach Baek to faint.

Tae Joon waits in the room and calls Jae Hee but she left her phone behind. Jae Hee finds that she is locked in and she tries to break the chains. The chains aren’t broken and she cries for help. On the other hand, Tae Joon looks for her in every corner until he hears a sound from the abandoned building. He breaks the window and runs inside. He asks her if she’s alright and immediately kicks the door. Then, he breaks the lock. Jae Hee runs into his arms and Tae Joon comforts her.

They walk down the stairs and Tae Joon silently takes Jae Hee’s hand to his. They sit down to rest and he massages her leg. She apologizes that she couldn’t find the necklace. Tae Joon points out that nothing will change even if he is able to get back the necklace. He shares his moments with his mother including watching movies which is his mother’s favourite pastimes. At the hospital, they watch the movie together. It was the day before the Olympics and they agree to watch the end next time. His mother tells him that she loved him. Tae Joon wants to turn back but he leaves. After he won the Olympics, his father tells him the bad news: his mother passed away. At present, Tae Joon breaks into tears and Jae Hee comforts him by hugging him.

Hanna looks into Jae Hee’s old middle school yearbook after meeting Jae Hee’s old classmate. She sighs as she is unable to find Jae Hee. She pulls away just before Jae Hee’s picture.

In the room, Jae Hee notices that Eun Gyul is out late. Tae Joon pulls out the movie out of the drawer. He suggests watching the movie together.

Tae Joon receives another load of fanmail and the postman gives her a birthday gift.

Eun Gyul helps Teacher Lee to finish up the work. After that, he goes to attend Da Hae’s recital. He smiles and says the person next to him that Da Hae is his girlfriend. He finds out that that person is Da Hae’s father. He takes Da Hae out shopping and secretly wrapped Tae Joon’s necklace as Da Hee’s birthday present. He decides to settle his feelings for this last gift.

Meanwhile, Tae Joon, in disguise, goes into a beauty shop to buy Jae Hee’s present. The clerk asks if it’s for a girlfriend. He asks that he looks for a gift that’s for a woman but doesn’t look like a woman.
Eun Gyul looks for Jae Hee and finds that she is doing her laundry. Ha walks in and gives her a backhug.

Point of View

Although Eun Gyul is on a date with Da Hae, he still thinks about Jae Hee. I do wish that Eun Gyul and Da Hae are together but it wouldn’t be interesting when Jae Hee is in the middle between them (eg when Eun Gyul gives Jae Hee the backhug). For him, he’s trying his upmost best to be a perfect boyfriend for Da Hae. It’s up to his decision about his love complications. I hope that the relationship between Eun Gyul and Da Hae stays on.

I enjoyed the bonding time between Jae Hee, Tae Joon, and Eun Gyul when they share the room. Imagine if you have roommates like them. That will be so awesome. I do feel sorry for Tae Joon who is having a hard time when both Jae Hee and Eun Gyul spend more time together like best buddies. The friendship scenes in the room from this episode are my favourite.

I am sure there is something interesting about Hyun Jae for working so hard to be a well-known high jumper. His side story should be revealed as soon as possible. At least, I enjoyed the rivalry between Tae Joon and Hyun Jae. Also, while they have bitter conversations, it seems to me that they’re ‘supporting’ each other to succeed in their goals.

I still love Tae Joon in this drama. At every episode, I see him develop with the help of Jae Hee. His back story is showing slowly. Even though that we all know that his mother’s death affect his youth athletic career but it’s too early for us to know why he stops high jumping. In addition to that, I love how Tae Joon’s love interests toward Jae Hee start to grow especially when he goes and save her from the locked room of an abandoned building. It is the cute and adorable interaction that I admired so much. It was sweet of him to get her a birthday present. He already done his best to give her hints that he knows that she’s a girl but Jae Hee doesn’t realize it yet even though she fails to hide her true identity. Well, it’s too early but bring in the sparks and spices.

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