To the Beautiful You Episode 8 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Gyul gives her the backhug but he pushes him off and asks what he’s doing. He startled and says that he’s trying to surprise. He gives her the birthday gift before he runs off.

Tae Joon immediately hides the present into his bag when Jae Hee returns. They sit and wait for the right moment to talk. Both of them say at the same time. Tae Joon gives her the present. Jae Hee is surprised that he remembers her birthday. While Jae Hee opens the present, Tae Joon doesn’t mind that if she doesn’t like it but she says that she really likes it. Tae Joon opens his present and finds his necklace. He says his thanks and Jae Hee tells him that he should thank Eun Gyul.

Again, Eun Gyul questions himself whether he really likes guy. It’s crazy for him to think that Jae Hee looks like a girl so he denies it. Suddenly, he imagines every single person as Jae Hee. He shakes his head and declares that Jae Hee is dangerous.

Jae Hee is happy with Tae Joon’s gift and he opens a mailed package from Daniel. She finds a taser with a note from Daniel. He asks her to use it to protect herself and she sighs.

Later, Eung Gyul surprises Jae Hee with seaweed soup which is part of her birthday. He shares his life motto: ‘if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.’ Jae Hee agrees and asks where he got the seaweed soup. He replies that he has ways in the kitchen which means he pull out his aegyoness to the kitchen staff so they can cook something special for Jae Hee.

Tae Joon fails to jump over the bar during the practice. Coach Baek records down their progress. Based on that, Hyun Jae is better than Tae Joon. Coach Baek praises Hyun Jae on his improvement but he still compares to Tae Joon. The coach asks Hyun Jae if he suffers from performance anxity and he replies that he doesn’t. The coach reminds him that he has to throw away his greed so he can succeed. The funny thing is that the coach tries to take out his shirt.

Jae Hee buys a small cake to celebrate her birthday but Tae Joon receives a call from Hanna who called him out to celebrate her birthday early.

Hanna is upset that Tae Joon didn’t bring a present for her. She insists that she wants him to get her a present and drags him to buy something. They go to the same store where he went to. So, the clerk immediately recognizes him while Hanna looks on suspiciously.

Jae Hee decides to end the party and then the lights are turned off. She sees Eun Gyul carrying in the birthday cake and sang a song to her. She’s touched and Eun Gyul does this as a close friend. He adds that this will be their last night together as roommates. They blow out the candles and start eating the cake. They chase each other with frosting. They’re interrupted by Da Hae’s call and he hesistate to answer it.

The next day, he meets up with Da Hae who notices that he’s still sad. He has something important to tell her but she cuts in and asks him for a very special favour. The next thing is that they’re at the audition place where Da Hae is nervously biring her nails before auditions. Eun Gyul assures her that she’ll do great. He holds her hand. She admits that she’s nervous when he’s not around. Since Eun Gyul can’t be in the audition, she comes up with an idea. Da Hae wears Eun Gyul’s shoes whil he wears Da Hae’s heels. Later, Da Hae hangs her head after the audition and smiles that she has passed the auditions.

At the bus stop, they start to talk about the same topic. Eun Gyul asks her to hit him once before he says it. She hits him and says that he likes someone else. Da Hae coolly says that it’s nice for him to like someone else. Da Hae lets him go. She gets on the bus and uses her violin case to hide her tears.

At training, Seung Ri announces that they will be going on an upcoming training camp. Jong Min smiles when he hears that it’s overseas and Seung Ri asks him to come to his senses. Thus, they will be going camping.

Hanna barges into Jae Hee’s room and looks through Jae Hee’s stuff. She finds the cream which Tae Joon gave Jae Hee as a birthday present. Jae Hee enters the room and Hanna asks why she is sticking with Tae Joon all the time. She questions Jae Hee if she knows anything about Tae Joon. Hanna boasts her understanding about Tae Joon. Jae Hee is speechless and Hanna asks if she’s a boy. She tells Jae Hee to cut it out and grabs the cream. Jae Hee tries to take it back but it falls out from both of their hands and shatters on the ground. Hanna storms out and Jae Hee, while fighting her tears, picks up the pieces.

Tae Joon finds her cleaning up the mess and asks if something’s wrong. Jae Hee apologizes but Tae Joon says is no big deal. Tae Joon is annoyed that Hanna keeps texting him. Jae Hee asks how long they’ve know each other. He answers that she followed him around since she was a baby and he treats her like a little sister. Jae Hee points out that Hanna doesn’t like her very much. He defends that although Hanna is selfish and rough but she’s still a good kid who doesn’t hold grudges. Jae Hee asks whether he can’t eat undercooked yolks. He’s surprised that she knows and he’s confused when Jae Hee walks out.

Eun Gyul takes a photo of himself as he’s been punched by Da Hae. He notices that Hyun Jae is packing for the upcoming training camp. He finds out that Jae Hee will be attending. He bumps into her in the hallway. She is carrying her stuff. He mutters as he won’t see her in a few days.

Hyun Jae is talking on the phone with someone and he hangs up after Tae Joon arrives. Tae Joon stops him and asks why Hyun Jae hates him so much. Hyun Jae thinks that Tae Joon is not thankful for what he has. Then, he walks away.

Back at the dorms, Eun Gyul tries to keep himself busy but he keeps seeing the word ‘mahlang’ and he sighs. Thus, he decides to join the others at the training camp.

Jae Hee is in charge of cooking and Tae Joon comes to help her. She asks if he’s good at cooking and he answers that he’s better than her. Jae Hee is impressed and calls him chef. He tells her that he learned cooking when his mother was sick which Jae Hee feels sad about hearing it. Then, he says that he’s lying. They cook and play together. Tae oon carves out a potato that looks like Jae Hee. She says that it doesn’t look like her. He replies that people tend to think they look better than they actually do. She asks if to give him the potato but it falls into the soup. They giggle. The boys enjoy their dinner and Jong Min laughs when he finds the cooked potato.

After practice, Seung Ri announces that they should play the survival game. If the team lose, they have to run 10 laps in their underwear. Jae Hee speaks up but Seung Ri tells them that they have to make sure that the team wins. Jong Min pouts that Eun Gyul isn’t here. Hyun Jae thinks it’s better for him not to be here. Eun Gyul shows up. Coach Baek relax at a hammock while Eun Gyul pleads to let him stay. In the end, he lets Eun Gyul stay because he want him and Teacher Lee to be together.

Tae Joon hears that Jae Hee welcomes Eun gyul to the training camp.

The survival game is paintball. Seung Ri explains to the teams about the rules of the game. The first team to take the enemy’s flag wins.

The game begins. Tae Joon is guarding the flag. He looks at Eun Gyul and Jae Hee walking around. They are caught by their opponent and Jae Hee falls down the stairs. Both boys run to her side. Eun Gyul worries because if they lose, the team has to run laps in their underwear. Tae Joon hears about it and Jae Hee hurt her wrist. Tae Joon goes into battle mode. He puts on his mask and goes into action. He shoots down each opponent. He singlehandedly knocked down the opponents. He grabs the flag which means his team wins.

On the other hand, an opponent is around the corner and Eun Gyul protects Jae Hee so he get shot instead. He falls on top of her and Jae Hee shoots back. Eung Gyul faints and Jae Hee says that he’s heavy.
Tae Joon brings Jae Hee to Doctor Jang’s tent. The doctor asks everyone to leave and gives an assuring nod to Tae Joon. Whil he wraps her wrist, he tells her that she binds the bandages to her chest to tight. She’s still developing as a teenager. He says that she can’t continue to hide her true identity. He adds that there’s no reason to stay longer since she has already seen Tae Joon jump.

The boys ask her what happened and she blames the incident on low blood sugar. She announces that she’s
fine but she is worried about her injured hand.

Tae Joon helps to wash her face while Eun Gyul looks on.

Jae Hee and Tae Joon try to sleep but failed to do so. Jae Hee makes a move to get up to get some fresh air but falls on Tae Joon. He rolls her back and now on top of her. He tells her that he likes her. He looks into her eyes and continues to say that he’s going to test whether he likes her or not since lips don’t lie. As Tae Joon leans toward Jae Hee, it turns out that it’s Eun Gyul’s imagination. Coach Baek is being so comfy with Eun Gyul.

Eun Gyul decides to find out the truth but he’s unable to come out from his sleeping bag so he decides to crawl on the ground like a caterpillar.

Meanwhile, Jae Hee and Tae Joon can’t sleep. Jae Hee tells Tae Joon about s’mores and she’ll make some for him. He declines the offer since she can’t cook. They turn away from each other to sleep but their eyes are open. Both of them are aware that they’re sleeping with the opposite gender.

Eun Gyul continues to crawl until he is caught by Seung Ri. He fails to aegyo on Seung Ri and is forced to crawl back to his tent.

Tae Joon’s father visits Director Jang and informs her that he’s heard from Coach Holton and plans to take Tae Joon with him to Canada. Director Jang points out that he should discussed this matter with Tae Joon. Outside the door, Hanna overhears the entire conversation and panics.

During breakfast, Jae Hee is having trouble to eat her meal. Tae Joon attempts to help her but Eun Gyul starts to feed her. Seung Ri questions whether they are newlyweds. Jong Min tries to get Eun Gyul to feed him too.

Eun Gyul excitedly talks about the meteor shower will show up that night. Seung Ri downplays it while Jong Min replies that his lack of interest in romance because he’ll be forever single. Seung Ri asks who said that he can’t get a girlfriend and he choose not to have one. The boys ask what kind of girl he wants. He wants to have an angelic girl with an elegant grace. Jong Min comments that it’s not like they’re in the Joseon era.
Tae Joon spots Jae Hee changing and immediately zips back up the tent. When she comes out, he tells her to be careful next time. She tells him about the meteor shower tonight and Tae Joon agrees to go together with her.

Later at night, Tae Joon tells Jae Hee that he’ll catch up with her after he helps Seung Ri with making plans. She forgot to bring a warm jacket. Tae Joon takes of his and wraps her in it.
Seung Ri looks up at the meteor shower and wishes for a girlfriend. Surprisingly, Hann appear. Hanna is in tears and demands to know where Tae Joon is. Seung Ri stammers and watches Hanna walks away while he sighs deeply.

She cries to Tae Joon and tells him that his father is going to send him overseas to Canada. She tells him that his father has already made preparations and declares that she’ll follow him wherever he goes. He thanks for her concern and send her off. However, she begs him to come back to Seoul with her. By the time they go back, they will discuss with his father. He also knows that his father will listen to her.

Jae Hee is sad that Eun Gyul shows up instead of Tae Joon. Tae Joon calls her before he gets in the car with Hanna. Jae Hee tells him that she understands but her face expression is easily known by Eun Gyul. Eun Gyul asks about s’mores. Jae Hee smiles and tells him that someone she really liked taught her how to make them. They eat and Eun Gyul happily enjoys it. He brushes a crumb from her lips. Just a minute later, Eun Gyul musters up the courage and looks at Jae Hee because he has something to say to her.

Point of View

Oh my god. The intense of wanting to what he’s going to say to her. Is he going to say that he has feelings for her? In Korean dramas, at the end of some episodes, I wanted to know what’s going to happen or what the person but, in the end, I have to watch the next episode. To be honest, I love it because I feel as I’m on a ride. So, this one is a good cliffhanger.

Oh, Eun Gyul breaks up with Da Hae is seriously side but it’s a perfect icing on the cake when she leaves Eun Gyul at the bus stop where they first met. Although their relationship is sweet and they care for each other, Eun Gyul’s doesn’t feel the love affection in this relationship. She’s great in this drama but it’s too bad that she’s not going to be in the next upcoming episodes.

I still laughed at Eun Gyul’s crazy imaginations and comedic acts whenever he thinks about Jae Hee. I thought that it was real that Tae Joon is being so comfy with Jae Hee but turns out that it’s Eun Gyul’s imagination. Without his imaginations, would we laugh? Such a cute little caterpillar to crawl around the camp site even though I feel sorry for him that he’s unable to get out of his sleeping bag.

The good news is that not only you get to see some cute moments but we get to see some action which makes me go ‘WOW’. Why? I repeatedly watched the scene where Tae Joon battles alone in the paintball war and defeat the whole army. Don’t forget, we all have the feeling that something will pop out of nowhere which makes you either happy or sad. It’s drama after all with ‘might be’ unrealistic scenarios.

Jae Hee is seriously testing my patience especially when she made decisions. She always gets herself into trouble and a hero, like Tae Joon, comes to save her. I know it’s drama but still she has to understand that she also needs to be careful so she won’t trouble others. Even though she tries to cover her identity, she is going to be revealed to the whole group sooner or later. Doctor Jang already warns her but she still stays on to support Tae Joon. I though she’s going to leave after seeing Tae Joon jump again during the championship. Look at the bright side, I still support and cheer for her to help Tae Joon along the way. This is the same to this sweet couple – Jae Hee and Tae Joon.

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