To the Beautiful You Episode 9 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Gyul brings out the courage to say something to Jae Hee but they are interrupted by the meteor shower. Jae Hee makes a wish while Eun Gyul looks at her with a smile. On the other hand, Tae Joon watches it from the car.

Eun Gyul asks what Jae Hee wishes for and she replies that she wish that Tae Joon would fly like before. He complains that she always talk about Tae Joon and is surprised to hear that Jae Hee comes to Korea because of Tae Joon. She adds that if she didn’t come, she wouldn’t be able to stand it. When she asks what Eun Gyul has to say, he says that it’s nothing. He asks that if he’s having a hard time, will she come and he gets a yes from her which makes him smiles. Suddenly, she smeels something burning and Eun Gyul boastly said that his heart is burning but he finds that his soles is melting by the campfire.

Hanna goes after Tae Joon and shouts at him because she doesn’t want him to go to Canada to train with Coach Holton. He gently asks her why she likes him so much. She pouts that she doesn’t know but he was always by her side since young. He laughs but she gets more upset. Tae Joon thanks her for letting him know about the Canada and pats a little on her head.

Eun Gyul comes to school with his new haircut. He is sad when Jae Hee doesn’t recognize it. He thinks back how she made a remark earlier about the hairstyle she likes.

Tae Joon recalls the conversation with his father last night. He finds that an email was sent to Coach Holton. His father will take care of everything. All he needs to do is to be ready to be trained under Coach Holton.
Jong Min shares the rumours that there’s a pervert who has been hanging around at Serin Girls High. The worst case is that the pervert drove off after he failed to drag a girl in his car.

Tae Joon adorably takes a picture Jae Hee, who is playing basketball, with his phone. When Jae Hee waves at him at his direction, he pretends to take a picture of himself.

Later, she realizes that she left her phone at the basketball court so she decides to go back and get it. Suddenly, a white convertible pulls up in front of her. The mysterious man drags her into the car while ignoring her protests. The boys notice that she’s being dragged away. Tae Joon recalls what Jong Min had said about a pervert. Then, he starts to run after the car and keeps up with his pace. Jae Hee demands to know who he is. The kidnapper laughs. Jae Hee still can’t recognize him so he take off hi shades and says ‘long time no see’. It’s John Kim (Kim Woo Bin) aka Johnny. Jae Hee is happy to see him. As soon as they start to say their hellos, Tae Joon shows up and give him a ‘nice’ welcome gift: a punch to the face. Tae Joon asks if Jae Hee is all right and grabs Johnny by the shirtfront. Johnny asks if he’s Tae Joon. They glare at each other.

Johnny knows about her secret and asks her how’s life in a boys’ dormitory. He’s impressed that she has survived long over there. Flashback: Jae Hee comes to Johnny’s studio and asks for his help. Johnny didn’t care. Then, he finds that she had cut her hair which he decided to help her out. He asked whom she take after to be this ridiculous.

He jokes that he should have tried her to talk her out of it. He pinches her cheeks until Tae Joon joins in. Jae Hee introduces Johnny, a photographer who quite university. He says that he looks cooler when he meets girls. Jae Hee asks why Johnny in Korea is and she spits out because he says that he missed her. Johnny reminds her about her first love and first kiss. She stands up from her chair and covers his mouth before he spill the beans. She laughs as it’s silly that her first love is a guy. Tae Joon becomes jealous while Johnny cleans Jae Hee’s mouth which makes Tae Joon balls the tissue in his fist.

Eun Gyul lies in bed while thinking about how he’s going to confess his feelings to Jae Hee. He daydreams: (1) He roughly confesses to Jae Hee by pushing her against the call and declare his love but he’s in handcuffs as Jae Hee and Tae Joon sighs and (2) He tells her that he made it to the national soccer team which makes Jae Hee proud and Tae Joon gape.

Tae Joon got a text from Director Jang and he has to take leave. Johnny drives Jae Hee back to school. He asks if she’s sure that Tae Joon doesn’t know her secret. He remarks about Tae Joon being an idiot who doesn’t know whether his roommate is a guy or girl. He reminds her that guys tend to have a sixth sense when it comes to these things but Jae Hee assures that Tae Joon hasn’t figure it out yet. She tells him that Tae Joon is different because he doesn’t think about girls all the time unlike Johnny. Johnny jokingly asks how did she know and adds that he likes someone.

Director Jang tells Tae Joon about Canada. Tae Joon lets her know that he’ll think about it. He cutely asks her to treat him a meal since he has a lot in his mind.

He climbs up to the loft to check on Jae Hee. He stops when he hears her murmur his name in her sleep. He tucks her in and smiles. He tells her that the email, which she sent to Coach Holton, worked. He wonders whether going to Canada is the right thing to do. He thinks about the memories that they had together.

Johnny gives a surprise visit which makes Jae Hee into trouble for speaking in banmal in class. Johnny continues to make funny faces outside the window. During lunch, Jae Hee asks Johnny to stop playing around. Johnny still says that he misses her. He continues to tease while at another table, Eun Gyul and Tae Joon are angrily jealous.

The principal keeps praising Johnny and mistakenly introduces him as John Park. Johnny politely correct that he’s John Kim, the photographer. Not, John Park, the singer. The principal tries to cover his embarrassment by playing with his words. Teacher Lee admires Johnny’s looks and ask Coach Baek who is he. Coach Baek replies that Johnny takes photos for some newspaper. The principal scolds him that it’s ‘The Times’.

Johnny takes photos of the students but Tae Joon asks him not to take photos of him. Johnny comments that Tae Joon is the most photogenic one since he is told that Tae Joon used to shoot for CFs and photoshoots. Johnny didn’t see that there are no problems since he gets the permission from the school and Tae Joon’s management. Jae Hee steps in to defend that a photographer must respect if the subject doesn’t want to be photographed. He is sad that she takes Tae Joon side. Jae Hee pulls Johnny away.

Tae Joon waits for her the whole night. For not being so worried, he works out. He imagines Johnny kissing Jae Hee under the broken streetlamp. Being so worried, he runs out but Jae Hee returns from dinner. He awkwardly asks her if anything happened. She denies it and apologizes for Johnny’s earlier behaviour. Tae Joon puffs up that he is not angry about it. He excuses himself to the bathroom and lets out a deep breath.

On the other hand, Johnny asks his assistant to clear his morning schedule because he’s going on a date.

The next morning, Tae Joon hears from Jae Hee that she’s going to do some sightseeing in Seoul with Johnny. He catches her before she leaves and asks whether only both of them are going. Tae Joon keeps asking her about how to go around Seoul and where is the best place to visit. She says that she’ll ask around if they get lost but Tae Joon decides that he’ll go with them. She asks why he insists to come along. Tae Joon points out that he wants Johnny to get the correct impression about Seoul. Later, Eun Gyul joins them.

All of them explore Seoul together, shopping, and snacking while Johnny takes pictures. They have drinks at a café. When Johnny orders an espresso, the boys quickly change their order. Johnny holds back his laughter. The boys look at the espresso cups. Eun Gyul has the sour face after drinking a sip while Tae Joon drinks the espresso in one shot. Tae Joon boasts that he’s a coffee drinker and doesn’t want to drink Jae Hee’s orange juice.

Johnny brings them to his studio. Tae Joon starts to explore. He stops when he sees a large portrait of smiling Jae Hee. He smiles and places his hand to her cheek. Johnny comes up and saying that he’s never seen Jae Hee smile so brightly until she knew him. He confronts to Tae Joon about whether he knows that Jae Hee is a girl and then asks why he pretends that he doesn’t. Lastly, he firmly asks Tae Joon what he thinks of Jae Hee.

At school, Seung Ri goes crazy over Hanna who then shows up like an angel from above. He coolly tells her that she shouldn’t be here but she just goes to find Tae Joon while he’s left behind stuttering.

Back at the studio, Johnny’s assistant says the bad news that the models have pulled out last minute. The next thing is that Eun Gyul and Tae Joon are modelling in front of the camera. Eun Gyul wonders how stubborn Tae Joon is persuaded to be a temporary mode. We see that Jae Hee kindly asks Tae Joon for help out. Johnny asks Tae Joon to act as if he’s looking at the woman he loves. When Tae Joon hesitates, Johnny asks him to think of anyone that comes to mind. Tae Joon looks away from the camera.

On their way back, Jae Hee starts to cough from the cold. Tae Joon wants to give his sweater to her but Johnny gives his to her. Later, in the room, Jae Hee starts to have a high fever which makes Tae Joon worry. She assures him that she’ll be fine. Tae Joon teases her that fools don’t catch colds.

Eun Gyul still thinks that he should make it to the national team to impress Jae Hee. His coach asks if he’s going to backstab him. Eun Gyul laughs that he wouldn’t do that. He kicks the ball but the ball hit at the back of his coach’s head.

Doctor Jang congratulates Tae Joon about his offer to train with Coach Holton at Canada. He asks whether Tae Joon is going. Tae Joon isn’t sure but Doctor Jang thinks that it’s a simple decision since Tae Joon has longed for and the opportunity is just right in front of him. Tae Joon is still hasn’t make a decision. Doctor Jang advises him that if Tae Joon examines the problem in simple terms and then the answer will show. If Tae Joon doesn’t want to go to Canada, the reason is obvious: someone is more important than Coach Holton.

Tae Joon finds that the room is dark. Jae Hee says that she’s going to change the lightbulb. He thinks about Johnny’s and Doctor Jang’s word while he looks at her standing on a stool. Then, he gets up and hugs her which surprises her. After a while, he lies that she’s going to slip. He says that he thinks a little clearer and walks out. She wonders if he found out that she’s a girl.

Johnny looks over the picture on his computer and pause when he sees one of Tae Joon’s photos. He notices that Tae Joon is looking away from the camera and wonders what he is looking at. He zooms in and finds that Tae Joon is looking at Jae Hee. Tae joon gives a surprise visit as he wants to give an answer to Johnny’s earlier question. He did know that Jae Hee is a girl and he admits that he pretends not to know because he wants her by his side.

They start to have a one-on-one battle at the basketball court. They go rough by pushing each other to score five points. Then, Johnny asks Tae Joon again about his honest answer. Tae Joon says that it’s none of his business and he throws in a 3-pointer to end the game. Johnny says that it’s a 2-pointer and tells him that now he knows about Tae Joon’s feelings, he will make sure that Jae Hee will be by his side.

In the middle of the night, Jae Hee’s fever is getting worse and she denies that she’s having a cold. Tae Joon tucks her into his bed and is angry and upset that she’s sick. He tells her that he’s going to check if the nurse’s office is open. However, Jae Hee grabs his hand and asks him not to leave. Then, he stays by her bedside until he falls asleep.

Next morning, Eun Gyul rushes into the room because he really needs to go to toilet. Suddenly, he sees Jae Hee and Tae Joon are sleeping on the same bed. Jae Hee and Tae Joon open their eyes and stare at each other in surprised.

Point of View

Like Tae Joon, Jae Hee, and Eun Gyul, my eyes were wide open. How on earth Tae Joon did decide to sleep with Jae Hee?

Throughout this episode, there are two emotions that I come up with: (1) happy because I enjoyed Tae Joon being jealous and (2) the clenching fist motions when Tae Joon is being romantic with Jae Hee. I do enjoy the love triangle (or should I say love square). Whenever Johnny is being so sweet with Jae Hee, Tae Joon starts to get so jealous but it proofs that he really cares about her. I laugh when both Tae Joon and Eun Gyul ordered espresso but end up with a sour face after drinking from an espresso cup. Next, I clenched my fists whenever Tae Joon is being very sweet with Jae Hee (eg. hugging her while she changes the light bulb and taking care of her when she’s having a fever). However, in a good way, Tae Joon is starting to have feelings for her once he knew that Jae Hee is a girl. When he’s going to tell Jae Hee that he knows her true identity and says that he loves her? Jae Hee, you still haven’t realized that Tae Joon knows the truth. Tsk tsk tsk. Let both of them know that they realize that they’re meant to be together. Hanna, looks like you have to give up. Tae Joon is treating you as a dongsaeng and I still prefer Tae Joon to be with Jae Hee so leave him alone, okay?

Like Julian Kang, Kim Woo Bin is the cameo for just a few episodes. Like his acting in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, he still has the cool and funny personality that makes me smile. I wish he could stay longer but I believe that that’s how the storyline should be set. It’s great to see that Johnny confesses that he stills loves her and he’ll do anything he can to keep Jae Hee by his side. Looks like is going to be a love battle between Tae Joon and Johnny to see who is going to win Jae Hee’s heart.

I’m glad the storyline starts to build up and it’s on the right direction. This is a great one with some romance and battle among rivals. The characters make me smile and flipped whatever they do including romantic moments. I’m sure, at the next episodes, something is bound to surprise the audiences like this episode.

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