White Night (2012)

Director: Lee Song Hee-Il
Casts: Won Tae Hee and Lee Yi Kyung
Genre: Romance and Gay
Running Time: 70 minutes
Certi: 18 (South Korea)

Two years ago, the flight attendant, Won Gyu (Won Tae Hee), left Korea to leave his painful memories behind. Now, he has return to get his revenge. One day, he meets Tae Joon (Lee Yi Kyung), a service delivery man, and has a special night with him.
I was trying to digest the overall story about what actually happen between the two guys. There was a lot of push and pull from them of wanting to have sex or not. Won Gyu looks back into the dark past and get his revenge for being tortured two years ago while Tae Joon follows along. It is a complicated gay relationship which I tried to slowly putting the puzzle pieces together to make the big picture.

However, this film gives a clear message about the gay relationships. The society has to accept the fact that it happens and you can’t discriminate them just because they are gay and they are in love. It is because one person knows who he is and what he wants especially who he wants to be with. The snowy night scene was clearly melancholic while the smooth song plays at the background. It brings out the flavour to make scene intense with emotion and sensibility.

Then again, this film was going at a slow pace which I couldn’t grab hold on to the message which Director Lee wants to give. Yes, the message is there. Yet, there is something missing in this film. That night was special for the two guys but it is the kind of ‘I don’t want you and I want you back’ story. The love and relationship is strong and reflects onto the message but I wasn’t attached to the whole film due to the lengthy storyline.

Rating: 6/10

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