Windstruck (2004)

Director: Kwak Jae Young
Casts: Gianna Jun and Jang Hyuk
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 123 minutes

Officer Kyung Jin (Gianna Jun) goes after the purse snatcher. She arrests Myung Woo (Jang Hyuk), who mistakes to be the culprit. Later, they are paired to go on patrol at an area where most of the underage students hang out. Their love starts to blossom as they officially become a couple.

Kind of like reminds you of there is a few bits of modern elements of “Romeo and Juliet”, doesn’t it? All loves go well for the couple until (spoiler) Myung Woo was shot while she was chasing after the jail breaker. You will laugh and adore the couple who have each other. Later, you’ll feel your heart hurts when Kyung Jin struggles over Myung Woo’s death. In the end, she tries to stay strong with her life and career.

In this film, one thing you have to know is what “Windstruck” actually means. Well, after Myung Woo’s death, he becomes the wind which he wished for. 49 days reflect on a spirit who has to do something before he/she goes to heaven. So, within 49 days, he is by Kyung Jin side from time to time before he goes to heaven. Kyung Jin also realizes that he is by her side because she felt the wind and when a paper plane passes by. My favourite scene is when she puts the handmade propellers everywhere at her place. For her, she misses and loves him a lot that she desperately wants to see him before he goes. The ending is sweet but I’m not going to give in the spoiler.

It is great to watch this film with a mix of joy and sadness. Although Kyung Jin works hard in her career within the police department, but she thinks about Myung Woo, whom she can’t let go and accept that he is gone. Yet, she continuously stays strong. I would say a “49 days” concept make the whole story interesting, don’t you think so?

Rating: 8/10

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