Yama – Tales of Shonai


Japanese theatre group, Doubtful Sound (in collaboration with the SOAS Minyo group) gives audiences a new perspective on Japanese identity through ancient folktales. The stories were created, evolved, and cherished in country-side towns, where the culture was a world away from the artificial and stereotypical one being created by modern advertising campaigns today. The images most people associate with Japan have very little to do with the way most people led their lives. These stories from Shonai are about young brothers killing over missing potatoes, foxes arguing over an old man’s tumour, mysterious floating coffins, regional lying competitions, complaints from the Lord of the Underworld, and a young woman plotting the death of her mother-in-law. They represent a different image of Japan, a strange and spacious one that is worth remembering and celebrating.

Ticket: £19.50 (£18 and £15 concessions, £10 preview 12 July)

Date: 12, 19, 26 July & 2 August 2015
Venue: King’s Head Theatre, The King’s Head, 115 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1QN
Tel: 020 7193 7845
E-mail: Doubtfulsound.tokyo@gmail.com
Web: http://kingsheadtheatre.com/
Organiser: Doubtful Sound

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