Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox (2007)

Director: Lee Seong Kang
Casts: Ryu Deok Hwan, Son Ye Jin, and Kong Hyung Jin
Genre: Animation
Running Time: 85 minutes

One night, a flying saucer crash-landed at the hilltop. A curious gumiho, as known as fox spirit, Yobi, is curious about what is going on. Many years later, both the aliens and Yobi live together at the mountains. When Mr. Kang brings the class of misfits to a retreat within the woods, the aliens and Yobi decide to investigate the kids. Later, Yobi falls in love with a boy, Geum Yee. Yobi starts to enjoy herself as ‘human’ within the class until the hunter arrives. The truth about Yobi starts to be revealed and, at the same time, she feels heartbroken and confused about her true self and love.

It is a light-hearted animation film that makes you feel happily giddy. It brought me to the best of both worlds: fantasy mystical world and reality world. What really impresses me is how the animation is done perfectly to captivate my attention to this film. There are no glitches that make me annoyed. This film has brought to the wonders of the world with full of imagination.

On the other hand, for the storyline, it was simple, touching, and inspiring. Yobi is confused about her ‘identity’: a fox spirit or human. Also, she has found the meaning of love right after she met Geum Yee. When it comes to seeing Yobi and Geum Yee story, my hearts start to race on what’s going to happen to them. Just a heads up: I did cry towards the end for a particular reason. It has got to do with the lovely couple.

The Korean animation films are starting to be shown to the international audiences. It is a good thing. There is more to than just your usual romantic comedies and action Korean films that we used to watch. It is a great step on bringing the light of the Korean animation films to the world. In addition to that, based on this film, it is interesting to see a ‘mystical’ element, eg. fox spirit, into the animation. To me, what better way to make myths and history to live? It is the use of animation that could grab the audiences’ attention. There is still a long way to go for this genre and I definitely looking forward to seeing more Korean animation films.

Rating: 8/10

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