12 Dadungyi Family Experience Flight Attendant Class

Asiana Airlines (CEO: Young-Doo Yoon) invited families that have over 3 children (Dadungyi Family) to the headquarters of Asiana Airlines located in Gangseo-Gu, Osae-Dong, Seoul Korea on the 10th of August (Mon). These families composed of 63 people, experienced a one day flight attendant experience classThis event was held to set an example and show how critical the low birth rate problems are currently affecting our society today. The “Dadungyi” families were invited to the headquarters of Asiana Airlines, where they experienced cabin magic shows, emergency evacuation, and cabin services. The family members experienced a variety of programs where the purpose of the event was to feel the warmth of family hood and make special memories.

Especially during this event, the most recently aired nation wide television show”The 12th child is born” Mr. Sang Don, Nam’s family along with “the 7 brothers and sisters of Shinwol-Dong,” Ms. Yun-Jung, Kim’s family, attended the event. The children of (Dadungyi) families, enjoyed today’s event and spent some meaningful time together.

Bora, Nam (20 year old sophomore student of Dongduk Women’s University), the oldest daughter of the recently aired nation wide television show “The 12th child is born,” commented “I really enjoyed my visit here to learn magic tricks, learned how to evacuate in emergencies and provide cabin services with my 11 brothers and sisters to my parents.” “If you have many siblings among the family, you have a tendency to argue and fight quite often, but with events like today, it gives us union and 12 times the pleasure to provide service to our parents.” “I hope that in the future, there will be many Dadungyi families.”

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