2011 London Korean Film Festival

November 03, 2011 ~ November 24, 2011

Over the past decade, Korean cinema has shown incredible growth. Its renaissance has come after a long period of stagnation after the heyday of the 1960s. With regard to quantity, the number of films produced did not increase greatly but audiences for Korean films surged to ten million people for some films. The market share for Korean cinema was 23.1 per cent in 1996. In 1998 it increased to 35.8 per cent, and in 2001 it passed 50 per cent. Although Korean cinema was on a consistent upward curve from 1996, the success of Swiri (Kang Je-kyu, 1999) triggered a boom…..click here to find out more.

[pro-player width=’550′ height=’253′ autostart=’true’ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFB2J-4_pn0&feature=player_embedded[/pro-player]

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