4000 ‘Canvas shoes of Hope’ containing drawings by Korean teenagers to be delivered in Bangladesh, Dakha on the 13th

Canvas shoes carrying messages of hope drawn by Korean teenagers are expected to be delivered to Bengali teenagers.
From January 11th to 14th, Taek-soo CHUN, the secretary general of Korean National Commission for UNESCO and Hyungbae KIM, the executive director from High1 Resort are flying with other representatives to Bangladesh to deliver the 4,000 pairs of canvas shoes. The representative group will be having a delivery ceremony on 13th in cooperation with Bangladesh National Commission for UNESCO. They are also visiting rehabilitation centers and local schools to hand over shoes and stationeries.
The canvas shoes being distributed are not the everyday consumer products. The canvas shoes, carry messages of world peace and hope drawn by 4,000 Korean youths during “Shoes of Hope Festival” from September to October 2008, supervised by Korean National Commission for UNESCO, the Seoul metropolitan government, High1 Resort; and hosted by MIZY Center. The representatives from Korea are delivering the ‘shoes of hope’ and going to see the Bengali youths from difficult family backgrounds and giving them an encouragement and supportive messages for their bright future.
Meanwhile, the shoes donation ceremony will be more meaningful by attendance of Bengali youths. Also, ambassador Suk-Bum PARK from the embassy of Republic of Korea, Taek-soo CHUN, the secretary general of Korean National Commission for UNESCO, and staffs from High1 and MIZY center will be attending the ceremony.
The hosting institute, MIZY Center is established by the Seoul metropolitan Government and operated by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO. The MIZY center is different from 30 other youth organizations in Seoul by specializing global inter-cultural exchanges. MIZY center is planning to launch the “Shoes of Hope Festival 2009” again this year.

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