A Barefoot Dream (2010)

Director: Kim Tae Gyun
Casts: Park Hee Soon, Ko Chang Seok, Lim Won Hie, Kim Seo Hyung, and Cho Jin Woong
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 121 minutes
Certi: PG

Coach Kim Won Kang (Park Hee Soon), who is a former soccer player, failed to manage his business. Then, he travels to East Timor to coach a youth soccer team. This team was recognized for only a year but win two international youth soccer events including at Hiroshima, Japan. This is based on a true story where kids want their dreams to become a reality while the war was still going on.

This is another inspirational film and based on true story about realizing a dream. It’s great to have film with a message to the audiences. When chasing a dream, we determined to work hard to get that without giving up. Even though Won Kang makes the mix of speaking Malay and Korean, I find it enjoyable to see him being in a different place with different culture. However, he helps the children and himself to achieve to become the first youth East Timor soccer team to participate on a national level. The message? Not to give up your hopes and dreams while doing your very best.

Since it reflects on a true story, during the conflicts at East Timor, children has to go through the sufferings while they just want other children from other countries has. You can see children wants to have fun such as playing football. Children are trying to find many ways to earn money for themselves and their families. Motavio suffers from malnutrition while fighting with Ramos because of their family who are against each other. Ramos dreams to be the Ronaldo of East Timor. Tua and Josephin lost their parents during the war.

Because of these children’s hopes and dreams to be aimed while suffering through war, I cried and felt touched with this film. Not only because of the background music which gives more emotional impact to the audiences, but also because of the characters’ smiles and tears. Seeing their faces with joy and pain make me cried a little bit.

This is by far my favourite sport film. It’s because this film is based on the true story. It’s because the children which make me smile and cry. It’s one great film that you should watch.

Rating: 8/10

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