A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 10 Review

Episode Recap

The guys have an epic Starcraft battle at a cybercafe. Do Jin and Jung Rok face off against Yoon and Tae San, again. They receive phone calls from girlfriends and wives but ignored them as the competition starts to heat up. Jung Rok receives a call from a café employee who tells him that Jeon Ji Hyun just showed up. Jung Rok tells the employee to give her a discount on her drink before hanging up. Later, Jung Rok’s phone rings again and the employee informs him that Im Yo Hwan came with the actress. The guys quickly get up and head towards the cafe.

Jung Rok calls Yoon to let him know that Me Ahri is alone at the bar. Yoon tells Jung Rok to take care of his own customers. After he hangs up, he receives a text from Me Ahri which says that whether they enjoyed the party or not.

Do Jin warns Yi Soo to stop flirting with him. She is shocked while he just sits back with a smirk face. She begins downing shots of soju and he offers to pour her some more. She insists that she wants to talk with him outside but he doesn’t want to unless it’s to sleep with him and then stands up. He leaves the restaurant and Yi Soo follows. She angrily declares that she will never sleep with him. He nods and says that he expected as much. She explains that she understands that she had hurt his feelings but he doesn’t have to be so rude with his words and actions.

Yi Soo requests that he let her finish talking first. She continues to apologize for carelessly wearing the shoes. She adds that she is upset about him wanted to sleep with her earlier which means that will end the relationship through a ‘one night stand’. He smiles and comments about how pretty she is when she is angry. He expresses that he felt younger when he was with her. Do Jin admits that he is angry when he saw her wearing the shoes. Then, he realized that he has been throwing his feelings like rocks and her and worried that she may have gotten hurt in the process. He declares that he decides to let her go and sincerely apologizes for not acting like a gentleman. After that, he gets into Betty and watches her walk away from his side view mirror.

Do Jin comes home with cans of beer and invites Yoon to join him. Yoon sighs as the summer has come and they will grow older as days go by. Do Jin reminds him that they’re already ahjusshis. Yoon points out that they are scared about their age by avoiding things they need to do. Do Jin adds the things they do make them feel like they’re adults even though they’re not. Yoon wonders if Yi Soo has given ethical lessons to him. He also scolds Do Jin for fighting with a woman. Do Jin quickly replies that Yoon also mustn’t fight because he meeting with a child which makes Yoon to spit out his drink. Do Jin sighs since he might not be sleeping well for many nights. They cheers for all four of them as not being good gentlemen.

Yi Soo cries in her room and tells Se Ra that someone, who really means a lot to her, has left her side. Yi Soo announces that she’ll forget every memory she has with that person. Se Ra wonders if she is talking about Do Jin.

The next day, one of Yi Soo’s students asks why he can’t solve math problems during her class. He points out that Ethics is not an important subject for college entrance exams. She replies that it not ethical to do something when he is not supposed to do so. She addresses the reasons why students need to learn ethics. The student goes in frustration that he doesn’t know what she is saying. He declares that he is going to call his mother about this. Dong Hyub observes the scenario and approaches the student after Yi Soo leaves. Dong Hyub orders Sung Jae to copy all the chapters in the books that Yi Soo had assigned as a punishment for sleeping in class. Before he leaves, he gives a scary glare as a warning: don’t bully the ethics teacher.

Do Jin, Yoon, and Jung Rok are having lunch. Jung Rok baby talks with Min Sook on the phone which makes the guys feel so nauseous. After he hangs up, Do Jin wonders if Jung Rok has finally gone crazy. He starts to get up to bring some more food over but is blocked by the chair of another customer. His mood starts to change when he realize that the other customer is a pretty young girl. He starts to charm the girl while the guys angrily sigh about his actions. Do Jin decides to prank texts Jung Rok as Min Sook. After reading the text, Jung Rok goes into panic because Min Sook is spying on him and quickly leaves the restaurant to go home. Do Jin tells Yoon that he did this because he wants to protect everyone’s peace. He trails off at the word “peace” and Yoon wonders while looking at his poker face.

Tae San and Se Ra go on a date at the park where the street concert is. Tae San admits that he is the oldest guy around here. Se Ra heaves a sigh and agrees with his observation. She admires how young guys look good in skinny jeans, which makes Tae San jealous. Tae San criticizes that they look silly in wearing skinny jeans.

Se Ra comes home to find Yi Soo placing some things in a trash bag, which contains the pink heels and black laptop. Se Ra gasps as she wonders why on earth is Yi Soo going to throw these things away. After hesitating, Yi Soo pulls out the laptop and passes it to Se Ra. Then, she goes outside and places the trash bag near the garbage can. She is relieved that Do Jin has finally letting her go.

Do Jin has a business meeting with his employees. Suddenly, he is stoned when he sees a drawing of Yi
Soo on one of his blueprints. He recalls the first time he met Yi Soo at Jung Rok’s café.

When Yi Soo enters the house, Se Ra finds a photo of Yi Soo photoshopped onto Do Jin’s bed. Yi Soo immediate takes the laptop away from Se Ra and runs into the room. She starts to change the wallpaper and finds a folder ‘Kim Do Jin’s Private Files’ which contains four audio clips. She listens to them one by one: (1) Do Jin saw Yi Soo in the rain. (2) The sweater dress incident. (3) Do Jin tells Yoon that he met someone special. (4) He really doesn’t want Yi Soo to leave the apartment after she fell on top of him. She realizes that he really has feelings for her and she starts to like him. Because of that, she dashes out of the house to find the pink heels.

Tae San watches a group of young men, who are wearing skinny jeans, walking into Jung Rok’s bar. He sighs after seeing that. Do Jin brags that he tried on skinny jeans last week and how good he looks in them. Tae San comments that it is difficult to know what women want while Do Jin thinks love is complicated. Suddenly, Jung Rok’s phone rings and they find Min Sook’s name on it. The guys shout in frustration before they go over to the backup bar. However, they find Min Sook waiting in their regular room. They try to praise her but they give dirty looks among themselves. Min Sooks stands up and requests them to clear out their architecture and law offices within two months. Jung Rok abruptly bursts in but he is given the dirty looks from the guys. Min Sook informs to Yoon that she will be at his office to sign the divorce papers.

At Do Jin’s house, Jung Rok kneels in front of the guys. He doesn’t want to say who he met just now. That person is: Eun Hee, their first love. Jung Rok doesn’t want to tell them in detail about the meeting. The guys pressure Jung Rok to give up his secret but he defends himself by saying that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Do Jin steals Jung Rok’s phone and they ‘sarcastically’ admire his amazing contact list. They threaten to reset his phone but Jung Rok begs them to let him at least write down the number for his business’s coffee bean supplier. They pass his phone back to him and he tries to remember Eun Hee’s number but gets caught instantly. Then, he didn’t remember the number and impressed with their intelligence for annoying him. He realizes that he forgot his wife’s number. They recite to him the number and he continues to praise them for their intelligence.

Yi Soo meets Yoon at Do Jin’s apartment to give him a book as a present. He serves her some juice while he notices that Yi Soo looks around the apartment for Do Jin. Yoon informs her that Do Jin is on his way back home and Yi Soo quickly denies that she is waiting for him. Yoon smiles but he knows what her real intention to be here. He opens up the book to a random page, which reads “We are in the fire and I am by his side,” causing him to pause momentarily. Yi Soo lets Yoon know that Me Ahri has been crying for the past few days but Yoon silently not responding to what he just heard from Yi Soo. Then, Do Jin enters the apartment and finds Yi Soo there. Yoon excuses himself out of the house while both Do Jin and Yi Soo look at each other silently. Yoon waits outside and he receives the text from Me Ahri which states that she will keep waiting for him.

In the apartment, Do Jin inquires as to why Yi Soo is here; is it to slap him or sleep with him? She points out that she will not be here for these two reasons. After hearing that, he walks into his room and slides the door shut. She walks toward the room but hesitates to knock on the door. Do Jin and Yi Soo stand on opposite sides of the door, wishing the other person would make the first move. Then, Do Jin hears the front door slam shut. He comes out and sees Yi Soo hasn’t left yet. She then knows that he doesn’t really want to hear what she wants to say. She apologizes for interrupting him and leaves. Once outside, Yi Soo hopes that Do Jin will run after her but it doesn’t happened which makes her disappointed.

Me Ahri decides to leave after waiting for Yoon for so long. She tries to call him but his phone is busy. She starts to cry and waves for a taxi. Taxis pass by her and she keeps crying. Then, a taxi stops in front of her. A taxi driver asks her if she is the ‘1101’ customer. She realizes that ‘1101’ are the last digits of Yoon’s phone number. She asks the driver to call Yoon. The driver lies that he can’t find the customer but Yoon replies that he saw Me Ahri is in the taxi already. She pays the driver cheerily and searches for Yoon. She spots him hiding behind a sign and shouts out “oppa” which makes him sigh deeply.

Me Ahri tries to run across the street as cars whoosh by in either direction. Yoon orders her to stay where she is but she keeps going. He decides to be the hero by coming to her and bring her to the other side of the street. Once both of them are safe, Yoon scolds her for her ridiculous actions. She replies that if she doesn’t do that, she worries that he will leave. Yoon scolds her that she needs to act like an adult, not a kid, so he can treat her well. He adds that he is not the guardian. Tae San is the guardian. He expresses his reason he came because he is worry about himself for worrying about Me Ahri. He advises that she stop contacting him and that he won’t meet her separately ever again. He waves for a taxi to send her home. She sniffs that he’s not even going to drop her off and he firmly commands that she stop whining. He closes the car door and leaves while Me Ahri continues to cry.

Tae San calls Me Ahri for some advice on what skinny jeans to buy. After that, he ends the call and decides to buy the turquoise jeans. Yoon observes his friend modeling and cringes at how wrong the entire situation is while he wonders if Tae San imagines that he is G-Dragon from Big Bang. Tae San replies that he is going to wear skinny jeans to surprise Se Ra. Tae San adds that even though guys give presents like candles and roses but his surprise is special. He will be happy if Se Ra laughs. Yoon sarcastically says that in his next life, he wants to be his girlfriend. Tae San gives a smirk. They go out while Tae San is singing ‘Pretty Woman’. At the park, Se Ra bursts into laughter when she sees Tae San in skinny jeans but immediately hides her face in embarrassment. He declares that he is doing this just for her and she admits that he looks younger in these jeans. They head to Se Ra’s house so she can “reward” Tae San for his surprise.

Jung Rok gets kicked out again and shows up at Do Jin’s apartment. Do Jin and Yoon sighs at Jung Rok’s rough marriage. Do Jin goes out to calm down. Yoon asks Jung Rok to sleep on the couch. Yoon goes back into his room and Jung Rok notices that Do Jin left his phone at home. He happily grabs the phone to get the numbers of various girls but there are none. A text comes in and he curiously looks at it which says: ‘Tae San, I’m at the café where me and Do Jin first met. Do you think he will come if he knew I was waiting for him here?’

Jung Rok wonders why Yi Soo sends this text to Do Jin and not Tae San. Meanwhile, while walking outside, Do Jin suddenly thinks about Yi Soo. After he returns, Tae San calls and asks him about the text message. Jung Rok informs Do Jin that he sends the text to Tae San because the message went to Do Jin’s phone. Do Jin panics and checks the message, which was sent an hour and forty minutes ago. He scolds Jung Rok and rushes out of the apartment. Jung Rok wonders why Do Jin is so mad even though he has done a good deed.

Do Jin rushes to the café but finds that Yi Soo has left already. A half-finished drink indicates where she was sitting. With an unhappy face, he sits at that table. He glances outside the window until he sees Yi Soo outside the café. They look into each other’s eyes until Do Jin makes the first move. He writes on a napkin and places it at the window. He wrote: Today’s prior appointment is Seo Yi Soo. Then, she goes near to the window and presses her lips against it like a reply.

Point of View

Yi Soo’s kiss against the window is romantic but funny at the same time. It is like a ‘yes, I want to be with you’ response to Do Jin. That’s cute. I imagine that Do Jin will come out of the café and gives her the romantic kiss that, for sure, that he accepts her sincere love. Three words: I am excited.
Ah, the men’s doubt about the relationship. The conversation between Do Jin and Yoon while having drinks. It reflects how men realize that as they grow older, it is difficult to make the right decisions. In addition to that, they are trying to be with the ‘right’ person. Basically, as they grow mature and have the sense of responsibility, they have something missing which makes them happy and that is love. Do Jin hopes that Yi Soo realizes that as he grows older he start to have lose interest in love. For Yoon, as usual with his age, he stills doesn’t want to hurt both Me Ahri and Tae San. Thus, both of them need some love which makes them happy. I mostly want Do Jin to be happy.

I admit that Me Ahri’s personality is immature such as crying like a baby to everyone close to her including Yoon. Also, I can’t stand her whining. She is a 24 year old woman and she whines and cries. She is overly protected by Tae San so she won’t get hurt physically and emotionally. But, the thing is this: she needs to get out and face reality in the society so she can experience it. She needs to realize that the whole world doesn’t belong to her. I want to see how she can be independent with her life: looking for a career which she can earn money and not rely too much on other people. Thus, she has to muster her courage that she can deal with reality. Thank goodness for Yoon to ask Me Ahri to ‘grow up’. That will tell her to stop acting like a child. It will be great to see Me Ahri’s character in the next episodes.

I know we are almost at the middle of this drama. However, there are two things missing: who is Colin’s father and Yi Soo’s relationship with her mother. It’ll be great to see some interesting conflicts that could affect the four gentlemen. I am still thinking whether Jong Hyun did a good job in portraying Colin in this drama. We’ll just have to wait and see as the story plot of this drama unfolds. Not to forget the bromance and romance in this drama.

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