A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 11 Review

Episode Recap

Four gentlemen are camping. Jung Rok argues with Yoon about how to pitch a tent and Yoon insists that he used to be a boy scout. Jung Rok complains why Do Jin and Tae San are not helping. Tae San points out that he drove while Do Jin sarcastically says that he already know how to build a house. Yoon builds a tent until he finds out that he forgot to put the tent stakes. He hides them away and urges the guys to have a meal. All of them bring their own box but turn out that all of them brought alcoholic drinks instead of food. They sigh in annoyance. Jung Rok sees a group of young women who have food and decides to exchange the drinks for the food from them. However, the girls have already traded with other guys who are playing basketball. They battle with the youngsters in basketball after Do Jin brags that he is good at playing basketball. However, they lose and all their alcohols are taken away. They sit unhappily in defeat as their tent collapses from a gust of wind.

Jung Rok secretly meets with Eun Hee and wonders how she still look pretty as she is getting olders. She smiles at his compliment and asks him for a favour. She leaves Korea tonight but her son (didn’t know that is Colin) is still around. Eun Hee requests to contact her if he sees her son at the café and keep this meeting a secret from the other guys. She goes on saying that she only wants to see Jung Rok. He smiles and agrees to keep both promises. Later at night, Jung Rok giggles when he thinks about the secret meeting with Eun Hee. He assumes that he is her true love.

Do Jin sees Yi Soo outside the café and she lightly kisses on the window after she sees his napkin note. He comes outside to meet her. He thought that she left. She actually left but she came back. He comments that she is a strange woman which Yi Soo frowns at his comment. She insists that he should stop teasing her. She scolds herself and confesses that she likes him until Do Jin gives a smooth gentle kiss. Do Jin cradles her kiss and pulls her into a more passionate kiss. She wraps her arms around him in return.

Later, he walks her home and asks when she started to like him and what makes him attractive. She replies that he is a flower boy and he scoffs that the entire nation knows that. She honestly tells him that whenever he is with her, her heart is beating. She admits that she is scared that he will let her go. They hug and he states that they’ve kissed and hugged. He jokingly asks what they should do together next. She replies that they should hold hands next which Do Jin, then, is disappointed. Me Ahri interrupts their romantic time. Yi Soo apologizes for not telling her that they are officially together. She asks Me Ahri to support her relationship. Me Ahri nods but she is upset since everybody, except her, is in a relationship. Do Jin assures Yi Soo that he will take Me Ahri back home safely. Before he leaves, he asks Yi Soo to call him and she smiles in return.

Do Jin convinces Me Ahri that he is serious about the relationship with Yi Soo. He offers to bring Me Ahri to see Yoon so she can cheer up. Me Ahri sighs because Yoon doesn’t want to see her and she will only be able to see her if Do Jin and Yi Soo marry this weekend. Do Jin drops Me Ahri in front of her house. They spot Tae San and Se Ra hugging while Me Ah Ei feels so annoyed by it. Do Jin exclaims that they should get a room. Me Ahri narrows her eyes at him and he clears his throat.

Tae San pulls away from Se Ra and he hates for leaving every night. He asks her to stay for another give minutes. She reminds that they have been hugging for 25 more minutes and they continue to hug. Do Jin orders Me Ahri to not to meet Yi Soo for a while because they are going to start dating after tonight. He wants to spend more time with her. Me Ahri answers with a frustrated shout.

Next day, Do Jin shows up at Yi Soo’s school to have lunch with her. Her students begin to tease her for having a boyfriend. They left after getting the scolding from Yi Soo. Do Jin suggests that she should start a one-sided love on him. He lists a number of things she needs to do while she gives him the “are you kidding me” look. She asks whether he had explained things to Me Ahri. He nods and replies that he tells her not to see Yi Soo for a while which he get a shout from Yi Soo.

Yoon orders two smoothies at Jung Rok’s café while he forces himself to ignore Me Ahri. He looks on, with tender expression, when she is making the drinks. He looks away when she hands him the drinks and leaves without speaking to her. He gives the drinks to one of his employees who is left in confusion. Colin approaches Yoon in his office for some legal advice but Yoon coldly informs him that he charges a hefty amount of money per hour. Colin explains his situation that he has two fathers but one of them is unaware that he exists.

Later, Yoon thinks about what Colin has said about his situation. Then, he asks Jung Rok whether he still remembers Colin. Jung Rok nods and asks why Yoon asks. He wonders if Me Ahri is dating Colin. Yoon sighs and asks Jung Rok to stop talking. Tae San and Do Jin joins in and chit chat until their old college mate walks into the bar. That man is Na Jong Suk, the father of the young woman whom they have drinks with on Episode 3. Jung Rok persuades Jong Suk to leave by saying that the food and services are horrible. Their classmate laughs at Jung Rok’s “jokes” and then asks if they want to see a picture of his daughter. The boys escape while Jong Suk is looking for the photo through his phone.

Yi Soo is folding her laundry. She receives a message from Do Jin about the rules of one-sided love. She shakes her head at his childishness as Se Ra scolds her for having “not so sexy” lingerie. She brings her to go shopping. Yi Soo sighs about buying sexy lingerie that Se Ra picks out. Se Ra replies that guys are into this kind of style and suggests that Yi Soo should surprise Do Jin. She starts to dance and sing about seduction and Yi Soo joins in. They happily walk home with their clothing which they bought.

Yoon finds a bag, which Me Ahri made, while he changes in his room. He receives a text from Me Ahri. At first, he types that this is the only way that they can chat. However, he erases that message. He decides to call her to have a chat with her. At the café, Me Ahri excitedly talks with him as she didn’t expect him to call her. He apologizes for not treating her well but he asks her about finishing her studies in the US. She slowly replies that it didn’t turn out the way she wanted. Yoon asks her if she has any dreams besides chasing after him. He points out that she is not taking her life seriously. She cries while boastingly said that she has dreams too but she rather want to be with Yoon. Yoon advices her that her life comes first even though love is important. After that, he leaves and she continues to cry.

At the office, Tae San and Do Jin discuss their newest project. Tae San suggests that they should head down to look at the side this weekend. However, Do Jin fakes a stomachache which, obviously, Tae San doesn’t fall for it. Do Jin whines that it is his first date with Yi Soo this weekend. Tae San pats him and replies that a woman can wait for three days while a client can’t wait for three minutes. Do Jin gives him a resentful stare.

While on her way to Do Jin’s office, Yi Soo passes different couples. She notices that each girl has their own cute hairstyles which she decides to have that style. In the end, she lets her hair down instead. When she arrives, she spots Do Jin at the window. She calls him and compliments how handsome he looks today. He urges her to come up because he looks even cooler in person. She enters his office and sees him talking with a female colleague. He jokingly points out that he is waiting for Yi Soo to be “jealous” and the colleague laughs.

Tae San and Se Ra go grocery shopping and he notices that Se Ra is awkward when she is surrounded by mothers with children. Later, while they are preparing dinner, Tae San mentions that his mother wants to see Se Ra. Se Ra replies that she doesn’t want to meet her. Tae San wonders why she doesn’t want to get married. She responds that she doesn’t want to get married and have kids as it would ruin her golf career. He is angry and declares that tonight’s dinner is cancelled. He wonders that she doesn’t want to marry him because she hasn’t done playing around yet.

Tears are in Se Ra’s eyes and Se Ra reminds him that they were not going to get married when they first started dating. He replies that he wouldn’t have dated if she is not planning to get married. He storms out of the door leaving Se Ra holding back her tears. She gets a call from her friends that they are inviting her to drink. She gladly accepts it and warns them that she might get drunk tonight.

Yi Soo and Do Jin go to her home. Do Jin persuades her to go on a vacation with him. She ignores his request and reaches to turn on the radio but is blocked bu Do Jin who states that Betty is not used to being touched by someone. She becomes jealous and asks who he likes: her or Betty. He avoids answering and will tell her when they are not with Betty. They reach the house and see a lot of food on the table. He assumes that Tae San and Se Ra left after a fight. He is right after he gets a text from Tae San that the dinner is cancelled. He takes of his jacket to finish cooking. She asks him to put his jacket in her room because it might smell later. After he goes to her room, she realizes that she lay her sexy lingerie on her bed.

She rushes to her room and finds Do Jin staring at five sets of sexy lingerie. Yi Soo hides them and asks him to get out. He cheerfully lets her know that he is not into women who wear sexy lingerie. He backs her up against the sink and whispers to her that he likes the middle one. She awkwardly changes the subject and they start cooking. While eating, Yi Soo notices that Do Jin picks the carrots out from his food. He gives an excuse that he is still a child and she laughs. She notices his pen recorder in his pocket and comments that his entire life is in this previous item. He replies that it’s actually on a computer since he transfers the files every day.

She confesses that she anticipates that her life will be fun and interesting. He promises her that her expectations will be met. She thanks him for liking her when she wasn’t aware that Do Jin has genuine feelings for her and shouldn’t have play it around by liking Tae San. Yi Soo asks about the woman whom she saw at his apartment the last time. He replies with the woman’s name and Yi Soo gets jealous. Do Jin asks her if she wants to see a list of women whom he dated and she rejects the offer. She orders him to leave immediately after finish eating dinner. She grumbles at Do Jin for being the picky eater. Do Jin receive an emergency text from Yoon.

The guys get together at Do Jin’s apartment. Yoon announces that Min Sook is going thorugh witht the divorce for real. Tae San wonders if Jung Rok really love Min Sook and Jung Rok immediately responds he does. He points out that he drinks tea with other women. Not sleep with them or buy them apartments. Yoon asks Jung Rok’s last secret meeting with the mystery woman but Jung Rok refuses to answer. Tae San demands that Jung Rok should handle his own mess.

Yi Soo wonders if Do Jin went to meet that woman and she tries to google the woman’s profile page. Then, she realizes that she should stop acting this way. She starts to plan a lecture for school until she receives a call from the hospital. She rushes to the hospital and discover that Dong Hyub was hurt in a motorbike accident. She starts to scold him for being so careless but is interrupted by his boss from his part-time job. The woman blames him for the accident and his payment will be taken out to cover the repair fees. Yi Soo cuts in and asks if the woman is aware about the labour law for minors.

She lists out some regulations including the part where she said about Dong Hyub working overtime. The woman is nervous and decides that she will pay the medical fee. The woman left and Yi Soo turns to Dong Hyub. She asks him for his parents’ phone number to contact them. He confesses that he doesn’t have any: his mom ran away when he was younger and his drunken father is somewhere in the streets. Dong Hyub asks her to be his guardian for one day. She will do it on one condition: she wants her student to work hard and receive good grades, but if they’re bad at studying, then they should at least have a good personality. She adds that she hopes that they would have dreams instead of playing around all day. She urges him to have dreams.

At Yoon’s office, four gentlemen discuss about Jung Rok’s divorce. Tae San reminds him that they can move offices easily. Jung Rok blames them for not stopping Min Sook to make that decision. They point out that a woman’s life is slowly being ruined from this marriage. Yoon adds that even though they were covering up for Jung Rok’s disappearance, they want Min Sook to be happy. Jung Rok looks to Do Jin but gets a harsher speech from him. Overall, they all wonder whether Jung Rok is sincere towards Min Sook. Jung Rok grabs Yoon’s arm and begs him to persuade Min Sook to drop the divorce. He desperately admits that he still loves Min Sook and can’t live without her. The entire conversation is heard by Min Sook. Later, it turns out that this whole conversation is an act. Jung Rok is happy while his friends complain that they are doing these crazy things for him. Jung Rok gets a shocking text from Min Sook that she knows about their acting and she rates it 1.5 out of 5 stars. They share looks in horror.

Yi Soo sits at her desk and looks over the “one-sided love rules” that are written on a piece of paper. She underlines number 7: come to his house without warning and make his heart pound. She decides to come in a dress. Before she leaves, she pulls out the pink shoes and slips them on.

At Do Jin’s apartment, the guys frustrates over Min Sook’s divorce. Jung Rok shifts uncomfortably to his side and gets slipper missiles from them. They all sigh and Do Jin asks Tae San what happened between him and Se Ra. Tae San grumbles that they fought over marriage. Then, a doorbell rings and Do Jin goes to open the door which he finds Yi Soo standing in front of him. He smiles as he notices that she is dressed glamorously and lets her know that his friends are here. The three boys joyfully invite her in. Suddenly, Colin shows up and introduces himself that he is Kim Eun Hee’s son.

Point of View

At first, I thought that the serious conversation among the four gentlemen was real. But, it turns out to be a fake one. It’s the tone of their conversation that I noticed. If this is a real one, Jung Rok deserves to have a hard lecture from the other three just to see if Jung Rok really has genuine feelings for Min Sook. I thought it would be whether Jung Rok will still continue to love Min Sook and maintain their marriage. Once Jung Rok hugs them, I would say thumbs up for their acting skills and thumbs down for making Min Sook unhappy. I would leave Jung Rok behind and go with these three guys for a while until Jung Rok feels that he made a mistake. Don’t worry, Jung Rok. I still love you. I hope that these guys will support Jung Rok not because of their business, but the feelings that Jung Rok has for Min Sook. Happiness is more important than money. In this drama, Jung Rok has never disappointed me with his comedic and loving qualities. He manages to balance his acting skills on certain scenes (either serious or funny). I want him to reveal more till the very end whilst, hoping, that he will stick with Min Sook with genuine feelings.

I am so happy that Do Jin and Yi Soo have gotten together. I enjoyed the part where the both of them are at Yi Soo’s house. His jealousy is so cute. I love the way Do Jin keeps being with her while Yi Soo makes her effort in making him happy. Overall, they have cute and loving moments together which I fall for it. I enjoyed the sweet and mature romance which they have together. Let’s keep this relationship going. I want more of these from the main couple. However, I have a feeling there is something going on between them since Colin jumps into the scene and declare that he’s Kim Eun Hee’s son.

Jong Hyun begins to shine in this episode and he will keep doing it to the very end. I would say that he did portray well as the cool Colin who gets in his way. Don’t forget, I notice Colin’s smile that makes me want to melt. Will have to see more of him, won’t we? The whole issue about him as Eun Hee’s son makes believe that one of the four gentlemen is the father. If I want to make the climax more intense, I would say the father will be Do Jin since he is the main character of this drama. Thus, there will be complications between these two lovebirds. We’ll just have to wait and see. These intense feelings are killing me.

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