A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 14 Review

Episode Recap

1995: Tae San, Yoon, and Do Jin watch the last episode of “Sand Glass”. They hold back their tears and start to sing the theme song of the drama as the credits roll. Tae San turns off the TV and begin imitating Choi Min Soo while sighing at how cool he is. Jung Rok comes late and whines that he can’t believe that he missed the last episode. He begs his friend to tell him what happened at the end but they giggle and order him to watch the rerun if he’s so interested. Jung Rok shows off by taking out his cellphone to ask his mom. The guys admire Jung Rok’s new toy. Tae San remarks that it’d be nicer if the phone was a little slimmer and Jung Rok scoffs that the phone might as well have a touch screen too. Yoon jokes that TVs might as well hang on walls and they should have air conditioning blast from the ceiling. In present, Do Jin points out that he and his friends were too short-sighted to realize those technological developments could actually happen.

Yi Soo looks into Betty and Do Jin gives a surprise by going next to her. She jumps back and he hands her a cup of coffee while asking what she ate for lunch. He calls her “my lover” and she hides a smile before reminding Do Jin that she only has twenty minutes before she has to head back to class. He responds that she is not pretty enough for the entire twenty minutes with him. He places his hand over her face to block it from the sun.

Do Jin informs her that he and his friends are sending Colin back to Japan and she asks whether it’s because of Eun Hee worrying. Do Jin shakes his head. They agree to have dinner later and she sees him off. Later, after Colin announces that one of them is the father, Jung Rok immediately wonders if it is him. While on their way back to Do Jin’s apartment, Tae San and Jung Rok argue about who is the father. The men begin to interrogate Colin on who he thinks his father is and why he is looking for him now. It turns out Colin’s current father is not Korean but raised Colin like his own biological son. Colin realizes that he is good looking and wants to know who the father who gave him such great genes is.

Jung Rok sighs as it must be him but Tae San immediately shushes him. Do Jin orders Colin to let him look at his passport which reaveals that Colin was born in 1994. All of a sudden, Do Jin says that he might be Colin’s father. His friends and Colin stare at him in shock. Jung Rok finally admits that he met Eun Hee a couple of weeks before and she asked him to contact him if Colin showed up. Tae San scolds Jung Rok for not telling them earlier. Do Jin requests to have a private conversation with Colin. The three guys get kicked and Do Jin hands his phone to Colin. He asks Colin to call Eun Hee. After a while, Do Jin comes out with a moody face while the other three are worried about him.

Yi Soo waits for Do Jin outside and keeps calling him. He observes her from behind the corner and his phones ring in his hand. After many attempts, she decides to go inside and wait for his call. Meanwhile, Do Jin sits in Betty and waits until Yi Soo’s bedroom lights turn off. He goes back home and decides to call Eun Hee.

Jung Rok, Tae San, and Yoon discuss the previous situation. Jung Rok wonders if Do Jin really is Colin’s father. Tae San responds that nothing has been proven yet. Yoon orders Jung Rok to get some drinks and then turns to Tae San to talk about the matter more seriously. He points out Do Jin would only say he was the father if he really thought he was. Tae San replies that Eun Hee must have had a hard time raising Colin by herself. Yoon asks Tae San what he would do if he finds that that a girl was pregnant with a child in his 20s. Tae San says that he will take responsibility but Yoon is still not convinced.

Yi Soo leaves multiple messages on Do Jin’s voicemail. She gets a call from Me Ahri who informs her that Min Sook wants to meet Yi Soo. Yi Soo, Se Ra, and Me Ahri meet Min Sook at a restaurant who reveals that Colin is the son of one for the four gentlemen. They are surprised and Min Sook continues to say that she is not sure who the father is but she wants to let them know about the situation. She tells them that one of them will be hurt because of this. The other tries to figure out who is the father while Yi Soo remains silent. Se Ra and Me Ahri quarrels over whether or not Colin is Tae San’s or Yoon’s child. Yi Soo defends by saying Colin doesn’t look like Do Jin. Min Sook reminds them that there’s 25% chance that any one of the four gentlemen is Colin’s father. Se Ra asks if Min Sook knows that Jung Rok might be Colin’s father and Min Sook responds that she is not so sure about it. Thus, they need to figure out who is the father.

Back at Se Ra’s house, Me Ahri complains that she can’t raise a 17-year-old child. Se Ra sighs toward Me Ahri’s impossible thoughts. Me Ahri asks why Se Ra cares about whether or not Tae San is the father since both of them had break up. Yi Soo zones during the entire conversation. Do Jin listen to Yi Soo’s voice messages but he couldn’t bring himself to contact her. Later, she stops by at his apartment only to turn away before ringing the doorbell.

The next day, Do Jin invites Colin over to have lunch and asks about his current father. Colin answers that he’s a pilot. He tells Colin that Eun Hee will fly in today and will talk to her to settle this situation. Few hours later, Do Jin sits across Eun Hee who compliments his looks. He gets straight to the point about her unplanned pregnancy and Colin. She should have told him and not run away. Eun Hee responds that she run away because she was scared. At first, she wasn’t planning to have the child but she decides to keep Colin. He angrily snaps that she should have told him about Colin but she asks him whether he will take responsibility. She apologizes and make excuses that she was young and in love. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything from him and that nothing has changed. Do Jin requests her to stay in Korea and he gives her the address of the residence hotel.

Eun Hee finds Colin at the residence hotel and scolds him for acting rashly. He remarks that he immediately recognizes that Do Jin is his father. She wonders whether Colin knows that she loves his current father. He nods and she snaps that Colin is betraying his father by acting immaturely. Colin knows it’s betrayal but he was just so curious. He asks her whether she regretted keeping him and she answers that she regrets it today.

Do Jin comes back to his apartment where his friends were waiting for him. He sighs that Eun Hee confirmed that Colin is his son. Yoon asks if there is anything that they could help. Do Jin replies that he needs to speak to Yi Soo first. Jung Rok informs the guys that the four ladies have already met and knew about the situation. However, they don’t know who the father is. Suddenly, everyone’s phones start to ring except for Do Jin’s. Do Jin urges the other three to pick up the calls and let them know that he’s the father.

Yoon meets with Me Ahri who jumps into conclusion that Colin is his son. She assures him that he will raise Colin well which Yoon sighs heaviliy. Jung Rok chases her out by threatening to call Tae San. He turns to Yoon to give him some advice but he will not find another woman who is willing to raise another person’s son. Jung Rok rushes home to convince Min Sook that Colin is not his son. Three reasons which Min Sook agrees to that Colin is not his son: Colin is good-looking, has a small face, and has double eyelids.

She says that Jung Rok would have hid Colin away if he really was his son and he reluctantly agrees to that. She invites him for dinner which Jung Rok’s face lits up and asks whether he can sleep at home or leave after dinner. He receives permission to stay after dinner and he squeals with joy. He goes to get change and she wonders if Jung Rok will mature if they had a child. Jung Rok finds Se Ra’s care key. He asks if it’s his but she demands to put back but he keeps it until he finds out that the key is to Se Ra’s car.

Tae San and Se Ra have tea at the café. Like Min Sook and Me Ahri, she asks him to reveal who Colin’s father is. She tells him that she still wants to be by her side if he’s in trouble. He calls her a coward which she admits she is. She responds that she still misses him but Tae San points out they want to officially break up. He leaves and she cries.

Me Ahri shows a picture of Eun Hee and four gentlemen to Yi Soo. Yi Soo comments that Eun Hee is pretty. Me Ahri wonders if Yi Soo has heard anything from Do Jin. Yi Soo points out that she has a bad feeling about this. She gets a call from Do Jin who asks if he could come over to talk but suggests that she should come and meet him instead. She drives nervously to Do Jin’s office and calms herself down when she sees him. She gently says that he didn’t contact her and he apologizes. He asks her to sit down and he starts to have a more serious conversation with her. 0Do Jin asks Yi Soo to forget what he had said about being with her forever. Do Jin announces that they should break up.

Yi Soo asks him whether Colin is his son. She gets a “yes” answer from Do Jin and her mouth drops open in shock. He adds that he deserves the punishment for making others cry. She asks him again if Colin is his son and she still gets the same answer from him. He asks her to forget about him and hopes that she will meet a good man. She storms out while holding back her tears. She is blocked by the security guard who refuses to give her the car keys under Do Jin’s order. She cries and she end up being driven home by Do Jin. When she arrives home, she curses at him and sarcastically wonders if he doesn’t have another hidden child. She runs inside and cries in her room. On the other hand, in Do Jin’s apartment, he lets his tears trickle down his face.

Next morning, Sung Jae’s mother comes to the schools and slaps Dong Hyub for bullying her precious son. Yi Soo tries to calm her down and suggests that they should talk outside. Sung Jae and her colleagues bring the woman out of the classroom. Dong Hyub leaves before Yi Soo can speak to him.

Later at night, Yi Soo drinks beer alone at the baseball field. Then, Tae San joins in and asks if she’s okay. She admits that she is not and complains that Do Jin didn’t give her time to think or ask what she wanted. She didn’t get a proper explanation from Do Jin about dumping her. Tae San replies that he would do the same thing if Colin is his son. He adds that Do Jin probably didn’t give her time to think because she may think that he wants her to be with him but looking at the situation, it’s better not to. She remarks that she might be able to understand him if Do Jin gives enough time to think. Tae San replies that Do Jin wants to protect Yi Soo from the 22-year-old version of himself.

Jung Rok informs Tae San that Se Ra’s car is with Min Sook as collateral for a loan. Min Sook admits that she did it after Tae San questions her. Min Sook says that Se Ra put down her pride to request money from her. He tells her that he needs to keep his pride first and offers to pay the money back to Min Sook.

Do Jin have lunch again with Colin. Colin assures that Do Jin doesn’t need to try so hard to be a good father. Do Jin responds that he has two things in his mind: has a son and lost someone important. Colin asks for a piece of Do Jin’s hair and goes to Yoon’s office to request for a DNA test. Yoon hands Colin the results of the DNA test that he submitted secretly. The result: Colin and Do Jin have a 99.999% that they’re related.
Yi Soo’s colleague informs Yi Soo that Sung Jae’s mother is going to sue the school. Yi Soo rushes over to Yoon’s office for consultation. She bumps into Do Jin and Eun Hee. Yi Soo gives a strong disbelief and walks out but Do Jin grabs her wrist. Do Jin introduces Eun Hee and Yi Soo as the two women stare at each other.

Point of View

I knew it. I knew that Do Jin is Colin’s father. Thus, it makes me frustrated after Do Jin told Yi Soo that they should break up. They started to date not too long ago. Now, this. You can imagine how my expression was when I was watching the heartbreaking scenarios between Do Jin and Yi Soo. They been lovey dovey and Colin has to jump in and break the whole thing off. I know making the climax of the storyline should be intense and interesting which makes audiences go talking about it. Right now, I might go on commenting about this episode because of the breakup. Even the DNA test proves that Do Jin is Colin’s father. In my opinion, the ratings will raise up because of this. Do you think it’s a good thing to have this intense climax? To me, it is good. Do you agree?

What an enjoyable moment to criticize Eun Hee as the ‘evil’ character in this drama. I can’t believe that Eun Hee didn’t tell Do Jin earlier that Colin is his son. I keep on making fists whenever she goes on saying about her running away after she was pregnant. Then, when she talked with Colin that she regrets, I was even angrier than ever. I get with her younger self of having doubts and worries in an unplanned pregnancy. But still. I don’t even know what Colin and Eun Hee are going to do with Do Jin. I don’t want them to a family and leave heartbroken Yi Soo alone. Colin is sort of fine but I don’t know whether he wants to be with Do Jin after he knew that he is the biological father. Eun Hee, seriously, she has the “I don’t care” attitude which annoys me. I just love to criticize the evil characters in dramas.

On the other hand, I feel really sorry for Do Jin for being at the rough place at the moment. Do Jin is making a difficult decision which turns out that he leaves Do Jin and be with Colin and Eun Hee. I understand that he is responsible for what happened but still why must he do this to Yi Soo? Yi Soo has the right to be part of this. Not allowing Do Jin to make all the decisions his way. Do Jin, you think you made the right choice? I think not.

In this episode, Tae San is being arrogant with Se Ra. Yes, Se Ra made a mistake and still has feelings for Tae San. Yes, they used to fight and then come back again. However, when Tae San knew that Se Ra is having a hard time with money, he doesn’t approach her. Instead, he goes to Min Sook. I still want them to be together. Se Ra, I know that you believe you know what are you doing but you are not. You are having a rough time. I think both of them should have a heart-to-heart conversation. Me Ahri, when will stop whining and crying? When will you ever grow up? How on earth will Yoon accept you if you keep doing that? Please, just grow up. Jung Rok and Min Sook’s marriage, I’m worry even though I still want them to be together. Jung Rok, I know you have the comedic and charismatic personality but still Min Sook needs your love and attention. I wonder what happened to Do Jin’s short term memory loss. Will another climax come into play? I want both Do Jin and Yi Soo to get back together as soon as possible. So many things going on lately but I love it.

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