A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 16 Review

Episode Recap

Do Jin checks in his baggage at the airport. Suddenly, he receives a phone call which makes him run out in panic. On the other hand, Jung Rok is being scolded by Min Sook for taking out his wedding ring again until he gets a phone call. He ignores his wife’s warning that she’ll divorce him if he leaves and rushes out of the door. Tae San excuses himself from an important meeting with the clients. All three rushes to a funeral home and find Yoon sitting in daze on a bench. The guys dress Yoon in a suit while crying with him when he weakly falls to the ground. Yoon explains that the two black lines on a man’s armband at the funeral means that the man is relative of the deceased. One line means the person is a friend. He notes that his two lines represent the greatest loss in his life, and his friends, the greatest fortune in his life.

Yi Soo challenges Do Jin to come with her to see her mother. He stands up and takes up the challenge. She scoffs at his response and lets go of his grasp. She meets her mother who scolds Yi Soo for not answering her calls. Yi Soo finds it obvious that there must be a reason that her mother called her. Her mother calmly states that she is in an inheritance battle with her stepsons since her husband is going to die soon. Yi Soo doesn’t care about her mother’s situation because she left her while her mother makes excuses that she is doing this for Yi Soo. Her mother calmly orders Yi Soo to avoid meeting her stepsons. On the other hand, Do Jin overhears the entire conversation at another table.

Do Jin steps into Jung Rok’s café where his friends, who are dressed in youthful clothes, happily greet him. Do Jin laughs a bit and the other three cheer as they have their mission accomplished. They tell him that it’s nice to see him smile and asks him not to worry about work or taking care of Colin. At the moment, he should focus on fixing the relationship with Yi Soo. They give him ‘interesting’ accessories and then Tae San leaves follow by Yoon. Do Jin sighs that the bandanna which Tae San wore is the same colour as one of Yi Soo’s dresses. Jung Rok points out that everyone has a piece of clothing that’s sky blue which is a common color. Do Jin replies that Yi Soo looks really pretty in that dress.

Do Jin wants to call Yi Soo because he misses her but fails to muster up the courage to do so. He starts to call until he realizes that Yi Soo is in front of him. Yi Soo approaches to Do Jin to inform him that she knows that he still has feelings for her. For Do Jin, he questions her whether she will feel embarrassed if she is dating a man with a child. After hearing that, she walks away as he talks to avoid hearing more excuses.

Se Ra storms into Tae San’s office and demands him to stop acting pity towards her. She notes that he should have let her settle her debts on her own. He asks if she was going to come back to him and she replies that she is going to but not right now. Tae San’s phone rings and he is told that his mother is sick in the hospital. He rushes out of the door after saying to continue this fight another day. He finds out that he is set up on a blind date. He sits uncomfortably in front of a young woman while Se Ra sees what is happening after she follows him to the hospital. She sits at the table next to Tae San’s while glaring at his blind date.

The young woman boasts that she is the daughter of this hospital’s director. She goes on saying that she wants to have three children and will cook twice a day. Tae San and Se Ra burst into laughter but the woman realises that they are laughing at her. She states that that’s all she wanted to say to Tae San for now and leaves after smiling. Se Ra watches her go and then tells Tae San that she’ll pay back the money by the end of the month. Tae San stops laughing and the quarrel resumes. She wonders if he just pities. He shouts out that he loves her even though she is a fool. He welcomes her with open arms and she slowly walks into his embrace.

Min Sook jogs in the park. Jung Rok shows up in his bike and offers her a ride. He asks her to get on the back of the bike and plugs the earphones of a MP3 player into her ears. He says that this moment will be like a music video. She hops on to the back and they ride down along the bike path. He talks as he pedals. He points out that Min Sook is the shortest, oldest, and meanest person out of all the women he’s ever met. However, he admires her strong personality. She smiles in response and asks how come the MP3 player is not working. He stops the bike and panics since she heard what he just said. He frustrates over his embarrassment. She tells him to shut up and keep riding.

Do Jin visits Min Sook’ s art gallery to buy a chair for Colin. Min Sook lets hi know that Yi Soo is having a hard time when she previously met her. She gives a piece of advice: a man who loves her should never say sorry.

Colin moves into Do Jin’s apartment. He asks Do Jin to raise his allowance and points out that Eun Hee used to give him $150 a week. Do Jin attempts to call Eun Hee to confirm if Colin is telling the truth and he immediately backdowns. Do Jin cuts his allowance to $30 as punishment for lying. Later, Do Jin receives a call from a realtor that his apartment has been put up on sale by his son. Do Jin has a word with Colin. Colin apologizes for going too far on his actions. Do Jin nodes and tells Colin that he needs to attend schoold as long as he lives in Korea.

Yoon looks at the bracelet that Me Ahri bought for him. After thinking, he slips it onto his wrist. Do Jin sits next to him and calls Yoon an idiot for being unable to convey his true feelings. Yoon talks back that Do Jin isn’t any smarter and Do Jin agrees to that. .

Colin is transferred into the school where Yi Soo’s work. This was after she has spoken to Yoon about Colin’s school transfer. She offers her help to make Colin adjust to life in Korea. At school, Yi Soo informs Colin that she is his homeroom teacher. He asks whether she’s uncomfortable for having him around. She points out that she has never felt awkward with her students. She reminds him that the parent-teacher meeting is required for transfer students. She asks that his father should come to the school next week. Next Monday, Yi Soo tells Do Jin that Colin will be placed as a 2nd year student. She asks if Do Jin knows what Colin’s favourite subject area is and what his dream is. Do Jin replies that he thinks Colin plays the guitar. Yi Soo asks what Do Jin’s dream is but Do Jin gives her the long stare.

Tae San, Yoon, and Jung Rok give Colin advice on how to survive in high school. Tae San tells Colin to burst open the doors when he arrives and shows a strong, charismatic image. Also, he needs to look into the school bully’s eyes and stare him down to prove that he is strong.

Both Colin and Dong Hyub become friends when they meet at the nurse’s office. Dong Hyub advises that Colin needs to study if he wants to earn a lot of money in Korea. Colin asks if Dong Huyb is a good student and Dong Hyub coughs that what he means is that money is good. Yi Soo walks in and yells at them for cutting classes. Dong Hyub receives the punishment that he needs to write a 3 page apology letter. She tells Colin that she needs to speak to his parent.

Yi Soo sits opposite from Do Jin and tells him that Colin has cut class. He replies that he cut from work because she called him out during the day but she doesn’t smile. On his way out, he overhears the other teachers gossiping about him and Colin. Yi Soo’s annoying colleague backstabs her by saying that Yi Soo has finally been knocked off her high and mighty ethics pedestal. She laughs off by the thought of a man with a child and wonders if Do Jin is rich.

In the weekend, Yi Soo and Do Jin have a picnic. She confesses that she still likes him even though he is Colin’s father. He responds about how she didn’t consider how rocky the path is when she walks with him but she cuts him by saying that she wants to walk this path with him. She pulls him into a hug and Do Jin finds himself overwhelmed with emotions.

Later, they go to Yi Soo’s house. Yi Soo orders him to pat her until she falls asleep. After they broke up, she didn’t sleep very well. He does what she asks and strokes her hair as closes her eyes. Tear streams down her face which he notices with a heartbroken expression. After she falls asleep, he quietly walks out and goes into Betty. He sighs over his complicated love life. Suddenly, he sees Yi Soo’s stepbrothers pull up to the house and call Yi Soo out to have another chat. The siblings are at the café. The two men demand Yi Soo to stamp an inheritance settlement contract with her seal.

She calls her mother and orders her to walk away with every single penny of her husband’s assets. One of the stepbrothers throws her phone away from Yi Soo. He chucks at her while she gives him a hateful look. Yi Soo excuses herself to go to the restroom and her stepbrothers warn her not to run away from this situation. They will hunt her down at her workplace if it isn’t settled today. Yi Soo coldly responds that she is not afraid of them and she is not planning to avoid them. She sobs in the bathroom stall for a while before she steps out with a calm personality. Surprisingly, her step brothers apologize for bothering her and leave after promising not to bother her again.

Then she sees broken cups around the table. A café staff demands that she pay for all the damages her “oppas” caused. Yi Soo is confused and the staff shows her a recording of what happened when she was in the toilet.

Four gentlemen burst into the café and gang up in front of Yi Soo’s stepbrothers. Do Jin introduces himself and his friends as Yi Soo’s oppas. Tae San, who is next to Do Jin, throws a lot of swear words at them while they are speechless. Jung Rok introduces himself as the rich man who owns a lot of properties. Yoon gives them his business card and says that he’s Yi Soo’s lawyer. Do Jin notes them that he’s the oppa who loves Yi Soo. He advises the two of them to speak to Yoon if they want to speak to Yi Soo about contracts. The man who threw Yi Soo’s phone mumbles that Yi Soo sure knows how to keep her pride which causes the four of them to kick the table into their legs. The brothers whine in pain. Do Jin warns that he and his friends will not be nice gentlemen the next time the two men show their faces in front of Yi Soo. If they do, they’ll have to deal with the financial, physical, legal, and personal effects of whatever they can deal with it. The recording ends and Yi Soo wipes away tears. She rushes out and looks for Do Jin but ends up in disappointment.

Do Jin, Jung Rok, and Tae San prepare dishes for Jung Ah’s memorial service. They bicker about how the food should be cooked properly. Yoon enters the house with groceries. He looks at the three shoes near the front door and glances over at his friends with silent gratitude. All of them help Yoon’s mother-in-law to set the table for the service. She pleads Yoon to forget about her daughter and find someone new. She asks if the other three if there is a woman who likes Yoon but they avoid answering the question. Yoon lies that he is popular with the ladies.

The following day, Me Ahri visits the memorial side where Jung Ah’s ashes are stored. She places the flowers at the alter and reveals her true feelings for Yoon. She sinks to the ground in tears while the four gentlemen overlook what happened. Do Jin and Tae San looks away from Me Ahri and sees cold Yoon and angry Tae San. While Do Jin and Jung Rok bet on whether Tae San will drag Me Ahri out, both Yoon and Tae San spend their nights alone separately. Many days later, Jung Rok discusses about the relationship between Me Ahri and Yoon with Do Jin. Jung Rok that he is on Me Ahri’s side while Do Jin looks on to his choices. Tae San is his business partner and Yoon is his roommate. In the end, he supports Yoon because they are both idiots.

At night, Do Jin walks around his neighbourhood until he sees Yi Soo in front of him. She holds a box in her arms. He asks whether she was waiting for him again. She nods and replies that she has been waiting for him for house. While Do Jin is having his guilty look, she asks him to not to push her away. She opens the gift box to reveal a pair of brown leather shoes for him. She gently places them on the ground in front of him as he’s surprised by is. She looks up at him and informs the same words that he said before when he gave her a pair of pink heels. In addition to that, she asks him to wear these shoes prettily on a beautiful day when he comes to her.

Point of View

I cried at the opening of this episode. It breaks my heart then the guys dress Yoon. They just immediately come to Yoon when they heard that his wife has passed away. They silently support and help throughout the funeral procession. This is truly a great friendship and bond that they have among each other. Even when things go haywire, they help each other along the way.

Yoon still has inner feelings for Me Ahri but, unfortunately, she can’t be with him. To him, at the moment, his friends are brothers to him and his greatest fortune that he is truly thankful for. Yoon is having conflicts between two scenarios: feelings for Me Ahri and maintaining the friendship with Tae San. Yoon will have Do Jin and/or Jung Rok by his side but if he is with Me Ahri, the friendship between these four gentlemen will be broken. Sometimes, I got angry of what he does towards Me Ahri but he has reason for doing it which makes sense since he is on a tightrope of friendship and relationship.

Me Ahri really needs to prove to Tae San and the viewers that she’s not a child but she still whines and cries. I still can’t believe she does that over small little things. She thinks that her world revolves around her. If it doesn’t go her way, like Yoon’s rejection, she will cry. Come one she’s 24 years old and she cries. It’s so annoying that I always sigh at her attitude. She needs to lighten up and do what she wants in her life rather than chasing Yoon to be her husband. What happened to becoming a designer? She loves Yoon since young but I don’t see that Me Ahri proofs Tae San that she can make her own decisions in life and be independent since she has been crying on almost every single episode. If she doesn’t cry, graduate from college, and have a proper career, then Tae San would take her a little bit more seriously. Tae San will not trust Me Ahri to take care of herself when all she does is drink her sorrows away and throw temper tantrums when she’s upset.

On the other hand, Me Ahri’s speech to Jung Ah, Yoon’s deceased wife, was touching. She feels guilty that she asks her “unni” for permission to take Yoon away but at least she is being honest about her true intentions. Without noticing that the four gentlemen are there, Tae San notices Me Ahri’s deep feelings for Yoon. Tae San should know that he shouldn’t control Me Ahri’s feelings. Not to forget, he loves Se Ra and he should know about how love is. Thus, Tae San should calm his aggressiveness and Me Ahri should proof herself to be an independent woman who does not cry over small little things.

Yi Soo’s giving a pair of shoes to Do Jin is a great reversal in their relationship. She’s telling him that she wants him but he can choose to come to her this time. Not only Do Jin is having a hard time but also Yi Soo. Yi Soo’s colleague gossip away about Do Jin pushing Yi Soo away makes me angry. He should have given her the chance to decide whether to stay with him or not. That breakup makes her realize how much she loves him. Also, good for Yi Soo to make Do Jin hurt when she ignores him when he’s around with her. At least, Yi Soo accepts Colin’s presence in Do Jin’s life and she has to go through it.

An interesting brotherhood between Colin and Dong Hyub. It’s great to see how Colin, with cold personality, converse with Dong Hyub, with playful personality. Both of them are roughly on the same boat in dealing with parents. Let’s just see how their friendship goes on.

I start to like Min Sook even more. Not only because she has a strong outgoing personality but also has a sensitive side of hers that she wants to be loved by her husband. I love the sweet moments when Jung Rok rides the bike while Min Sook, sitting behind him, listening to the MP3. Looks like their relationship is going to be fully blossomed soon. Jung Rok, keep going and make Min Sook happy with love and care.

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