A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 19 Review

Episode Recap

The men are worry about how their ladies wear. They cover them with their own clothes. The ladies feel so annoyed that all of them excuse themselves to the toilet. Later, the men naturally look at the sexy woman’s legs while they think it’s normal for them. As the saying goes, men will be men. The four men enjoy the ‘view’ while protesting the exposure of their ladies.

Jung Rok gets the bad news from Min Sook and calls his friends to meet at his bar so they can help him. However, no one believes him. They complain that he called them out so early in the morning.

At the later night, Do Jin convinces Yi Soo to spend the night at the hotel. They run into Min Sook and they realize that Jung Rok was telling the truth. So, Do Jin gives up his plans for the evening and asks Yi Soo to have a drink with her while he’s having a ‘meeting’. This makes Min Sook think that they are not planning to spend the night together at the hotel.

On the other hand, Me Ahri goes over to Tae San’s house and finds a horrible mess. She decides to clean up the mess. Later, Tae San returns home from work and finds the place is cleaned up.

At the hotel, Min Sook tells Yi Soo how she feels about having a one-sided love. Do Jin calls Jung Rok to let him know about Min Sook’s whereabouts. Jung Rok arrives but Min Sook insists to get a divorce as she hands him over the divorce papers. Jung Rok gets emotional. He signs the paper and rips up the last sheet so he can get 1/3 of her assets. He storms off while Do Jin follows him. Yi Soo tries to console Min Sook but she said that she needs her own privacy.

The three men finally know the truth and wonders where has Jung Rok gone to. Then, they find him cooking at his club as he fills in for a cook who has called in sick. Based on his very sad expression, his friends are worried about him.

The next day, Yi Soo wishes her students good luck in their studies and throws them a farewell party. She snaps photos of her students for memories. She pauses when she tries to take a picture of Colin and Dong Yup. Then, she takes a photo of them who recently give her wonderful memories. After class, she speaks with Colin and learns that Do Jin and Colin are getting closer which is same goes with her relationship with Do Jin. Yi Soo suggests that both her and Colin should be closer together and get along with each other. Unexpectedly, Dong Yup waves at Colin when she realizes that Dong Yup and Colin are good friends.

Dong Yup and Colin tries to get the same part time job by convincing the manager who is better for this job. Dong Yup says he’s popular with the girls and will bring them to the store while Colin’s not only will bring the girls but he will also bring the boys. Because of that, Dong Yup gives a shocking expression at Colin who is a smooth talker.

Yoon takes Me Ahri for shoe shopping and tells her that she needs a pair good climbing shoes since they have to climb over a great mountain (Tae San). They have a cute conversation especially when they exchange names before Yoon goes over to meet Tae San.

At Tae San’s house, Tae San asks Yoon if he’s here to see him as a friend or Me Ahri’s boyfriend. Yoon chooses that he comes as Me Ahri’s boyfriend at Tae San asks him to leave. Yoon follow him inside and kneels before Tae San. Tae San turns around and is stunned to find his friend is kneeling on the floor. He grabs Yoon by the collar and tells Yoon to get up and give up. When Yoon continues to tell him that he loves Me Ahri and will take good care of her, Tae San is still angry. Yet, Yoon look at his face with a pain in Yoon’s heart.

Tae San is at Jung Rok’s bar. Do Jin joins in and knows that Yoon came to visit Tae San. Also, they had an argument. Do Jin comforts him and tells him that Tae San has done all he can. Tae San realize that seeing that both of them are serious in a relationship, he decides to let them be and wonders what the future would be for them. Tae San will be able to relax since he has done what he could for those two lovebirds.

Jung Rok decides to keep sticking by Min Sook’s side. Jung Rok tells Min Sook that he thinks again about taking the 1/3 of her assets. He decides to claim what’s rightfully his. After Min Sook agrees to it, he takes the measuring tape and divides every single item in the place by 1/3. When she questions hi sincerity in cutting everything down by the 1/3 line, Jung Rok pulls out a small electric saw to show his intentions. Later, Yoon shows up and Min Sook goes into her bedroom and locked the door. In there, she is shocked to see that Jung Rok has taped every single item while she was away from home. She lets out a little laugh while Jung Rok tells her that he needs to enter the room because he forgot to tape the toilet paper.

Do Jin drops by at Yi Soo’s house. He tells Yi Soo move closer to him so he could drop by unexpectedly. The two lovebirds flirt at each other until Do Jin gets a call from Yoon. Do Jin secretly have a phone conversation with Yoon. It turns out that Yi Soo’s stepbrothers had given his business card to her mother who called Yoon. She wants to meet the ‘oppa’ who loves Yi Soo.

Later, Do Jin meets Yi Soo’s mother. They get to know each other. Yi Soo’s mother supports her daughter for dating a single father while Do Jin loves her daughter even though she has a bad past. Suddenly, Yi Soo shows up and find them talking to each other. She yells at her mother to stay out of her life before she storms out. Do Jin reassures her mother that he’ll take good care of her. He bids her mother farewell and goes out to chase after Yi Soo. Her mother sits at the café while letting a tear fall down from her face since she has regrets to have a complicated relationship with her daughter.

Outside, Do Jin catches up with Yi Soo and comforts. Yi Soo complains that she didn’t want him to know about her complicate past. Do Jin points out that she knows something even worse about his past. Since both of them know each other’s past, they forget about it as they tease and joke among each toerh.

Do Jin meets with Jung Rok to discuss about Tae San’s situation. Tae San shows and informs them he wants to have a ‘talk’ with Me Ahri and Yoon. Tae San tells them that he approve their relationship while the two men are amazed at the ‘show’ and exchange glances with each other. Tae San suggest that they should get married and Yoon agrees to that. Do Jin and Jung Rok notes that they are on Tae San’s side. Yoon and Me Ahri rushes out of the café to plan the wedding since Tae San has already give permission for them to get married. Once they’re outside, Yoon promises Me Ahri that he’ll work hard to make her happy and living each day gratefully.

Colin, Dong Yup, and their friend walk along the streets of Seoul while enjoying their vacation. While eating their popsicles, they find a student being harassed by a group of bullies. Colin comments that it is not a good idea to butt in but Dong Yup and their friend comes to the rescue. In the end, Colin joins in and they end up at the police station.

Do Jin comes to the police station to pick up Colin. He is shocked to see one of the bullies’ father smacks Dong Yup on the back of his head. Do Jin steps up and smacks the father’s head and points out that although he like to smack his son, an adult shouldn’t hit a child. The boys look at him in amazement. Later, Do Jin tells the boys to stay out of trouble and asks Dong Yup and their friend to stop smoking.

Do Jin meets Yi Soo at the café but he gets jealous when Yi Soo thought that a man looks like her ex-boyfriend. She brings him back to her place. He insists to remove her ‘sexy’ nail polish and tells her that he has enjoyed enough of her sexiness. As he erases her nail polish, she gets a call from Min Sook who is informed that Me Ahri is getting married. Jung Rok interrupts her business meeting to tell her whether they going to buy a wedding gift together or separately. In the end, they decided to get a wedding together since Me Ahri got engaged.

Later at night, Min Sook brings the ladies out for a girls’ night out and a bachelorette party for Me Ahri at a club. Then, the four men arrive at the club who are on a mission. When the club bouncers block their entry, Do Jin tells Tae San and Jung Rok to take a few steps while he and Yoon handle the situation. Both he and Yoon get to enter because they are dressed well enough for the club. Tae San and Jung Rok manage to get in after bribing the bouncer. While not knowing that the four men are on their way, the four ladies enjoy the celebration. Later, the club usher informs them that he’s brought four eligible men to join their party. The women are shocked to see that their men come into the room. Each man introduces himself to their ladies with serious look on his face.

Point of View

Jung Rok, you do realize that you need to do something about it right? After you are in a sad world and thinking what you have done wrong, finally, you decided to get Min Sook back. I laughed when he takes 1/3 of the property which makes Min Sook secretly laughs in the room. So, you can see that he’s your typical friend to rely on and he does admit his mistakes. Min Sook, you are lucky to have Jung Rok and you better keep by your side. Just accept him even though he does the funniest things to make you happy.

Tae San has finally accepts Yoon and Me Ahri as a couple after Yoon kneels down and begs him to accept them. I was relieved that Tae San announces at the café and they should get married as soon as possible. From there, I think Me Ahri starts to become a mature woman and knows what to do with her life. Tae San, you have made the right decision.

I like how Do Jin treats the boys like their sons and be the hero when he dealt with the other boy’s father. Who would love to have a dad like him? He’s funny whenever he’s jealous about Yi Soo’s past love. Basically, I love how both Do Jin and Yi Soo talks and being lovey dovey when they are together. Can’t they quickly get married? Do Jin come out with a plan to propose to her.

One last episode to go and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end. But, as the saying goes, the story must come to an end right? I just wish that the production team would come up another series which is Colin and his gang’s story. Almost like their adventures similar to his father’s and uncle’s. Then again, I don’t think that’s possible. If that happens, I’ll be jumping for joy and looking forward to that.

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