A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 2 Review

Episode Recap

The gentlemen are having brunch while gossiping about their old classmate. At the same time, Do Jin thinks about something seriously. Do Jin remarks that they’ve reached an age where it is difficult to get the right women. Tae San, Jung Rok, and Yoon ask Do Jin about whether there is a pretty woman who likes him. Do Jin put on some Confucian sayings. Suddenly, a sexy lady passes by and the guys are ogling at her. As she drops her item on the floor, she picks up and gives an extraordinary view for the guys.

At the office, Do Jin stares at Tae San’s gloves and recalls back how Yi Soo strokes the gloves lovingly. Then, he arranges the glove ‘nicely’. Yi Soo rolls around in her bed and tells Se Ra that she’s in no mood to cook today. She also asks if Se Ra knows anything about Kim Do Jin. Se Ra rattles off about Do Jin being good looking but he is selfish and arrogant.

Yi Soo finds herself thinking and questioning the entire day between two choices with Do Jin, concerning her students’ situation: negotiation or explanation. After waking up Dong Hyup by throwing a piece of chalk, she turns to the blackboard to see the words “negotiation”. Later on, she encounters an ad poster that also suggests “negotiation”. She takes this as a sign and calls the boys to meet at the school gate. They go to Do Jin’s office. Yi Soo tells her students, with her angry glare, to apologize to Do Jin about the incident. Do Jin smirks and says that she is helping the students but cannot even settle her own problems. He goes to his office while Yi Soo feels embarrassed. She scolds her student about why they start the fight in the first place.
Yi Soo goes to Jung Rok’s café to buy a coffee for a picky man, Do Jin. She asks him for his suggestion. He responds that that picky man reminds him of a friend of his. He recommends Americano with three shots. She recalls Do Jin’s question about whether she likes Tae San while she waits for the coffee order. She throws a fit of embarrassment which draws the attention of nearby customers.

In Do Jin’s office, she offers him Americano with three shots and he takes them without saying thank you. She asks if they can have a talk and he tells her to sit down. Do Jin asks if she really doesn’t remember their first meeting. She replies that she could not remember that she met him previously. Because of that, he lefts the office and is in a rush to meet someone. He leaves Yi Soo behind causing her to be furious. She writes a series of notes on post-its which are the good and bad ones. She ends up with a pile of crumpled post-its and sighed. She sweeps the pile of used post-its and, accidently, Do Jin’s special pen into her bag.
On her way home, she sees Do Jin sitting inside Jung Rok’s café. They lock eyes and both recall the day in the rain when they saw each other for the first time. Do Jin’s date covers his eyes with a “guess who” game. Do Jin rips her hands away as he does not want to lose sight of Yi Soo. Yi Soo leaves a post-it on the window of the café. The note says that she is looking forward to seeing him on the next appointment and will be waiting for his call.

Yi Soo comes home to find Se Ra in expensive clothes to go meet Tae San. She saunters out and Yi Soo receives a message from one of her old students. The student will be reaching at Incheon airport soon. That student is Im Me Ahri. Me Ahri sits on a plane and glances at the handsome guy’s computer screen. A scene from Secret Garden plays and the guy offers one of his headphone buds. She exclaims that the writer of this drama is good while the handsome guy feels annoyed by her.

When Tae San hears that Se Ra has come to the construction site, he prepares to have a ‘nice’ conversation with her. He tells Se Ra to leave if she’s expecting an apology for their fight from before. Se Ra goes all glamorous by saying that there is a line of guys waiting for her with materialistic things. She turns to leave but ends up stuck in front of a muddy pool. Tae San carries her up in his arms and walks across the water. In the end, they kiss and make out.

Yi Soo meets Me Ahri at the airport and is surprised that Me Ahri has really become a goddess. The guy from the plane shows up behind them. He has a picture of the four gentlemen and a woman in his wallet. Me Ahri tells Yi Soo that she doesn’t want to go home yet. Me Ahri is Tae San’s sister and dislike Se Ra. Also, she has a crush on Yoon. At Yi Soo’s house, Me Ahri and Se Ra had an argument about Me Ahri staying over at the house.

Do Jin shows up at Yi Soo’s house and demands her to give him his pen back. She denies that she did it and proves to him that she is innocent by showing everything in her bag. As she turns her bag upside down and her wallet, keys, and Do Jin’s pen fall out follow by crumpled post-its. Do Jin picks up some of her post-its and finds out about Yi Soo writing bad things about him. She hurriedly grabs the rest of her stuff and asks him to go outside so they can talk. She leaves behind a note which is quite offensive. Yi Soo is frustrated about how Do Jin can bring misfortune and misery towards her. She goes outside but Do Jin has left. When she calls him, he informs her that he changes his mind about the settlement after seeing the post-its and his pen being stolen by her.

Later, Yi Soo rolls in embarrassment while Me Ahri secretly sends text messages through Yi Soo’s phone. After sending a couple of aegyo messages to Yoon under Yi Soo’s name, she hands the phone back to Yi Soo. Yi Soo scolds Me Ahri and thinks whether she should kick Me Ahri out of the house. Yi Soo informs Yoon that she’s still working things out with Do Jin, which makes him angry towards Do Jin at the lounge where he hangs out with the guys for some drinks.

However, Do Jin notices Yoon has been text-messaging with Yi Soo the entire time. As Do Jin and Yoon argue, Tae San looks for Jung Rok’s phone, only to drop it when it rings. Jung Rok’s wife is calling. The boys get nervous until Do Jin picks it up and puts it to Yoon’s ear. The boys freak out to realize that she’s on the way to the bar to see her husband, who’s nowhere to be found. Yoon buys some time by telling her they have gone to ‘Liche’ for another round. They rush to ‘Liche’ while being angry towards Jung Rok for disappearing. When Jung Rok’s wife shows up, she finds the four men enjoying themselves. As soon as she leaves, the boys start to beat up Jung Rok for his actions.

The next day, Me Ahri and Yi Soo walk home when she receives a text from Se Ra. It says that Se Ra and Tae San are on their way. They see Tae San’s car and Me Ahri tries to find a place to hide. Yi Soo meets them and tries to distract Tae San from seeing Me Ahri. Se Ra suggests that he stay over for dinner and a sleepover, which prompts Yi Soo to exclaim that it is not a good idea as Se Ra has bad habits in sleeping. Due to awkwardness, Tae San goes into his car and drives off.

At the baseball field, Do Jin whines that they should do golfing instead of playing baseball. Yoon says that Tae San should learn golf. This causes Tae San questioning Yoon on why he is not by his side. They start to argue about their smartness, mostly about Yoon, in giving out their honest opinions. Jung Rok finishes up a phone call when he notices Me Ahri’s presence. He tries to flirt with her but she turns down and boldly says that he is married. She walks down the stairs and waves at the guys on the field, which leads to three looks of confusion. Do Jin, Yoon, and Jung Rok are surprised that that woman is Me Ahri while Tae San is so happy to see come back from the USA. Me Ahri runs up to give Yoon a hug and leaves Tae San behind. Do Jin asks her what happen to the changes in her looks which makes Jung Rok scolding him for saying harsh words toward her.

Tae San informs Me Ahri that Yoon has been using her room while she is away. She is asked to use the guest room instead. She questions about what happened to Yoon’s apartment but he avoids answering them. Yoon and Do Jin walk home as Do Jin comments that Me Ahri has grown up well. Do Jin offers to have him stay at his house for the time being.

Yi Soo and Do Jin meet up for dinner so she can apologize for accidently taking his pen. However, another girl and Tae San soon join them. Do Jin planned this meeting all along and wants to tell Tae San about Yi Soo. Yi Soo starts to walk but Tae San grabs her arm which makes Do Jin jealous. He continues to sarcastically talk to Yi Soo until she decides to leave immediately. Tae San comes out to warn Do Jin to settle the case as soon as possible. In addition to that, he mentions the truth behind the fight with the high schoolers.

Yi Soo tries to convince Do Jin to write a settle agreement, but he continues to “sign” contracts on gravel and coffee cups at the construction site and Jung Rok’s café. That night, Yi Soo accidently sends a message to Do Jin that was meant for Tae San. The message states about how bad Do Jin is and how to deal with him. Thus, the conversation starts between them with the imaginary helpful messenger ‘Tae San’. The two have dinner and quarrel including the part where Do Jin tells Yi Soo that he fell in love with her at first sight. Unfortunately, Yi Soo rejects Do Jin’s love confession. Do Jin asks why she likes Tae San so much and she replies that she likes him when she he’s there and not there. Do Jin’s pride is crushed (and heartbroken) when she asks to mind his own business and keeps her crush as a secret. Do Jin tells her that he has settle the negotiation with the police. He thanks her for the wine and walks off, leaving her confused. Later that night, Do Jin is alone drinking wine while thinking about the conversation he had with her just now.
On Valentine’s Day, Yoon sits with a client in his office. She gives him a box of chocolates as a thank you gift for helping her with the case. She starts to flirt with him by saying how sexy and charming he is at the court room. After she leaves the office, Me Ahri comes to visit Yoon and asks him for a dinner date. However, he rejects her offer as he has plans tonight: a family dinner, college reunion meeting, and a party with his baseball team.

After Yoon’s rejection, Me Ahri drags Yi Soo out to have a drink. The girls sigh over their love problems and love confession towards their crush. Me Ahri offers the Valentine chocolates she bought for Yoon to Yi Soo and they feed each other while sobbing. The two drunken women drag walk into a chocolate store as Me Ahri complains that Yi Soo ate all of Yoon’s chocolates. Yi Soo offers to buy new ones for Yoon. After that, Me Ahri happily asks the store clerk that she wants to get the most expensive chocolate set starts to write a card.

The next morning, Yi Soo receives a text message and she finds out that the chocolates are sent to Tae San’s office. She instantly panics and calls Do Jin to ask whether Tae San is at the office. While she rushes to the office, Do Jin sees a large basket of chocolate roses on Tae San’s desk. He takes the opportunity to make his desk messy, including moving Tae San’s chocolates to his desk so that he shows to Yi Soo that he is sort of handsome and attractive when he is working. When Yi Soo arrives, she frantically searches Tae San’s desk for the chocolates she sent but doesn’t see them anywhere. At the same time, Do Jin proudly looks over “his” basket of chocolate roses and tells Yi Soo that he always receives lots of chocolates on Valentine’s Day from anonymous women. Yi Soo tells him off that these are the chocolates that she sent.
Tae San comes in and states that he is surprised to see her in the early morning. Yi Soo blushes at his compliment. Do Jin gets jealous and tells Tae San that Yi Soo sent these chocolates to Tae San. Tae San questions him whether if he is telling the truth or not. Do Jin says that he is not lying. Out of nowhere, Yi Soo blurts out that the chocolates are for Do Jin and confesses her love to him.

Point of View

I am starting to like the romance between Do Jin and Yi Soo. There is some Do Jin’s jealousy towards Yi Soo’s one-sided love on Tae San. However, I do feel bad for Yi Soo because she ‘confesses’ her love for Do Jin just to cover up her love secret towards Tae San. I was surprised at that ending of the episode. I think it was too fast that this love relationship between Do Jin and Yi Soo to start instantly. I mean you could say a push-and-pull relationship between them. This love is going to get steamy in the next episodes of this drama.

I realized that Yoon is the lawyer for Jung Rok and his wife after finding out the cover up for Jung Rok at Liche. Thanks to this scenario, I was not in confusion about two men having an affair with the same woman. On the other hand, Tae San is being the good boyfriend, friend, and brother role in this film. However, to be honest, I am not really impressed with his part of the story within this episode. There is not much impact from this character. I get to understand more about Yoon as soon as Me Ahri goes lovey dovey on him. In addition to that, Yoon’s apartment problem reveals that the story about Yoon is going to be revealed soon in the next upcoming episodes. For Jung Rok, there’s not much storyline in this episode. It is mostly focus on avoiding his wife while he goes being a player with other woman. I feel that Jung Rok is not revealed much in this episode. I hope that Jung Rok appears more including the situation that how the situation goes with his life and his wife. I think there should be a balance of storylines for these four guys within each episode. On a good note, Yi Soo’ s storyline is shown as she has love troubles rather than just a drama which focuses more on four gentlemen’s life situations.

So far, Jang Dong Gun is still my favourite actor in this drama as he is acts really well in portraying Do Jin. It is his acting skills that I truly admired as being the cool and arrogant man in this drama. Kim Soo Ro is still the same with his seriousness but, then again, there is something missing within this episode. Probably, is because of Tae San’s storyline which I am not impressed. As for the other two main casts for Yoon and Jung Rok, there is some things that I still need to know as their storylines has not been revealed that much. Thus, I believe, yet again, this episode is focus on Do Jin and Yi Soo. Well, it is just the beginning for this drama. For me, I am really looking forward to the romance between Do Jin and Yi Soo even more. I am excited to admire Do Jin’s jealousy. Although it’s to early for me to say, but I have a feeling that there is going to be a love triangle between Do Jin, Yi Soo, and Tae San. Don’t you think so?

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