A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 6 Review

Episode Recap

Jung Rok and Do Jin facing off in a do-or-die billiards match against Tae San and Yoon. Do Jin’s team lose in the rock-paper-scissors game to determine who goes first. After a series of tense and dramatic battles, Yoon’s team win the game. Do Jin points out that the joy of playing billiards with his friend hasn’t change throughout the years being together as ‘brothers’.

After Yoon and his colleague, Attorney Kang, had dinner, they are on their way back home until Yoon notice that Yi Soo is waiting at the sidewalk. They stop the car and she quickly explains her situation. He tells her to get in. Suddenly, a car bangs into Yoon’s car. Everyone steps out of their car. Do Jin goes angry with Yi Soo’s sweet conversation until he realize that he had hit Yoon’s car. Yoon asks whether Do Jin has gone mad but Do Jin replies that he isn’t. He just doesn’t want Yi Soo to get into Yoon’s car. He promises to pay for all the damages and whisks Yi Soo away. He decides to take her home but Yi Soo says that it’s not a good idea because Se Ra and Tae San are there to have some quality time together.

Yi Soo asks to be dropped off at a sauna. He responds by saying that she likes places which are warm and cosy. She shoots him a glare. He suggests going to one of the company’s dorms to stay for the night. She reluctantly accepts his offer and he drives to his suggested destination. After they arrive at the dorm building, Do Jin checks on ‘Betty’s’ conditions. It turns out that Betty’s front bumper is crushed and Do Jin put on his sad expressions. He formally introduces Betty to Yi Soo. He points out that he is proud of Betty being a little and brave car. Yi Soo couldn’t help but laugh at his silliness with Betty.

They head upstairs to a room. Do Jin compliments how sexy she looks in the red dress. After hearing the compliment, Yi Soo gives an embarrassed laugh. Suddenly, they hear Tae San knock on the front door. While Do Jin goes and opens the door for Tae San, Yi Soo goes and hides at Do Jin’s room. Do Jin lets Tae San in and questions why he’s not with Se Ra. Tae San gives an answer and lets Do Jin know that he is staying over here tonight. Do Jin tells him to do what he want and goes to his room where Yi Soo is. He tells Yi Soo that Tae San is staying over. He goes to the bathroom to take a shower.

Yi Soo hears Tae San coming closer to the bedroom door so she runs into the bathroom where Do Jin is currently undressing which reveals is well-built body. Tae San stops outside the bathroom door and invites Do Jin out for a drink with Jung Rok. Do Jin goes closer to Yi Soo and she finds herself staring at Do Jin’s bare chest as he talks to Tae San. Do Jin declines his offer as he has some work to do. He keeps talking to Tae San as he is ‘enjoying’ being close with Yi Soo. Do Jin tells Tae San to stay safe. Also, because Do Jin says that he loves Tae San, Tae San thinks that he has gone crazy.

Yi Soo pushes Do Jin off after Tae San left the house and runs out of the bathroom. She requests that he lend her $30 so she can take a taxi home. He sighs because he thinks that she is playing hard to get. As he takes out his wallet, Yi Soo notices her high school picture next to his ID.

After Yi Soo leaves, Do Jin meets the guys. Tae San asks about the owner of the handbag on the couch, but Do Jin avoids answering. Yoon comes in and scolds Do Jin for causing an accident with his car. Do Jin reminds him that it was because of his love for a special woman which causes the other two in confusion and disbelief.

Se Ra practices on the driving range when a nosy journalist shows up to ask her questions about her career. Being annoyed, she points out that her beauty makes her successful more than her golf skills.
The girl who received Yi Soo’s shoes waits in Do Jin’s office. Her reason to be there is because she wants to return the shoes. She is impressed with Do Jin who has so much one-sided love commitment to Yi Soo. She wishes him all the best to get Yi Soo to accept his love even though she points out that he is a man without a heart.

Attorney Kang comes to the café to buy drinks for Yoon and herself. Me Ahri insists that she will buy the drinks for them since Yoon is one of the customers. Attorney Kang slaps Me Ahri’s hand and takes the buzzer when Me Ahri tries to keep it on the counter. Me Ahri rushes out from behind the counter and is angrily confronting Attorney Kang until Yoon shows up. He takes Attorney Kang’s side when Me Ahri tells him about Attorney Kang’s two-faced personalities. Because of that, Me Ahri eyes well up with tears.

Me Ahri calls Yi Soo to apologize for the night at the club. She admits that she lost her phone. Yi Soo hangs up on her after saying that she brings ‘misfortunes’ to her life. On her way to class, she runs into She notices that he is not going to the classroom. He sneakily replies that he is going to visit the nurse. However, his intention is to skip class with his friends by climbing over the school wall. Thankfully, Yi Soo shows up with a baseball bat. Dong Hyub asks the boys to keep their pride by climbing back over the wall and attend the classes.

Tae San reads a bad article about Se Ra. He finds her at the driving range. He tells her why she doesn’t go to him whenever she has problems. She wonders what he’s talking about and he tries to prevent her from checking her phone which has an angry voicemail from him. He stops her from hearing the voicemail by stepping onto her phone while hugging her.

Yoon gives Do Jin the amount to pay for his colleague’s hospital bill. Do Jin tells Yoon straight that he has to stop playing ‘push and pull’ relationship with Me Ahri. Yoon sighs and walks away silently.

Me Ahri stomps into Yoon’s office and claims that she’s going to sue Attorney Kang for her two-faced attitude. He asks for proof that Attorney Kang did such a thing and she replies that she is the witness. He tells her to stop acting like a kid. All of a sudden, she gives a kiss on his cheek. He stands up to scold her. She finds herself holding back her tears. She informs him that she’s not a seven-year-old who scribbles his documents. He should reject her as a 24 year old woman.

Colin aka Anonymous walks toward Jung Rok’s café when he spots Me Ahri coming outside to get some fresh air. He wants to go and say hi to Me Ahri but Attorney Kang shows up which causes Me Ahri to charge towards her and ‘accidentally’ hit her.

Min Sook is working with a client at her art gallery when Jung Rok shows up with a huge grin. The client comments that her husband is handsome but Min Sook knows he has reason to come and visit her. They meet at the gardens. Min Sook demands Jung Rok to refund the gym membership. He whines that he wants to build up his body for her. She reaches out to give him a hit but is blocked by Jung Rok. He wraps his arm around her waist and being flirty with her. He receive a text from a secret lover which Min Sook had a glimpse of the message. Jung Rok lies that the sender is a man but Min Sook doesn’t believe him. Then, he smash his own phone to proof that he has no relationship with his secret crush. However, Min Sook wants him to retrieve the chip. Jung Rok ends up at a cell phone store where he meets Tae San. He begs Tae San to let him stay at his place for a few nights.

Jung Rok tries to persuade Me Ahri to join his side as a double spy. After many attempts to persuade her, she accepts the role but on one condition: Yoon should not come to the café due to their ‘argument’. Unexpectedly, Yoon shows up and urges Jung Rok to find another part-time worker. Colin walks in and Me Ahri welcomes him with her pretty smile. Colin tells her that he still wants a free dinner for saving her at the club. She remembers and happily will treat him for dinner. Meanwhile, Yoon keeps an eye on the both of them while cooling down his jealousy. Colin asks Me Ahri how she knows the four men. She replies that Tae San is her older brother while the others are his closest friends. She reminds him to use formal language since he’s younger than her but he still casually talks to her.

Se Ra is reading the nasty article about her golf career. Yi Soo asks her whether Tae San is from the rich family. Se Ra replies that she doesn’t date men without money. She comments about Yi Soo’ love interest based on their financial status. Yi Soo gives a little laugh. She takes Se Ra’s jacket and heads out to buy dinner.

Yi Soo bumps into Jin at the door. He brings her another pair of heels as a gift. He points out that he is following her dating rules. He places the shoes on the ground. He requests her that when she finally accepts him, she should wear them with a pretty outfit. Unexpectedly, Tae San gives Yi Soo a back hug. He assumes that he’s holding Se Ra because of the jacket. Yi Soo stands frozen at his skinship. Se Ra comes out the door and the whole awkwardness flows among the four of them.

Tae San stammers that he thought Yi Soo was Se Ra because of the jacket. Se Ra glances over at her speechless roommate. Do Jin removes the jacket from Yi Soo and return it to Se Ra. He then grabs Yi Soo’s wrist and brings her someplace else. Tae San enters the house while Do Jin’s gift is left behind.
Yi Soo walks in a daze with Do Jin. She still remembers the back hug from Tae San. It takes a while for her to get her mind straight. Do Jin immediately gets her back to reality by pulling her gently to give her a kiss on the lips while Yi Soo eyes are open. As the kissing scene goes one, the cherry blossoms setting revealed while the romantic music is played. After the kiss, Do Jin places his jacket over her shoulders. Both of them look at each other while the cherry blossom petals fall.

Se Ra informs Tae San that Yi Soo’s crush is him but he thinks that she is joking. He goes silent as she says all the proof that she encountered (eg. the gloves which Yi Soo wanted to give to him). She wonders if he didn’t notice that Yi Soo has feelings for him. Tae San is in shock after hearing the information.

The guys meet at a bar. Tae San and Do Jin ignore each other as they drink. Yoon and Jung Rok examine their faces and wonder why they are moody. Yoon and Jung Rok gives ‘not so happening’ reasons about the two of them.

Bubbles drift around the bathroom as Yi Soo sits in her bathtub. She recalls the previous sweet and romantic moments she had with Do Jin. She touches her lips and thinks about the special kiss from Do Jin.

Point of View

The most important parts that you must see in this episode: Do Jin and Yi Soo love. I get so excited whenever Do Jin initiates the closeness with Yi Soo. In the bathroom, Do Jin, with his unbuttoned shirt, goes close with Yi Soo. That scene makes my mind go jumping up and down. You can see Yi Soo’s face blushing as she sees Do Jin well-built body. If I was her, I will definitely go ‘OMG!’. Another favourite part of mine is the kiss scene under the cherry blossom trees. Although Do Jin aggressively makes the move on kissing her while Yi Soo is surprised by it, he gives her a gentle kiss that makes me yet again go ‘OMG!’. Add the cherry blossom trees and kiss scene equals to romantic. Because of that kiss, Yi Soo will definitely fall for him including the fact that she recalls the previous sweet and romantic moments with him. Do Jin is starting to understand what Yi Soo wants. It’s not about the money. It’s about the love which Yi Soo needs. For him, I’m sure he will take some time, month after month, to give love to Yi Soo until she finally accepts him. I am so excited about the development of Do Jin and Yi Soo love. I guess that I have to go ‘OMG!’ whenever there are sweet and romantic moments between them in this drama.

Tae San has work so hard to give love for Se Ra as he keeps finding her at every single place which she normally hangs out. He already gives so much love for her. Will she ever accept him? But then again, now that he knows that Yi Soo has a crush on him. Wonder what his decision will be? Yi Soo or Se Ra? I rather prefer Tae San to be with Se Ra or else I will not be able to see the Do Jin and Yi Soo couple. All Se Ra needs to do is throw away her bad attitude and be with Tae San.

I still loving both Jung Rok and Min Sook have the love ‘arguments’. In addition to that, when Jung Rok goes flirty with her, she suddenly flustered and shies away. It’s so adorable to see them together even though Min Sook hates Jung Rok doing bad things behind her back.

I can’t believe that Yoon’s colleague, a two-faced lady, did to Me Ahri. It’s so obvious that her colleague protects Yoon from being with Me Ahri since she believes that he will be her ‘future’ husband. Way to go Me Ahri for throwing back at her by ‘accidentally’ bump into her. Thanks to Do Jin and Me Ahri on persuading Yoo so that he have to fixed up his feelings and make a decision. I guess it’s because there’s a huge age difference between Me Ahri and Do Jin. I’m sure Tae San is okay with the relationship between them. Oh well, the next episodes will reveal Yoon’s decision based on what he feels within his heart is right.

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