A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 8 Review

Episode Recap

Year 1993: the boys are on a group blind date with three average-looking girls. The guys realize that only one lucky will escape from going on a date with the ladies. Thus, they decide to act being weird in front of the girls. Jung Rok cheerfully announces that he’s always been in last place in school ranking systems while Yoon pulls the mama-boy act. Tae San pretends to have a muscle spasm disease and Do Jin suddenly develops a lisp. Just then, a fourth girl shows up and apologizes for being late. That girl is Kim Eun Hee and the boys admire her while they have hearts in their eyes.

Before Yoon’s birthday party starts, Jung Rok brags to his friends that he spent the night with Eun Hee on an island once when the boats stopped running. However, Tae San and Yoon both claim that Eun Hee was with them that particular night. One of the models asks who Eun Hee is. The three guys says that she is their first love.

Yi Soo ignores Do Jin’s phone call and opens her new laptop. She is shocked when her laptop’s wallpaper shows a picture of Yi Soo in a bikini photoshopped into the blanket on Do Jin’s bed. Do Jin calls again and she throws her phone to her bed. It bounces off the bed and ends up on the floor, causing her to crouch down and pick it up. She remembers that Tae San’s gloves are still under her bed. She pulls them out while Do Jin still calls her.

Me Ahri cries as Tae San drags her out of Yoon’s birthday party, but Yoon stops them. Since there are strangers in the room, he tells Tae San to have a talk about this another time. Do Jin stands up and brings Me Ahri out. Jung Rok escorts the models out while Yoon and Tae San stand in silence. Outside, Do Jin tells Me Ahri that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go. She says that it is not usual for him to help her out. She tells him that she’s okay and that he should go inside to make sure Tae San doesn’t beat up Yoon. She starts to walk away. Do Jin asks where is she going. While holding back her tears, she shouts that she is not a kid anymore and she knows what she is doing.

Yi Soo meets Se Ra at the front door. Se Ra wants to sit and talk but Yi Soo replies that Se Ra should just say right now since she is on her way out. She ‘apologizes’ to Yi Soo for having a bad behaviour. Although she feels sorry for not saving Yi Soo’s pride, but what she had done make her realize that she knows how much Tae San means to her. Yi Soo accepts the apology and advices Se Ra not to let Tae San know about their argument. She informs Se Ra that she can move out tomorrow if Se Ra wants. However, Se Ra can’t pay back Yi Soo’s deposit yet. Yi Soo walks outside and throws the gloves to the recycling clothes bin. She is alone at the playground while sighing.

Jung Rok and Do Jin observe Yoon and Tae San as they drink separately in a booth. Do Jin asks who Jung Rok would support if the two guys got into a fight. Jung Rok chooses Yoon because he knows the contents of Min Sook’s will. Bahahah. Jung Rok asks the same question and Do Jin also picks Yoon. Tae San tells Yoon that he trusts him on his decision and Yoon assures him not to worry.

Jung Rok wonders where Me Ahri went. Do Jin knows that she is with the person who never picks up his calls. Me Ahri and Yi Soo are at the sauna discussing about tonight’s events. They sigh at how complicated their relationships can be. Yi Soo goes to sleep first. As she sleeps, Me Ahri secretly texts Do Jin with Yi Soo’s phone that they are at the sauna. The boys arrive to pick them up and they all end up staying at the residence hotel.

At the hotel, Me Ahri and Do Jin head up first so she can use the bathroom. Jung Rok and Yi Soo formally introduce themselves. They walk into the hotel lobby. Meanwhile, Min Sook notices the two together as she leaves a meeting with her friends. Because she knows something is going to happen, she follows them up to the hotel room and angrily pushes the doorbell. Yi Soo opens the door and finds Min Sook in the hallway with her angry glare. Min Sook barges into the room while Yi Soo is confused.

Min Sook keeps pressuring her so that she admits that she’s here to sleep with Jung Rok. Jung Rok comes out of a room. Min Sook goes at him so that she wants to hear his excuse of inviting another woman at the hotel. At that moment, Do Jin enters the living room and Min Sook blinks in confusion. Me Ahri comes out of the bathroom. Then, Min Sook has the embarrassing look on her face. She quickly introduces herself properly and apologizes to Yi Soo for her actions toward Yi Soo.

Jung Rok assumes that Min Sook was searching for him because she was worried. He tells her about the incident at Yoon’s birthday. Min Soo states that the hotel will offer the best service to them. Before she leaves, she apologizes to Yi Soo again. Jung Rok follows her out eagerly as Yi Soo bursts out laughing, saying that she saw Min Sook at Yoon’s office on Christmas Eve. She understands why she wants to divorce with Jung Rok. Jung Rok comes back with his shoulders hunched and he picks up the phone to order a room service. Me Ahri claims that she’s tired and decides to go to bed. Yi Soo attempts to follow but she is forced by Do Jin to have drinks with him and Jung Rok. In the end, she joins them.

While drinking, Jung Rok tells her that Do Jin designed the wine’s label. Do Jin smiles proudly and pretends to be modest. Jung Rok lets her know that she will never drink that wine again. Do Jin gives Jung Rok signs that he should go to the room and sleep. Yi Soo announces that she is going to sleep but Do Jin asks her to stay. He reminds her that he is the one who carry her all the way to the hotel when she is drunk. Yi Soo asks him to shut up and Jung Rok, then, knew since Yi Soo know her way around the hotel better than he did. He asks whether they are dating but Yi Soo says no. Jung Rok gets a phone call and he goes to the room since he plans to go to sleep. He heads into the room and Do Jin keeps Yi Soo from going inside. He holds her hand to prevent her from leaving. He asks her if she met a younger boyfriend yet but she replies that she didn’t.

Do Jin asks if a person gets angry over little things because of other people. She wonders what makes him angry and he asks why she doesn’t like him. He asks her if he is good looking. She says he is but he is not her type of ideal guy. He assumes that every guy suits the women’s interests. She is impressed with his confidence. He advices her to follow her own feelings instead of her brain. He leans in for a kiss but gets interrupted by Jung Rok comes out from the room.

Yi Soo pretends to sleep and Jung Rok mentions that Do Jin should send her inside. Do Jin declares that he is going to use the main bedroom with her while Jung Rok will sleep on the couch. Do Jin carries Yi Soo inside the bedroom while she keep asking him to put her down. He plops her down on the bed. She goes jumpy because she worries that Jung Rok is going to misunderstand that she’s sleeping with him. Do Jin thinks that sleeping together is not a problem. She begs for him to carry her to Me Ahri’s room but Do Jin refuses because he says that she is heavy. She decides to mess up her hair, walk out of the room, and pretend to be zombie like while walking to Me Ahri’s room.

The next morning, Do Jin comes home and finds Yoon in a flower apron. Yoon is setting up the table for breakfast. However, Yoon’s food turns out to taste bad. Yoon passes some bread to disappointed Do Jin.
At Jung Rok’s café, Do Jin complains about Yoon in an apron pretending to be his wife. He suggests that Yoon needs to go dating. Me Ahri cuts in by passing him his drink and tells him not to have Yoon to be on a date. Jung Rok tells Do Jin that he makes Small Park Min Sook mad. Do Jin wonders if she spit into his drink. She makes a move to spit now and he quickly steals it away. The three have an enjoyable conversation while Tae San watches them sadly from his car. He gives up trying to call his sister and drives away.
Yi Soo turns on her phone at school and looks at the text messages she missed last night. She sees that Do Jin had sent her a bunch of adorable messages addressing Tae San about Yi Soo’s beauty and how he tries to get her attention. She blushes and holds back a little smile.

Tae San and Do Jin get complaints from their client. They search and compiled a report about the violations in the buildings the client owns and present them to him when they meet. They blackmail him into cancelling his complaints and leave the meeting with greatness within them.

Yi Soo gets a phone call that Se Ra is in the hospital after collapsing from exhaustion. She rushes over and scolds Se Ra for not taking care of her health. Yi Soo calls Tae San to inform him that Se Ra is sick. Before he hangs up, he tells Yi Soo that he pretends that his call never happened. Yi Soo lies to Se Ra that he is at the countryside doing some construction works. Se Ra sobs after hearing from her.

Me Ahri stares at the bag she created for Yoon. When she heard Tae Kang knocking on the door, she quickly hides it before he enters. He tells her that he missed her when she was in the US. He warns her not to continue to like Yoon or else he will send her back to the US. After he leaves, Me Ahri tries to hold her tears.

Yoon practices pitching into a basket but keeps missing. He gets ready to throw another ball but he sees Tae San squatting while holding his catcher’s mitt. Tae San gives him signs: ask what he is doing in the middle of the night and wishing him happy birthday. They made up and head to Jung Rok’s bar. They find Do Jin is there too. As they sit, Jung Rok runs up and demands to know how much money they’re going to give at his funeral. Jung Rok asks if they could give the money to him now so he can divorce his wife. They respond that they are not sure if they can attend his funeral since they are busy and they vow that they are not going to be there for him if he divorces his wife. They say that each of them will give 100 dollars. Then, Jung Rok receives a text from Min Sook that he needs to come over to have dinner with her ‘friends’. He arrives in style and acts as the perfect, loving husband so convincingly that Min Sook’s friends are jealous. Min Sook smiles in satisfaction.

Yi Soo calls Me Ahri to meet her over the weekend. However, Me Ahri is currently busy as she is at Yoon’s office to drop off his birthday present. She gives her the present but Yoon rejects it. Yoon’s evil colleague comes in to deliver lunch that was sent to him from a woman named Lee Mi Kyung. When she leaves, Me Ahri demands to know who that woman is and why he accepts that woman’s lunch instead of hers. He points out that that woman is his mother-in-law.

Over the weekend, Me Ahri brings Tae San’s high school yearbook which Yi Soo asked for. Yi Soo tapes his picture back into its original place. Me Ahri is surprised and asks her if she doesn’t like Tae San anymore. Me Ahri claims that she prefer that Yi Soo should be with Tae San but Yi Soo insists that she needs to be there for Se Ra. They walk outside and Me Ahri tells her that it is difficult to get back the feelings after conveying them to someone she love. Yi Soo tells Me Ahri that she hid her love because she worries that Tae San will be hurt if he finds out about this. Me Ahri replies that Yi Soo really is more mature and adult-like woman. She gives Yi Soo a smile and a wave before running off to work.

Do Jin calls Yi Soo again but she just stare his name at her phone. He ends up texting her out of frustration. She reads the text which says that why on earth Yi Soo didn’t pick up his calls. He wants to get a reply from her but he gets a call from Tae San that he wants him to come to the art gallery. Tae San informs Do Jin that he’s going to finish the kitchen this week in order to surprise Se Ra while she’s gone. Do Jin’s eyes are wide open once he is told that Yi Soo will be alone for a week. Tae San replies that he will be alone with Yi Soo while finish building up the kitchen. Do Jin, then, immediately asks him whether he needs any help which makes him really curious about why he is asking.

They finish shopping and Tae San gives Do Jin the plan for the kitchen. Tae San is not doing it because he knows that Yi Soo likes him and Do Jin knows about this secret. Tae San asks why Do Jin didn’t tell him about Yi soo’s crush before. Then, the tension between them gets worse. Do Jin carefully says that he believes that Tae San’s feelings will not waver if Tae San knew. He asks what if he has feelings for Yi Soo which makes Do Jin aware that he is going to have a battle to grab Yi Soo as his woman. Before they continue to argue, Yi Soo finds them and wonders why the two of them are outside her house.

Point of View

I admire the Me Ahri and Yoon couple. She has liked him since at a very young age and still loves him so much. Even though Yoon is like almost double her age, she still loves him. She is supposed to go out on dates with guys who are almost the same age as her but no she wants to be with Yoon and hopes to be a happy marriage couple when the time comes. The problem is whether Yoon wants to accept Me Ahri’s love or not. Two reasons: (1) he doesn’t want to disappoint her family including Tae San, his close friend and (2) he still can’t let go off his ‘late’ wife and mother-in-law and move on. What will happen if they are together? When will happen if Yoon asks her to go find another guy whom he believe that person is right for her? I am curious to see others reaction when both Me Ahri and Yoon are together. I’m guessing it will be arguments with her family and Tae San. However, I hope their friendship will not be affected badly.

In this episode, you can see Tae San is trying to be both a good friend and brother to Me Ahri and Yoon. Besides that, there is a rough ride between Tae San and Se Ra. I’m sure he didn’t mean to be so rude to others. He just concerned that’s all and he is emotionally confused and sad. Do Jin tells him that Me Ahri is not a child anymore but Tae San still worries about her. He also worries about her being in a relationship with Yoon which is why he questions Yoon about his previous actions toward him. I just wish that Tae San can be supportive to both Me Ahri and Yoon. But no, he still thinks that they should not be together. Also, he will send Me Ahri back to the US if she still continues to like Yoon. It will be great to see the conflict between Yoon, Me Ahri, and Tae San. Tae San is really having a hard time with his feelings as he dealt with his sister and Se Ra.

For Yi Soo, she is choosing either she wants to be with Tae San, who already know about her crush, or being with Do Jin. Yi Soo, as usual, unsure about where her feelings will take her. I want Yi Soo quickly to make her decision. I know it’s hard but I seriously want to know which guy Yi Soo will pick. Yi Soo, just take Do Jin who already, for the past 7 episodes, conveyed his feelings to you. In addition to that, he even gives you all the love hints that he has thrown at you. I want Do Jin and Yi Soo to be together. I imagine all the sweet lovey dovey moments when they are together in the next upcoming episodes. Besides that, I am looking forward to the love triangle between Do Jin, Yi Soo, and Tae San since, I believe, Tae San is starting to have feelings for Yi Soo. Wonder what will happen between them. It is love versus friendship. Yi Soo, for the last time, I beg you. Even though he is hot and charming, just pick him. I can’t wait to see more of love and friendship scenarios in this drama.

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