Arang and the Magistrate Episode 2 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Oh realizes that there is a connection between Arang and his mother. So, he gallops past Mu Young to bring Arang up onto his hourse. Mu Young use his super speed to catch. Arang grabs peach blossoms and throw behind. Mu Young stops and shields himself while one of the peach blossoms slashes his face.

When they arrive at the riverbank, he immediately pulls the hairpin out of Arang’s hair. He remembers that he gave it to his mother. He demands to know where Arang picked it up. She grabs and back and replies that it belongs to hers. She had it since she was alive until she’s a ghost. Eun Oh believes that she met her mother but too bad Arang lost her memories. Arang thanks him for his help and leaves. Before that, he calls her back and offers his assistance to find her name and memories so he might get some clues on finding his mother.
Arang smiles happily and tells him that she’s pick the right person since she is good at judging the character. She continues to talk while he holds his grudges. He complains about ghosts hanging around instead of going to another world. She replies that everyone has their own reasons and points out that she’s desperate to know who she is. He notes that Reaper calls her Arang but instead Eun Oh will call her Amnesia. She doesn’t care since they will not know each other for a long time.

Mu Young arrives in paradise garden to see the King of Heaven and stands for a moment to look at the angels tending the garden. The King of Heaven guesses that he’s thinking about his sister and informs him that once they come to the afterlife, they must cut their ties of their earthly lives. My Young reports that he didn’t manage to capture the runaway ghost. The King of Hell shows up and asks how the red rope got untied which allows Arang escape. The King of Heaven points out that she’ll come on her own will. He shows a demonstration by touching the flower which causes all the flowers to turn white. He says that fate goes round and round but at some point everything comes back in its place. He touches the flower again and the flowers return to their original colour.

In Miryang, Dol Swe is surprised to heart that Eun Oh decides to work as a magistrate. Dol Swe asks his master if he’s suffering from an injury. He blames the Trio Bang and runs off to find them. The Trop Bang is worry about the new magistrate who didn’t die. Bang 1 writes a letter to the king to explain that the new magistrate ran off without caring about his position and therefore shows contempt for the king. He puts in some fancy words in the letter. Bang 2 thinks that these words are right since most of the important people say. Dol Swe storms in and grabs them because he wants to know what they did to his master. Eun Oh shouts out to stop them from getting into a fight.

The Trio Bang sigh since a government official has arrived and they can’t enjoy anymore. They wonder if there’s anything they can do to help Eun Oh. However, because he’s the son of a nobleman, they can’t do anything to him. Bang 1 thinks that it’s a good thing since somebody has already fill up the position. They will need to get Eun Oh on their side or manipulate him. Thus, they decide to observe Eun Oh’s character. They even suggest one of them to visit the noble Choi family. In the end, Bang 1 bow before Lord Choi and inform him about Eun Oh. He lets him that Eun Oh’s father, Lord Kim, is more powerful than Lord Choi even though he’s absence from politics. Lord Choi asks what Eun Oh has been doing and Bang 1 replies that it’s about a woman.

Arang positions herself so she can get her portrait. Eun Oh tries to draw her face so it can be used to ask around about her identity. The problem is that he’s not good at drawing even though he’s happy with his first drawing. Arang is not happy with what he draws. So, he has to draw again. He keeps crumpling up drawing after drawing while the Trio Bang spies on them. Finally, Eun Oh decides to bring an artist to draw for him but it’s weird as Eun Oh explains Arang’s features since he’s the only one who can see her while the artist is confused.

Bang 1 informs Lord Choi that Eun Oh has been his room drawing pictures of women’s faces. Lord Choi
orders him to find out why he’s doing it.

Eun Oh decides to think and interrogates Arang. Obviously, Arang doesn’t know and she only knows that she just woke up and follow the reaper. Arang gives two clues about herself: (1) she is a ghost, who has amnesia, walking around earth for the past three years and (2) she feels a pain on her left side as she feels that she had been stabbed. Eun Oh’s eyes grow wide open and he scolds her for not telling him earlier. They have their adorable argument but at least they have found a clue.

As a magistrate, he orders the Trio Bang to bring him records of unsolved murder cases in the past three years. Eun Oh looks through each and every book but he finds dramatic clichés. He laughs at that idea but Arang scolds him for not taking it seriously. She storms out of the office and is angry that she has picked the wrong person.

Eun Oh takes a night stroll while figuring out what to do next until he sees a house. He notices that the gate is locked. So, he decides to jump over the wall to check out the house. The lights are on in the room and he slowly opens the door. He enters the room and finds items in there: an opened book on the table, women’s accessories and cosmetics are still there. He looks around until he sees embroidery (butterflies stiches on it).

Arang stops at a house where the ghosts are waiting outside the front gate. She wonders what they are doing. She asks one of the ghosts and was told that a memorial service is being held inside. She goes into a flashback when she used to be in hunger. An old man ghost hands her a rice ball which she immediately takes and eats it fast. He suggests using Arang as her name since young virgin ghosts use that name. He warned her that she will suffer in hunger and advised her to get food from people who did religious offerings. Thus, at present, she decides to get the food from the memorial service.

Eun Oh continues to inspect the room until he sees a servant woman outside. She scolds him for trespassing and orders him to every item where it belongs. Eun Oh introduces himself as the new magistrate and asks whose room belonged to. The servant woman replies that it belongs to the previous magistrate’s daughter. The room is still available because she disappeared and the things need to be there when she returns. Eun Oh’s lightbulb sparks and asks when she has gone missing and the servant woman replies that it was three years ago. Eun Oh has finally found Arang’s identity.

The hungry ghosts fight over to get ready themselves to grab the food. Arang is also part of this game. The gate opens. A servant comes out and places a bowl of food at the edge of the door. Let the games begin. The ghosts push each other and fly around to grab the bowl. Arang remembers the old man ghost’s advice and tries her best to get the good. In the end, one of the ghosts grab the food and run away. The remaining ghosts look and blame her for this to happen. They leave and she complains that ghosts aren’t supposed to gather as a group but roam independently.

Arang arrives and impatient Eun Oh pulls her to the room. He informs her that he has found out about her identity. He tells her that her name is Lee Seo Rim. Arang looks around the room and the items. She asks whether it’s true and he replies yea. He points at the embroidery as there’s the same design as the clothing she wears. Still, she can’t remember and he sighs in disappointment.

Eun Oh asks the Trio Bang about the room and missing girl and they tell him the story. The girl fell in love
with an errand boy and ran off. Arang is listening through the whole conversation. The Trio Bang says that nobody around knows what she looks like since she is always in her room. Her beloved father searched everywhere for her. He gave up the office to do so but he passed away. She has no other family relatives. The shocking information is that the young lady had been betrothed.

Eun Oh asks Arang to come to her senses while she is at the corner of the yard poking on the ground with a stick. He wants to know whether her memory has returned but she still can’t remember anything. She decides that she has to meet her fiancé to ask what kind of person she was. She can’t talk so she asks for Eun Oh’s help. He refuses to do it because he doesn’t want the whole world to know that he can see ghosts. She sighs that he has the point. She thanks him and says goodbye. Eun Oh sees the pin in her hair, sighs, and decides to help her to meet with her fiancé. She smiles with gratitude and Eun Oh’s face crumples funny.

The next day, they arrive at the gate of her fiance’s home. It turns that her fiancé is Joo Wal. He sighs as he can’t believe that Arang choose the errand boy over a rich nobleman. From over the wall, Eun Oh sees Joo Wal drawing in the courtyard. Arang takes a peek and she catches her breath. She holds her chest and wonders what’s wrong with her. She tells Eun Oh that she can’t go inside and her heart is beating fast. Eun Oh exclaims in disbelief that ghosts do not have hearts. She insists that her heart is beating. Without thinking, he almost touches her chest but pulls away awkwardly. He grabs her arm and drag her to the house but she stay still and says that she’ll go next time. She’s too embarrassed to go today. He still try to bring her in but she doesn’t want to go. So, he decides to shout Joo Wal’s name. Arang covers his mouth and drags him away while a few people see a good show.

At the restaurant, Arang drinks up a lot of rice wine and grabs a new bottle. Eun Oh stops her as she had drunk a lot already. Arang is in despair and having a one-sided love on Joo Wal. Eun Oh asks why she reacted like that and she replies that she must have liked him a lot. Eun Oh sarcastically wonders why she runs off with another man when she is going to get married. She doesn’t understand either but she refuses to meet Joo Wal. She must’ve truly cared for him so she can’t go to him like this. Eun Oh points out that she’s dead and Joo Wal can’t see her. Arang just wants to face him without embarrassment. Eun Oh gives the ‘look’. Arang buries her head in her arms and moans that no one would give clothes to a ghost like her.

Since he wants to finish the mystery as soon as possible, she piggybacks drunken Arang to the clothing shop. He is having a hard time carrying her because she’s too heavy. He thought that he’ll be light as a feather like the last time he saved her from the reaper but, now, she’s heavy. Her face is next to his and he freeze for a moment. Her cheek touches his and feels a cold touch which causes him to drop her. Eun Oh quickly carries her up. Then, a pedestrian passes by and drops Arang immediately. Good thing that she is still sleeping.

Unexpectedly, Joo Wal shows up at a gisaeng house. All the gisaengs are excited that he has come. He sits alone at the table while every single gisaeng gather at the other end while hoping that one of them will be picked to serve him. The whole gisaeng house is fully booked for him. He looks at the gisaengs and looks down at his black ring while fiddling it. He can’t find what he wants. He stood up and leaves immediately. Joo Wal asks himself about his crazy actions. A gisaeng follow him to flirt with him but he pushes her away. She continues to do it until he shoves her against a tree and holds a dagger to her throat. She whimpers in fear and he has the crazy look on his face. He expects her to not to tell anyone. He leaves and left the gisaeng.

Eun Oh pants and grumbles while carrying her all the way. When they’ve arrived, Arang asks him whether she’s heavy or not which turns out that she was wake. Eun Oh places his hand at the back of his neck. They’ve come to see Bang Wool who is not happy to hear Arang’s voice. Arang asks Bang Wool to get the finest new clothes. Bang Wool doesn’t want to do again like last time but Eun Oh gives money to her which she decides to help them out.

Bang Wool needs to take measurements. Eun Oh has to do it since Bang Wool can’t see Arang. First, they need to check the bust size. Arang points out that she can do it on her own because she is too embarrassed to call out her number. She whispers to Bang Wool’s ear but Bang Wool shouts out her bust side. Then, Eun Oh continues to measure the rest. He measures her neck which brings them closer. They flick glances from time to time while touching the shoulders, arms, and hands. Bang Wool declares that measurements are done and points out that Arang has an attractive willowy figure. Arang pulls out from the awkwardness. Bang Wool asks Eun Oh how he can see ghosts. He warns her not to tell anybody about his ability. He leaves while wondering why his heart is beating. Without noticing, Arang is watching him from the rooftop while smiling. She was impressed with his kindness and is happy that she is good at judging the character.

On his way back to town, Eun Oh crosses the bridge and see Joo Wal is coming from the opposite direction. They pass silently but Eun Oh wonders what makes him so attractive that Arang likes.

Lord Choi is told that Joo Wal has return from the gisaeng house. He figures about his character. He asks how long till the half month. Joo Wal stands outside while looking at the full moon.

Eun Oh wakes up because he feels something. He opens his eyes and finds Arang lying next to him. She is also staring at him. She tells him everyone has their own laments and ask if he knows her. He makes a guess: wearing a set of clothes for three years. She shakes her head and said that it’s become a virgin ghost without ever having had one kiss. His eyes widen and she leans in closer.

Point of View

As usual, humour draws me into wanting me to keep watching this drama after watching two episodes. Looks like it’s Detective Eun Oh who is on the case to regain Arang’s memory back. I love some good myth, mystery, and laughter in it. There are some mysteries in this drama: (1) Eun Oh’s investigates Arang’s death, (2) Eun Oh’s search for his mother, and (3) Joo Wal looking at full moon while holding onto his black ring. Interesting. Hmm…. I’m looking forward to how these mysteries are going to be unfolded. Don’t you just love some mysteries and detective works?

The good news is that there’s a focus on every single character individually and being together. With that, you get to know their secrets and stories. Then, you see them join forces and give spices of the whole story in a one big package.

Eun Oh is so funny when it comes to what he says and how he acts. Notice the face expressions that he did throughout this episode. What’s even funnier is that he gets frustrated when he’s with Arang. Ah, the perfect couple that makes us laugh. I’m not really understood about Eun Oh’s losing his mother at the moment. Sure, he solves Arang’s mysterious death so that he can find his mother which I’m okay with that. But, since that’s one key point of Eun Oh’s storyline, I’m sure that we all are curious about what happens to his mother and where on earth is she. Besides, I rather have both Eun Oh and Arang being together. That’s the point of the storyline in this drama, right?

I’m starting to like the steamy chemistry between Arang and Eun Oh especially when they become so close while Eun Oh is measuring Arang. There’s going to be love, laughter, and hate among each other but they will definitely going to stick together. If not, then, that’ll be the end of the story and wouldn’t want that to happen, right? Hopefully this relationship is slow and steady. Wonder what kind of will pop out in front of them next? Will there be more mysteries and adventures for them?

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