Arang and the Magistrate Episode 3 Review

Episode Recap

Arang leans in for the kiss. Just when their lips are almost touched, Eun Oh wakes up from his dream.
He asks Dol Swe to deliver the letter to Joo Wal to meet him. Dol Swe asks how long he’s planning to play as the ‘magistrate’. Eun Oh assures him that it won’t be long.

The kings of heaven and hell have a lovely afternoon fishing by the river. Jade Emperor sighs at Hades’s wrinkles that come out a lot lately. Hades blames on the ghosts who are running around. Because of that, they have been messing with his energy. Hades asks about those souls who had disappeared for four hundred years. Jade Emperor clears his throat and pats his hand as he feels sorry for that. Hades points out that Heaven promise to go down and fix it but he hasn’t settled the problem yet. Jade Emperor says that he mature so slow because of his temper and asks him to wait patiently. Hades warns Jade Emperor that if he hasn’t settled the problem soon, he’ll do things his way.

Shaman Bang Wool brings in new handbok, makeup, and accessories for Arang. Arang is happy to get all the pretty things. She throws away her old worn clothes and dresses herself up from top to bottom and beautify her face. She looks into the mirror and finds that she can’t see her own reflection. So, she pouts.
Outside, Eun Oh paces back and forth while he wonders why she’s taking so long. She finally comes out and he is admired by her beauty. She and Bang Wool ask if she looks better. Eun Oh blusters that at least she is less terrible-looking ghost. He asks her to stay put until he comes to get her.

Bang Wool begs Arang to leave her alone as she wonders if she did anything wrong, causing her to do bad things, and whether Arang cares about Bang Wool’s situation. Arang quietly leaves while hanging her head. She decides to go and wait for Eun Oh. She picks up her skirt hem and walks so it doesn’t touch the ground. Eun Oh frustrates while walking through the town because of how he get used to Arang’s appearance. He sighs as he has to stick around because he worries that Arang will get into trouble. He turns around and heads back.

Arang heads into town and realizes that the plan doesn’t involve the magistrate. She decides to get the magic herbs and solve her own mystery without Eun Oh. She visits the black market dealer while three angry ghosts are behind her. They ambush her in the abandoned barn because they’re upset that she’s involved in getting the food offerings. She scoffs at the petty dispute and throws her first punch. She is angry that they are ruining her new clothes. She fights against the ghosts but more and more ghosts appear before her. She knocks them down, kicks, punches, and all the fighting moves while screaming at them to not to ruin her clothes. But, she gets beaten up and they hold her still for the leader to raise his arm.

Suddenly, Eun Oh throws a flying kick at the leader. He pulls Arang right into his arms. Then, he realizes what he has done and pushes her away. He sighs as he wonders how she’s constantly surrounded by people who want to fight against her. He notices that her clothes are ripped and whines about how much they cost. The ghosts stare at him as they know that he can see them. He threatens them with his bag of red beans and they all step back but he finds only one tiny bean left in his bag.

The fight begins. Both of them fight each and every ghost. They back up each other and ask if they’re alright. Arang warns them they’ve messed with a human and the reapers are on their way. They gang up on Eun Oh up in the rafters and he brings out his weapon: fan. Later, he sees Arang being strangled and fights his way over to save her. Both of them are cornered. Luckily, two reapers come just in time and start attacking the ghosts. Eun Oh grabs Arang and they run off. She follows him while the people see that Eun Oh is running with his arm hanging behind him.

After they’re at a safe place, she breaks free from his grasp and looks down at her dirtied and ripped dress with a long face. She doesn’t want to go meet Joo Wal with her attire like this. He annoys her and she cries that Joo Wal can’t see her anyway and stomps off. It starts to rain and Eun Oh wonders what on earth he’s doing. He follows Arang. When they reach the meeting place, Joo Wal is already gone. Arang sighs about how her life doesn’t go right. Eun Oh agrees and point out her misfortunes. He leans in closer and points out that it’s so unfair for her that she can’t go to heaven. Arang screams in his face and then shouts to the heavens about what she had done wrong including shouting that person a mean old man.

Her cries reach to the sky bridge where the Jade Emperor is frustrated with the noise. Hades laughs that someone’s looking for him. Jade Emperor counters that she said ‘old man’ so it’s not him whom she’s shouting to. They continue playing badook and the Jade Emperor hears her cries again and smiles to himself. When he places his stone, the rain continues to pour at earth and suddenly we see a red ribbon floating on the grounds.

Once the rain stops, someone runs over to the magistrate’s office to tell them the news. At Joo Wal’s house, they receive the same news.

Eun Oh runs into Dol Swe who walks with the others. Eun Oh asks him what happened and Dol Swe replies that they have found a dead body. A young lady. Eun Oh arrives at the crime scene where a body was buried in the ground. It was found after a heavy rain. It turns out that the dead body is the former magistrate’s daughter who disappeared three years ago. The lady’s servant, whom he met outside her room, cries by the body. He sees the butterflies design and knows that it’s Arang.

He squats down to uncover her face. The others wonder how her body is not decayed for three years. He scans the corpse and couldn’t find his mother’s hairpin. They tell him that she was likely murdered. He remembers that Arang told him that she felt the pain in her side. He turns around and finds Arang standing there. He blocks her view and asks her not to look. However, she pushes him aside and sees her cold and lifeless body on the ground. She is shocked and she steps back. She wonders why she is dead. She turns around and runs away. Eun Oh wants to go after but stops when he sees that Joo Wal has arrived.

Arang runs through a field while crying as she questions herself why she has to die. Flashback: She is shock to be a ghost. She suffers from hunger and fights her way to survive in the world. She learned to fight back and take whatever she could. Back to the field scene, she cries her heart out as tears fall from her eyes. Then, she goes to a river, collapses to the ground, and sobs.

Joo Wal stands over the body of his fiancé. His servant announces that they’ll be taking the body but Eun Oh stops them from doing that. He points out that this is a murder scene and things should not be moved about. They ask who is he to mess with Joo Wal. Eun Oh introduces himself as the new magistrate. The Bang Trio nod their heads to confirm Eun Oh’s identity. Joo Wal asks about the missed meeting earlier and Eun Oh replies that he wanted to ask him something but looks like that he doesn’t need to. Joo Wal voices out that it’s his father’s order to deal with this quietly. Eun Oh counters that if his fiancée was murdered, this is a matter of clearing her name and recovering her honour. Joo Wal says that their family is more concerned to avoid people from talking about this issue again. Eun Oh understands that he must have been angry for the past three years since she left him. However, Joo Wal corrects him that he felt nothing. He hardly knew the girl and saw her face only once after they get married. He can’t even remember how she looks like. Eun Oh narrow his eyes. Joo Wal notes that he doesn’t care what the magistrate will do with the body but his father might think differently. He warns him with a little smile.

Arang cries herself to sleep by the river and wakes up at night.

Eun Oh watches as her servant burns her clothes in tears while apologizing that she has to send her this way. She hopes that she’ll go to a better place. He sighs that he told Arang not to look at the body and wonders where she ran off to. Dol Swe informs him that he had moved the body to her room and asks what Eun Oh is going to do next. He doesn’t really know but he’ll ask. Dol Swe thinks that he’ll ask Lord Choi but Eun Oh means to ask Arang.

The body, which is worn in burial clothes, is in the room. Arang shows up and sits by her side. She stares at her face and finds that how she looks like. While holding her tears, she keeps asking why she died. What happened to her? Who did this to her? She cries while begging her to give her the answers. She wipes away her tears and vows that she’ll find the answers for her.

She sits on the roof and looks at the moon. She talks to the old man and asks what really happened to her. Then, she folds her hands and closes her eyes. She admits her mistakes and she’ll be good in the next life if the old man gives her the answers that she wanted. She keeps asking the old man if it’s okay until she throws her hands down in frustration. She cries out since she thinks he’s not going to tell her. Her cries reach to the Jade Emperor who jumps again. Hades tells him to leave it alone since he’s the one who’s going to punish Arang. Jade Emperor says that she promised to come quietly if he tells her and he sometimes answers prayers. Hades argues not to keep messing with the balance because whenever things go wrong, he has to clean up the mess. Thus, Hades is the ‘bad god’ while Jade Emperor is the ‘good god’. Hades wonders if there’s anything less fair in the whole world. Jade Emperor looks up in surprise and asks if Hades think about those things. Hades yells back to cover up his embarrassment and Jade Emperor laughs.

Eun Oh sits with the body while wondering where Arang went.

Bang Wool thought her prayers has been answered but she hears Arang again. Arang asks her another favour. Then, we find Bang Wool is at a creepy and deserted wotn. She finds a door which is sealed off with a talisman. Arang appears beside her and asks what it is. Bang Wool says that there’s something at the other side of the door. They enter into the spooky house and Bang Wool opens up her spell book. She warns Arang that if something goes wrong, both of them will be dead. Arang is fine as she’s a ghost and she’s soon going to disappear anyway.

Eun Oh becomes so anxious that he leaves Dol Swe to guard the body and he goes out to look for Arang.
Joo Wal stares at the moon again. His father comes out to belittle him for not even handling one situation. He comments about how Joo Wal’s wearing and points out people can tell the difference between real and fake. His father wonders if he can cope with the full moon and warns that if there’s any misfortune in his house, he’ll blame Joo Wal and will not let it go.

Bang Wool looks around until she finds a hidden wall which has a strange symbol on it. Arang feels the wind from that wall. Bang Wool takes out the cloth which has another symbol. She hangs it up. She asks Arang to tell her what exactly they’re trying to catch but she doesn’t answer. She blows on Bang Wool’s face and her skin is covered in boils. She screams and hides in the corner. Arang apologizes to her and wonders if ‘they’ will come. She announces that she’s going to the Underworld and thanks Bang Wool for being patient with her troubles. Bang Wool looks happy that Arang is leaving and asks if she’ll never get to see Arang again. Arang answers yes.

Then, the air has change and Arang asks if ‘he’ came. It turns out that Mu Young appears behind her. Mu Young asks Arang if she’s ready to return. Arang says that she’ll go and he can sleep easily but on one condition: she’ll go if she can meet the Jade Emperor. He tells her that’s impossible and she argues with him. He brings out the red rope and she eyes the wall behind him. She keeps saying that she’ll ask the old man. Finally, Bang Wool snaps out of her fear and pushes the seal over the other which creates a giant vortex.
The vortex sucks Mu Young to the wall where he holds on. Arang gets sucked in too and stick to Mu Young. He demands to know what she’s doing and warns her that she’ll get sucked in and disappear too. She doesn’t care since she has nothing left to loss. She demands to see the Jade Emperor.

In heaven, Jade Emperor sighs as troubles come again. Hades laughs that he’s going to win in baddok. Mu Young struggles from being sucked in the vortex. He asks why she’s doing this. Arang says even if she told him, he wouldn’t understand. He points out that he doesn’t make deals with ghosts. He struggles to untie the seal to close the portal. In heaven, Hades chuckles because he thinks that he’s going to win but the Jade Emperor puts down the last stone to win the game. Hades gasps in horror. He begs his brother to undo one move. Jade Emperor asks him what he’ll do for him.

Hades cries for Mu Young and he grits his teeth and tells Arang that he’ll follow her request. She tells Bang Wool that it’s done and she unties the seal. They fall to the ground. Mu Young scolds her not to do this crazy stunt again and she points out that they’ll not going to be close anyway. In heaven, Jade Emperor takes back the stone and smiles. Hades grumbles and resumes the game.

Eun Oh runs and keeps looking for Arang. Meanwhile, Mu Young brings Arang through the woods. He is taking her to the afterlife.

Point of View

The kings heaven and hell are so funny. They get to control the living earth while they are playing badook. I laughed when they have an ‘interesting’ conversation especially when the king of heaven calmly talks to his brother. Arang and Mu Young are having a hard time at earth while the kings enjoy themselves. A perfect pair, indeed. I’m really looking forward to those brothers who just make me smile.

I’m surprised to see that Arang’s body is found and that body is not decayed yet since she has been missing for three years. She has the right to cry while asking herself why she died because she has no memory of what happened and she found her own body lying there. It breaks my heart while she is crying in tears about her death. Eun Oh did try his best to not allowing her to see her own dead body because he knew that she’s going to cry. Then, Arang talks to her own dead body as if she is speaking to another person. She keeps questioning that person about her death. To me, she used to be the shy Seo Rim and become the strong Arang. Arang has become a strong person who has been fighting to survive within those three years. She is determined to find out the truth about her death by asking the grim reaper to bring her to meet the king of heaven.

I’m rooting for Arang who is going to solve her own mystery even though her fate is controlled by the kings of heaven and hell. Along the way, she will become stronger and determined even though she is the usual annoying chatty person. Thanks to this episode. I get all jumpy with what’s going to happen to Arang when she goes to meet the kings of heaven and hell. Where would she be? Will she be able to get back to earth? On the other hand, I want to know Mu Young’s and Joo Wal’s story that my curiosity level is going higher. Then again, we have to take one step at a time to look into their stories since this episode mostly focus on Arang’s situation.

Although Arang is the main character in this episode, it looks like Eun Oh is starting to have feelings for her at the very beginning. He helped and worried about her even though he doesn’t want to show his true feelings for her. They’re the perfect couple even though they argue a lot. I’m excited to see them solving the case while fighting against evil.

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