Arang and the Magistrate Episode 4 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Oh looks for Arang and can’t find her which makes him worry about what’s happened to her. Bang Wool runs crazily until she arrives home and immediately prays to the gods. She cries out that she did nothing wrong. Eun Oh scares her to death and asks her about Arang. She informs him that Arang went to the Underworld for real since Arang has said her goodbyes to her. She wonders if Arang has gone mad since she has threatened the grim reaper and demanded to see the Jade Emperor. Thus, she’ll no be safe in the Underworld.

Mu Young brings Arang through the forest while Arang walks behind him. She asks whether he can really die. He points out that nothing last forever which means that he’ll just disappear. Arang sees no big deal in disappearing. She asks again if he has a past life as a human but he doesn’t answer.

They arrive at the riverside and the reaper’s lantern drops to the ground. The night turns to day. He reminds her that once they cross the river, she cannot return. He asks whether she’s ready to leave this life. She notes that she didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. She is ready to face whatever comes her way and reminds him to keep his promise. A boat floats down the river toward them and he boards it. Arang joins him and takes a seat.

During their boat travel, Arang looks back toward the shore. They travel across the river where there’s a beautiful nature. Then, everything turns black and white. Arang is shocked when they come to a waterfall. Around her, there are also other people in other boats. They are falling over the edge. Arang falls and brace for herself. We find that the waterfall leads them to an entry to the next world. She falls into the water and sinks deeper and deeper. Next, she floats in the air. She heard a voice who is calling for her. Arang opens her eyes and finds herself standing next to Mu Young in a large cave. The scary scarecrow stands up and flies at her. It looks at her with fiery eyes and hisses at her.

Eun Oh asks about hell. Bang Wool explains about the punishment and passage in the underworld. It determines how the people live as as a human. Most people will get the lighter punishment. For Arang, since she has gone against the reaper, she is going to have a very harsh punishment. Eun Oh argues that she can’t know that since she doesn’t have supernatural powers. Bang Wool points out that she must respect the book. The point is there is nothing that Eun Oh can do to save Arang from the underworld.

Late at night, the Bang Trio lead a group of Lord Choi’s men to the magistrate’s house to take the body away. Dol Swe stands still and vows that he’s not going to let them to take the body away. The fight begins. He’s the only one with no weapons but he still fights until he’s outnumbered and injured. When a man with a knife goes after him, a shoe hits him and it turns out that shoe belongs to Eun Oh. Dol Swe cries in relief. Eun Oh knew that something is going to happen like this since Joo Wal and Lord Choi won’t let this matter go easy. He warns them that if anything happens to him, they will be digging their own graves. The men leave with disappointment. Dol Swe cries and hugs his master. Eun Oh pats his back for doing a good job.

Eun Oh asks the body what she would have him do. The next morning, he tells the Bang Trio to prepare for Seo Rim’s funeral. The villagers will be informed to pay their respects and apologize for gossiping about her. He sighs to himself since that’s the only thing he can do for her. He announces that he’ll leave after the funeral.

Lord Choi is disappointed that they unable to get the body. Then, when he hears that Eun Oh is arranging the funeral for Seo Rim, he feels relieved. He thought that Eun Oh is going to investigate it but he lets it go easily.
A notice about Seo Rim’s funeral is posted at the village. They are asked to apologize to her. They are curious about how her body didn’t decay.

Eun Oh sits at the memorial altar and sighs because nobody showed up for the past two days. He feels relief that Arang didn’t get to meet Joo Wal. He questions whether she really goes to hell.

The next day, Eun Oh receives bows from Seo Rim’s servant woman. Both of them are wearing mourning clothes. Eun Oh plans to leave to bury Seo Rim. While Dol Swe packs his things, he is frustrated over mourners who did not show up at Seo Rim’s funeral. He believes that it’s because of Lord Choi’s power.
Suddenly, when Eun Oh walks outside, he finds Arang standing in front of him. He stares in shock while she teases him for being speechless. She is glad to see him again. Dol Swe comes out and, shockingly, he can see Arang and asks if she’s here to pay her respects. Dol Swe leaves and wonders why Eun Oh is anxious when he’s with Arang. Then, he stops his tracks and thinks that Eun Oh has a sweetheart without his knowing.

Arang feels touched that Eun Oh keeps looking for her. Eun Oh really wants to know what happened to know so he demands a very good explanation from her. Arang says that she has become a person. Stunned Eun Oh touches her face and grabs her shoulders to see whether she’s really human. Then, she tells her story.

A flashback from the last time we saw her encountering with the creepy scarecrow. The scarecrow flies backwards and a white light pops out. Mu Young leads Arang toward it. Then, they are flying in the sky. Arang lands on a floating stone dish in front of the heaven’s gate. Jade Emperor asks Arang why she wants to see him. There they are the kings of heaven and hell who stand proud. The funny part is when Hades asks what the Jade Emperor sprayed and he replies that he sprayed perfume to welcome a woman.

Arang proudly says that she’s glad to meet the old man Jade Emperor while she talks to Hades. Jade Emperor corrects her that he’s the real Jade Emperor. Arang gapes when she looks at him in disbelief. She gets straight to the point by asking him about her death but the Jade Emperor asks whether she did. He notes that he can’t know everything in this world and can’t watch over every single person. Hades quietly discuss with Jade Emperor about the ‘consultation’. Hades says that she should go to hell immediately because of her sins. Then, Jade Emperor says that he’s not desperate to ask for anything. In the end, Hades decides to give her another chance. They give her a mission: to find her own answer. If she doesn’t fulfil that mission, she will go to the deepest hell. Arang accepts that challenge.

They stand under the yin and yang orb. Arang stands in between Jade Emperor and Hades. Jade Emperor gathers his heavenly power in his hands while explaining that before there was an earth and sky, there was one yin-yang. Through that, all things were born and the universe was created. Hades brings out his dark force. Both of them shoot their energies to Arang. The forces whirl around her until she’s inside a little shining yin-yang orb. Jade Emperor tells Arang to find out the truth herself and throws the ball into the sky which goes inside the big yin-yang.

At earth, the orb falls from the sky and lands in the sea with a huge splash. In the water, the ball unfurls and Arang emerges from the orb. She swims up to the surface and yells to the sky because they could have given her some clothes to wear. Arang walks through the grass dripping and naked. She secretly grabs the clothes hanging from a clothesline. She has another power. She can see ghosts. Later, she asks a child if he can see her to see that she’s really human. She giggles when he say that he can see her. She happily skips to the town until she finds a notice about Seo Rim’s funeral. She’s touched that Eun Oh would give her such a send-off. So, she goes to visit Eun Oh.

That’s her story as Eun Oh is shocked to hear this. She boasts that the gods feel sorry for her. She suggests that they should solve her murder case together. Then, they hear Dol Swe’s voice. Dol Swe asks him to come quickly for the burial and teases him for having some ‘quality’ time with the lady while Eun Oh tries to get rid of him. Eun Oh orders her to stay put and he heads off to the burial. She looks around the house till she’s at Seo Rim’s old room. She is happy that she has return to the living earth.

Arang looks at her own reflection in the mirror and she is really happy that she’s a person. However, she has a time limit to find her own answer. She has to solve her murder within three full moons. Once she uncovers the truth, she’ll be able to ring a bell to alert them. Hade warned her that he’ll prepare some punishments for her in hell since he believes that she’ll not solve her murder. She asks what if she had found her answer. Will they let live in heaven? Jade Emperor says that they will think about it when the time is right. Arang grumbles as she’ll show that these old men that she’ll solve the mystery. Not three months, but she can finish it within a month. She is different than the weak Lee Seo Rim.

In heaven, Hades shares his opinion that the truth about the girl’s death isn’t important. He asks the Jade Emperor whether his strategy will succeed. He smirks that Jade Emperor better come up with a better plan if something goes wrong. If she fails, he has to promise Hades’s request. Jade Emperor assures that he will and asks what Hades wants if he wins the bet. Hades wants his body. Jade Emperor stutters but he agrees. He doesn’t say what he wants if he wins. Hades wins this round of badook and laughs. Jade Emperor asks what earthly lives will end now since each game results in life or death consequences on earth. Hade replies that things have to die for new life to spring up in its place.

The funeral procession passes through the village. At home, Joo Wal looks up to the sky as he sense something. He goes to an isolated cottage where a woman sits in a room. She’s behind a veil and dressed like a gisaeng. Joo Wal approaches to the lock in the gate.

Lord Choi’s assistant brings the villagers to a warehouse which contains sacks of rotten food supplies. Lord Choi is doing as an act of kindness to the starving citizens. They thank him for his generosity. The assistant informs Lord Choi that the rotten food was unsellable and unconsumable so they’ve to earn a debt of gratitude from the people without losing anything.

Joo Wal walks thorugh the gate and his father asks his assistant when the full moon is. Both of them exchange their angry looks. He points out that it’s the full moon of a leap month. He asks Joo Wal what happens if he can’t find the girl by tomorrow. What can he do for the woman? He asks Joo Wal not to worry so much. Joo Wal replies to his father that he doesn’t need to worry and suggests that his father should go and attend the funeral. He even dislikes his father’s evil plans that affect Miryang.

Arang goes to the funeral while wearing a guard’s uniform in disguise.

While the coffin is lowered into the ground, Eun Oh wonders If Arang’s story is true. Since people can see her, then it’s true. Dol Swe stares at him and becomes jealous because Eun Oh is thinking about Arang. Arang rushes to the burial place but she has no idea where it is. She bumps into someone who comes from the opposite direction. That person is Joo Wal who grabs her arm before she falls. Then, his black ring starts to glow in bright red which he is shocked to see that. Arang pulls away and thanks him for his help. She asks where Seo Rim’s funeral is but Joo Wal stares at her. She leaves and continues to look for the funeral while he chases after her.

Eun Oh take Arang’s story, including the fact that she’s human, as the truth. He tells himself that she can serve her mystery herself while he continues to find his mother.

Then, Arang joins in the funeral procession and she has an argument with one of the Bang Trio who orders to bury the coffin. They realize that they don’t recognize her face since they already fired some guards the last time. Arang runs for her life that other people, including Eun Oh and Joo Wal, are chasing after her.

They chase her in the town. Eun Oh goes to a different direction while Joo Wal jumps from rooftop to another. Arang loses the Bang Trio but Joo Wal catches her to a dead end. Eun Oh is not far from them. She panics as Eun Oh is going to be really upset about not following his orders. She tries to jump over the fence and asks Joo Wal to lift her up. She promises to return a favour to him. Thus, he lifts her up onto the wall and she thanks him with gratitude. He doesn’t realize that she’s a woman but the smile strikes his realization. He asks whether she’s really an officer and she insists that she is. Then, Eun Oh spots her and yells at her. She goes over to the other side and it’s too late for Eun Oh to catch her. He finds Joo Wal and they look at each other with scary glares.

Point of View

Eun Oh worries about her even though he pretends that she’s irritating. When he hears that she has gone to the Underworld, he feels sad as he worried about her fate and he can’t do anything to get her back to the living. He even prepares a funeral of Arang. She should be thankful to have Mu Young who cares about her. Every time he sighs when Arang gets in trouble, he still cares about her and helps her out. It’s obvious that he has feelings for her and he’ll soon admit it at the later episodes.

Okay, I didn’t expect Arang to come back as a human. However, this is interesting. Why? Because the kings of heaven and hell give her chance to be human so that she can find her lost memory and the truth about her death. I like how Arang is willing to take the mission which she needs to complete within three months. In addition to that, like Mu Young, she can see ghosts. Thus, they will make the perfect team to solve their mysteries. Their great adventure begins including their adorable arguments and troubles along the way.

Again, I love the kings of heaven and hell especially when they talk to Arang about her fate and mission. Don’t forget about the royal background music which adds a little bit of royal comedic element. Also, I find that whenever they play badook together, their conversation makes me laugh. Arang even complains about them which I find it amusing. It’s the kind of fantasy and gods that I really want to see especially when this drama has an interesting storyline. I’m impressed on how the writers did well on Arang is on a mission to find the truth about her death and get her memory back. This fantasy drama, which has become my favourite, keeps me wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

I’m curious about Joo Wal’s story. What’s the relation between Arang and the black ring which he’s wearing? What’s the deal with the secret lady who is locked up in the room? Why his father points out about the full moon? Why his father is involved in Joo Wal’s situation? So many questions come to my mind just because of my curiosity. That’s another mystery which I think Arang and Mu Young are going to find out really soon.

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