Arang and the Magistrate Episode 7 Review

Episode Recap

Eun Oh finds the black talismans that sealed off the mass grave, and starts to lay them out. He recognizes that the characters: North, South, East, and West. After figuring out, he starts to look for more in the forest because of the representation of directions: northwest, southwest, northeast. He finds these corners marked with talismans hanging on trees. He grabs them one by one and puts them down with the others. His mother senses a disturbance and she’s not happy about it. Jade Emperor and Hades watch while the crystal ball begins to crack.

Eun Oh needs to get one more piece left: southeast. He finds the last one, hanging from a tree that’s at the edge of a cliff. He inches forward while keeping his balance to grab the talisman. Meanwhile, the Bangs trio, who are behind, decides the right chance to kill him. They should push him off the cliff but they argue who should push him. Leader Lee Bang lost in the small game. So, he starts to sneak up behind Eun Oh with a terrified look. Eun Oh reaches for it while Lee Bang closes his eyes and reaches his hands out. However, he just stands there and reaches out for Eun Oh’s butt. Eun Oh inches forward again and manages to grab the talisman from the branch. Suddenly, he loses his balance and goes tumbling down the cliff.

Once the last talisman has taken off, his mother trembles and shouts in a pained cry. She looks up at the heavens wonder whether it has begun. Up in the heavens, the crystal ball shattered and a light escapes. The Jade emperor says that it’s finally been uncovered. He sends Mu Young to see if there are any traces left. He muses that the bad guys will be worried wince they uncovered the thing she’s been struggling so hard to keep hidden. He questions Hades if humans are useful sometimes. Hades admits that the ‘child’ is useful to help them. The Jade Emperor smirks to himself.

Meanwhile, the Bangs trio rush over to Lee Bang’s side to congratulate him for doing it but he swears that he didn’t do it. They drag him away and protest that he did it. Arang calls out for Eun Oh while running through the forest. Mu Young is at the edge of the cliff where Eun Oh fell but he walks away. Arang calls out for Eun Oh at the grave and Mu Young shows up behind her. She voices out and asked if he’s still following her. Mu Young walks past her, through the rope, and towards the grave. She continues to look for Eun Oh. Mu Young crouches and puts his hand on a talisman and feels something. He wonders but couldn’t believe that it might be his sister, Mu Yeon. Arang continues to call Eun Oh but no response. Then, she spots something near the tree where he fell.

Joo Wal goes to see Eun Oh’s mother. She points her finger at him and screams in a rage that Joo Wal causes the problem. He falls down to his knees and beg for forgiveness. He swears that he killed her and he did check to make sure she was dead. He didn’t know that she’d come alive again and walk right out. Eun Oh’s mother asked what did he say and wonders if Arang’s alive.

Arang looks over the ledge and finds Eun Oh lying on the other ledge. He’s bloody and unconscious. She rushes back to the gravesite and starts to untie the rope. She calls out to Mu Young for help but he walks away. She runs back to the cliff and ties the rope to the tree. She musters up the courage to climb herself down to get Eun Oh. As she comes closer, she loses her footing and the rope breaks. So, she fells down pass the ledge where Eun Oh is. Luckily, Eun Oh catches her with his bloody arm. He asks whether she’s here to save him or kill him. He brings her up with all his strength and they both collapse in a heap. He says that both of them could’ve die but then realizes that Arang can’t die. She quickly ties off his bloody arm and panics because they have no way to get out of here. He proposes a solution: she jumps off the ledge and she’d die but she’ll come back to life so she could go and get help. She looks down at the river far below and then she closes her eyes to get ready to jump. She attempts to jump but Eun Oh grabs her and says that it was a joke. She asks what they should do then. He tells her that he’ll think of something and then he was unconscious. She screams at him to wake up and shakes him but he’s not responding. She looks around and spots an entrance between the rocks behind her.

The Bangs Trio drink and Dol Swe looks for Eun Oh. Then, it starts to rain.

We find that Arang pulls Eun Oh to a cave. They’re both covered in blood. She tries to wake him up. She says that she’ll be right back and warns him not to die. She crawls to find a larger cave and drags Eun Oh in. It’s raining and Eun Oh starts to shiver from the cold. Arang decides to go behind him and puts her arms around him to keep him warm. He asks what she’s doing and she replies that she’s trying to warm him up. She wonders if she should take her clothes off. He cracks a smile. Then, she decides not to do it. She asks if this is any warmer. Eun Oh points out that there is no heat from her. She sits up and puts her hands to her face to try to feel the warmth. She says it’s normal but he sighs. Then, she decides to look for something to build a fire. Eun Oh sighs that it would be better if she sat still.

Once she’s alone, she mutters that there’s no such thing as human without body heat. She still insists that she’s a person. She reaches at the end of her trail where the waterfall is and turns back. Then, a shadowy figure appears. She backs up in fear but she sees a man who says he ran into the cave to avoid the rain. She brings him to Eun Oh and asks the man if it’s still raining outside. Arang asks if he has anything to start a fire with. Suddenly, the man’s voice changes and he snaps that she is so annoying. He gets up and points out that he’s always prepared to start a fire because he dones’t like raw livers.

He gives a creepy smile and says that he likes the livers to be cooked. His other personality comes back and slaps himself in the face. He giggles in glee since he’s going to get two livers at once. Arang backs up while being terrified. She asks what he is and he says he doesn’t know either. He backs her up against the wall and demands her liver. He sniffs and then licks because Arang has a really delicious liver like a newborn baby’s. He opens his mouth, ready to take a bite, and she screams.

Luckily, Eun Oh give one whack on the man with his walking stick. He’s barely standing but he says he knew something was up when the man show up completely dry despite the rain. Liver Man asks whether he know who he is but Eun Oh doesn’t care. The Liver Man can have the liver but not his. He gathers his strength and beat the Liver Man. Both of them are down. He yells at her to run but she refuses to go alone. She pulls him up and they run while she complains that he offered up her liver. However, Liver Man continues to hit Eun Oh to the ground. He’s down and the Liver Man goes after Arang. He reaches in and trembles that she’s not human. He looks at her closely and says she’s not a ghost either. She head-butts him and screams that she’s a person. He shakes and asks what she is and she insists she’s human. However, he realizes something which makes him so happy that he continues to go after Arang.

Then, he stops and turns because Mu Young arrives. Mu Young silently draws his sword. Arang asks while Mu Young slashes him with his sword. Then, Mu Young draws him with his soul-reaping stick and left only the clothing. Arang asks what he really is and Mu Young replies that he was a soul, sealed away for centuries and twisted so that even he didn’t know what he was anymore. Arang says she’s never heard of such a thing. Mu Young points out if she loses herself, she becomes a demon. She asks again why someone would seal this place, and he says it’s not this place that was sealed. He disappears and Arang shouts to ask more questions. She runs over to Eun Oh and shakes him whether he’s dead. Eun Oh says that he’s not dead yet.

Dol Swe couldn’t wait anymore and decides to look for Eun Oh. He’s willing to die with him if he dies.
Mu Young returns to report to the kings that he found a demon. That’s what happens then the seal is broken. Hades wonders how the baddie got to be so strong. He worries that the baddie will develop the power to create demons. Jade Emperor says that might be true but not to worry since they have that child as their final weapon.

Arang and Eun Oh burn the Liver Demon’s clothes to for a fire. Arang sits with Eun Oh and asks what he will do if she hadn’t found him. She nags that she’ll see how he treats her after saving his live. He asks how her wound is and she says it’s okay. She wants to catch the person who stabbed her and asks whether Eun Oh could join. He agrees to it and they decide to catch the guy who killed Seo Rim. She lies down next to him and asks what he thinks about when one person loses himself/herself, a person becomes a demon. She thinks that all spirits are the same but there’s big difference between ghosts and evil liver-eating spirits. She is fine going to hell if she has to, but she’ll not become one of those. She thinks again and then finds that Eun Oh is already asleep. She watches him sleep. She remembers their first night together and can’t help but smile. She says goodnight but she asks whether Seo Rim’s fiancé come to her funeral. She sighs as she wonders why she didn’t appear before him instead of Eun-oh, because then she wouldn’t be suffering like this. She cutely says to him good night and don’t die.

The next morning, Arang wakes up and scream for Eun Oh. He comes hobbling out from one side of the cave, and says they need to find a way out. She says that she’ll check the other side but he says that that side is going to collapse. Then, the cave starts to cave in and they have to go back to the ledge where they started. They argue about how to get up from here. Suddenly, a rope appears and they look up that Dol Swe has come to save them. Dol Swe is relief that he found Eun Oh after searching all night. He makes sure to scowl at Arang. Eun Oh tells her to climp up first but Dol Swe brings the rope back up because he doesn’t want her to go up first. Eun Oh goes up and then it’s Arang’s turn. He keeps saying that the rope might break or the ledge will collapse while Arang climns up. As he pulls her up with all his strength, he says that if the rope does break and she happens to fall, to just take a deep breath and it’ll be over in an instant. Then, the rope snaps and she falls. He screams for her as she falls all the way down and lands on a rock. She dies instantly and she falls into the river. Eun Oh gets up and starts looking for her but he collapses.

Mu Young informs the news to the kings and Hades angrily asks why the cave collapsed. Mu Young answers it must’ve been the seal break and all the energy escaped. Jade Emperor asks if he found any traces of the one they’re looking for but nothing yet. He says she’ll have to show herself eventually. Hades blames Jade Emperor for breaking the rules in the first place as they should have sent her to hell. Hades adds that they follow rules for a reason. Jade Emperor says that the grave has been uncovered and Arang’s identity is known so she’ll be the next target. Hades sighs at his brother’s concern over mortals and says at least it’ll mean fewer needless deaths for the time being.

Joo Wal is kneeling before Eun Oh’s mother all day and night. She smiles and says that they have to keep Arang alive. She tells Joo Wal to keep Arang and Eun Oh alive for now and find out what Arang wants the most. Joo Wal doesn’t understand. She lifts the veil and walks up to him. He sits in front of her and she touches his face and asks whether he’s hurt. She leans in close and whispers in his ear that he’s the precious son to her. She sends him away with his new task. She goes down to her secret underground lair. She touches two jars which are at the altar. She tells them that it’s time for them to come out. She releases the black demon energy and two reapers appear before her. She tells them that she was worried when her seal broke and discovered about Arang.

Lord Choi wakes up from his long rest and hears news about Eun Oh. He is told that Eun Oh is the son of a concubine. He also finds the reason why Eun Oh came to Miryang. He comes up with a plan and asks his servant to gather some strong men.

Joo Wal looks for Eun Oh but the Bangs Trio tells him that he’s dead. He asks about Arang and they says that they haven’t seen her. Then, Dol Swe arrives with Eun Oh on his back and the Bangs Trio gasp. Dol Swe yells at them to send someone down to the river because Arang fell.

Arang’s body is washed ashore and the bones in her broken arms reset themselves.

The Bangs Trio point out that they didn’t kill him. Then, they hear the news from the doctor that Eun Oh lost a lot of blood but he’ll be okay. Dol Swe cries by his master’s bedside and Eun Oh tries to call for Arang. Dol Swe continues to cry.

Joo Wal goes searching for Arang. He finds her lying on the river bank and approaches to her. He checks and she’s breathing. He looks up at the cliff and wonders how she can be alive. He holds her up and she is awake. She recognizes him and wonders if he’s real. She touches his face to see and feels his warmth so he’s real. She asks how he found her and he says that he happened to pass by. She thanks him and gets up to go. She falters and he runs to catch her. She still says that she’s okay and keeps going. He runs after her and brings her up to his horse. They ride away as she leans back and falls asleep on his shoulder. Eun-oh finally wakes up.

Point of View

The love triangle shall begin. A victim, a murderer, and a hero. I would say this is something different. We are going to have interesting conversations from those three and getting some intense which gives us goosebumps. I’m looking forward to how Arang gets so close with Joo Wal that makes Eun Oh jealous. Later, we could see that Eun Oh will say serve her right when she finds out that Joo Wal’s intention is to kill her again. Nice. There’s the yin (laughter) and yang (fear) in this drama which I love it.

Okay, Eun Oh’s mother is seriously creepy. She’s the evil witch who possessed the demons and monsters. She has evil spells to cast on. Wonder what powers she’s going to throw at next? Basically, she eats or stores the souls. Those souls, who are stored, turned out they become evil and they have no idea what they are doing because they are controlled by the evil witch. Well, let’s see what sneaky moves she’s going to do in the next upcoming episodes, shall we?

There are still mysteries about Eun Oh and Arang. I’m sure there’s something that we don’t exactly know about them. It seems like the both of them are the keys in unlocking the mystery and give use the big picture. I’m dying in curiosity. It’s so nice to see scary creatures in this drama. They are going to fight them and maybe they might be the clues to bring to their answer. What creatures they will meet while searching for answers?

I feel sorry for Arang. Yes, she can be healed and revived after being killed but she still wants to be a real human and person. She wants to enjoy life as a person like others do. While she looks for answer to Seo Rim’s death, she still questions about her ‘identity’ which catches my attention. Even though she’s outgoing, she has a complicated heart. Don’t worry. Trust yourself and you’ll find a way. Also, you have Eun Oh to help you, too.

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