Artist Spotlight – Clazziquai

The Korean music industry has a lot of hidden and not so hidden gems. Away from the glitz and glamour of the K-pop industry is a whole wide range of music to suit individual tastes.

Clazziquai the group have managed to create unique electronic, jazz and lounge influenced music that has been highly successful. You could say they are a successful example of alternative music the Korean music industry has to offer.

Clazziquai are a three member group formed of DJ Clazzi and singers Alex Chu (known as Alex) and Horan. The initial group featured Alex’s sister Christina, but she later chose to stay and work in Canada. Alex’s family had emigrated to Canada where he attended high school and college. He met DJ Clazzi who was also studying in Canada and the group was formed in 2001.

Clazzi had posted his music online and many netizens (online citizens) respond positively to his music, the group then released a few short albums. With their ongoing following from the online community Clazziquai released a full length album titled ‘Instant Pig’ in 2004.

The album was a critical hit with five out of the six songs being featured in Korea TV adverts.

Two of their songs were also featured ion the popular TV drama My Lovely Samsoon. This brought them more attention with some calling them the leaders in the Hallyu movement.

The followed Instant Pig with their next album Colour Your Soul in 2005. This album saw them focus more on an acoustic sound but still holding onto their electronic roots. The album also features my favourite song of theirs ‘Colour your Soul’. It reminds me of summer and lazing around, enjoying the weather.

Clazziquai doesn’t always feature Alex and Horan on the vocals and the DJ is known to work with other artists to bring about new and exciting music. Furthermore the group has respect and adulation from idols and non idols in the Korean music industry. Their music has a mixture of influences from electronic dance, lounge, jazz and bossa nova.

The group are set to return later this year with new music and I am very excited to hear what they”ve got to offer.

They are certainly unique and stand out in the crowd. They are my favourite Korean group and are definitely worth checking out.

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