Artist Spotlight – Soulights (Seoulites)

Tired of heavy baselines and fast beats?

Not in the mood to bingo with Super Junior?

Then welcome the brilliant sounds of Soulights (also known as the Seoulites), a group that debuted in November of 2002.

The mixed group consists of the following members: Jung EunSun (Vocal), Jung JaeHoon (Bass Guitar), Kim DooHyun (Drum), Son ChangHak (Electric Keyboard), and Yoo KyungPyo (Electric Guitar).

Judging by the name of the group it is clear that their musical focus is that their musical direction is clearly rooted in soul music. Listening to their music reminds of the neo-soul music genre which is personified by acts such as Erykah Badu and Angie Stone. Although the group do focus more on the R&B end of the soul music spectrum.

The group are hugely underrated and seem to perform at local bars and venues in Korea with a strong emphasis on the live acoustic atmosphere. The group released an album in February of this year titled ‘Seoulitude’

So why are they artists to watch out for?

For music like this

They provide a welcome change to the heavy dance sound which is so prevalent in today’s charts. They also illustrate the wonderful variety to be found in the Korean music industry.

Truth be told, we all know that K-pop has produced music that is seemingly superficial with the focus not being on the lyrics. Granted, this is the pop industry and it exists to bring us music that requires no intellectual investment. We do not always want to get an intellectual message from our music, instead we just want to dance and have a good time.

The problem comes however when this pop manufactured sound becomes the main stay of music and seemingly becomes the sound of a nation.

Soulights make sure to keep a light burning for Korean R&B and soul.

Vocalist Jung EunSun has a powerful voice that easily conveys the emotion of each song. Unlike some singers who sound amazing in the studio, watching live performances confirms her skill and talent for grabbing your attention and pulling at your heart strings.

At the moment the group is performing in venues around Seoul and keep active on their YouTube and Facebook pages.

They are relatively an unknown band but with the amount of talent present won’t take long for this band to truly make an impact on the Korean music scene.

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