Asiana Airlines introduces new lounge meal service

Asiana Airlines (President & COO: Young-Doo Yoon) introduces a new meal consisting of bibimbab with seasoned spring greens, hwajeon (pan-fried rice cakes with flower petals), fresh strawberries and a strawberry shake created by a top chef from the internationally renowned Westin Chosun Hotel at the Chef’s Corner of the Incheon International Airport lounge.
From November last year, Asiana Airlines has offered a distinguished chef service which differentiates Asiana from other airline companies’ typical menu of snacks and drinks.
On special occasions including New Year’s Day and Joengwol Daeboreum (the 15th of January by the lunar calendar), travelers enjoyed special meals – Tteokguk (rice-cake soup) on New Year’s Day, and Bibimbab on Joengwol Daeborem.
Travelers also enjoyed roasted turkey last Christmas. Chicken Yakidori and grilled salmon are available in the first class lounge on a daily basis as well as Vietnamese rice noodles and hot sandwiches in the business class lounge.
CEO of Global Traveler, Francis X. Gallagher was impressed with the unique menu selection available in the lounge and released exclusive articles of Asiana’s Chef’s Corner in Global Traveler January and February edition. 

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