Asiana Airlines recognized for best service by Business Traveler for 4 Consecutive Years

Asiana Airlines (President : Young-Doo Yoon), for the forth consecutive year, was awarded Best Flight Attendants in the World and Best In-flight Service in the World as well as Best Overall Customer Service- Airlines- Ground/Call center for two consecutive years by Business Traveler Magazine.

Asiana Airlines has excelled in various categories as a result of its continued focus on providing its customers with innovative and unique services, both in the air and on the ground. This year for the first time, Asiana has won Best Overall Customer Service- Airlines- Ground/Call center providing the best of service not only inside the cabins but also on the ground.

The awards are given to the airlines that receive the highest cumulative scores in the survey conducted by research institute MRI (Mediamark Research & Intelligence). MRI is the leading provider of consumer research and data from MRI’s survey.

Asiana Airlines cabin magic shows, in-flight make up services, and onboard chef service are just some of the exclusive ideas that Asiana has produced and many positive compliments has been received. Asiana has put into upgrading its cabin facilities with unlimited investments in upgrading all our A321 with AVOD(Audio Video on demand), spacious seat spaces, all AVOD systems installed in all classes as well as customer-centered booking/ticketing/boarding system. Asiana provides in all areas unique differentiated high class services that can not be found in any other airlines.

Meanwhile, Asiana and Incheon International Airport (CEO: Chae-Wook Lee) established a constructing agreement on the 9th of December at Incheon International Airport to agree on terms of constructing the new hangar.

The 2nd maintenance hangar’s size is 63,800m2 in which the hanger can facilitate 2 B747 along with one B767 at once. A total of 1.1hundred billion won will be invested in building the hanger. Construction for the hangar will start from end of 2010 to April of 2013.

With the construction of the new hangar, Asiana will have the largest maintenance facility in Incheon International Airport. Asiana will now be able to save around 27 billion won of outsourcing maintenance to subcontractors.

Asiana Airlines Senior Vice President of Maintenance (Hyun-Ok Park) commented, “With the construction of the new hangar, we are able to maximize our safety operation and in terms of investment, safety is the most important factor in the airline company and we will continue to make endless efforts to invest in safety.”

Also when construction is finalized the new Asian hangar will become one of the landmarks of Incheon International Airport.


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