Asiana Opens New Lounge for the Disabled

Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon) being the first in the airline industry, has opened a new lounge in Incheon International Airport for the disabled called the “Hansarang” lounge.

Asiana Airlines President & CEO Young-Doo, Yoon, Asiana Airlines management staff and disables from the Incheon Disabled Community Center where present at the opening ceremony of the “Hansarang” lounge and wheelchair donation event at Incheon International Airport.

Asiana Airlines President & CEO Young-Doo, Yoon commented “By opening the “Hansarang” lounge for the disabled, not only has Asiana upgraded it’s services towards disabled passengers travelling, but have brought the best of services to all passengers using Asiana. We will continue to differentiate our services in providing the best quality of services towards our passengers.”

The “Hansarang” lounge provides a snack bar with various beverages, an entertainment system with DVD players, games and the internet system. Also passengers can check-in luggage’s and board planes inside the lounge all at once. Asiana has maximized its services to provide the most convenient way for passengers travelling in wheelchairs.

The newly installed lounges before production was consulted by the disabled association in order meet the difficulties disables face. Space was provided in order for the wheelchair to travel more freely, storage space, curving the corners of the furniture, installing Braille within the lounge. Overall it was designed to meet the eye level for the disabled.

Mr. Kyung-Ryul, Choi (47age, male class 3 disability) commented “Many of the disable facilities in Korea are limited to mostly toilets but with Asiana’s effort in installing a facility to accommodate the disable in the airport is very meaningful. The “Hansarang” lounge is a meaningful attempt for the disabled and is very moving.”

The Asiana “Hansarang” lounge was produced to meet the increasing demand of disables traveling abroad. In 2010 around 47,000 disables used the Incheon International Airport. Around 5~10% is increasing every year. The lounge was produced to meet the needs of the disables and around 70 people are expected to use the lounge daily.

Asiana’s “Hansarang” lounge is located on the 3rd floor across the Asiana check-in counters at Incheon International Airport. The “Hansarang” lounge is opened to all Asiana passengers using a wheel chair and dedicated staffs have been stationed to meet the passengers need.


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