Asiana’s ‘Change for Good’ breaks 4 Billion Won in Donations

Asiana Airlines (President & COO: Young-Doo Yoon) along with UNICEF (UNICEF: United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) have collected 4 billion won within the 15 years of running the (Change for Good) program which started in 1994.
Asiana (5th of March), celebrated this event at Asiana HQ, located in Gangseo-Gu, Seoul, by holding an appreciation plaque giving ceremony and a change counting event. Executive Director Dong-Eun, Park (Korea Committee for UNICEF) and Sung-Ki, Ahn (Friendship Ambassador/Actor) were among those who attended the ceremony.
Asiana’s ‘Change for Good’ campaign allows Asiana passengers to donate any unwanted foreign change in the cabin that may be used to provide aid to children in difficult environments. Asiana along with UNICEF, have been hosting these gatherings for the past 15 years as a contribution to International societies.
Executive Director Park of UNICEF praised the accomplishment and commented that, ’4 billion won is a meal for 6 million starving children. With Asiana’s passengers voluntary participation, a small miracle has been made. With events such as these, the spirit of giving is spreading.’
For example, an anonymous businessman in his 50’s while traveling on a business trip, changed his class from Business to Travel and donated the deducted one million won to the “Change for Good.” Another anonymous passenger donated ten thousand USD to the program. These kinds of generous acts are spreading throughout the world.
Asiana also introduced the ‘Change for Good’ campaign on domestic flights from August of 2006. Approximately 300 million won has been collected thus far. Flight attendants of Asiana have formed a club called OZ UNICEF and they faithfully attend UNICEF events and do volunteer work within Korea.Things that can be done with UNICEF’S 4 billion won
* Feed 6 million starving children one meal
* Provide 6 months worth of vitamin A to 150 million children loosing their eye sight
* Provide Infantile Paralysis Vaccine to 2860 children
* Provide Hepatitis B prevention medicine which causes AIDS to 1million people
* Educate opportunity 1.6 million people by providing them with educational kits

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