Asiana’s Lounge Recital Receives Popularity

“It was a great opportunity to see the fantastic recital at the Asiana Lounge before travelling. I think the recital gave a good impression towards all passengers before leaving Korea and especially for the foreign passengers gave a good impression of Korea. I would like to participate in the recital later on when opportunity allows me to.” Comments from Ms. Da-Eun, Jung passenger of OZ743 Incheon/Bangkok 10th of January.

“I stopped by the lounge every time during transfer and all I heard were people talking. This year is the best that I experienced in the Asiana Lounge. A great and comfortable concert was conducted so professionally by the local music school students.” Comments from Mr. Tse Chiwun, passenger of OZ222 Incheon/New York 12th of January.

Asiana Airlines (CEO: Young-Doo Yoon) in welcoming last year’s Christmas and year end holiday seasons, hosted the event at Incheon International Airport’s Asiana Airlines Business Lounge. The recital which lasted 4 weeks came to a close with receiving large popularity among customers.

The recital event started on the eve of Christmas and lasted till the 15th of January (23days) at Asiana’s Business Lounge located in Incheon International Airport. Customers were given the privilege to perform their own recital in which a variety of participants ranging from winners of music competitions, famous music clubs, and even 9 year old elementary school students participated. 51 participants (29 teams) participated in playing a variety of instruments ranging from Piano, Clarinet, Gayageum (Korean zither with twelve strings) and much more in performing high quality performances.

Especially on the 4th of January when sudden heavy snowfalls grounded many flights and many passengers were at the lounges than the ordinary, 2nd grade Elementary school student Ms. Yae-Jin, Hong performed a very cute recital in which the performance soothed the fatigue of the long waiting passengers. Even during other performers’ mistakes, customers at the lounges cheered the participants and showed remarkable support after each participant finished their recital by giving them a standing ovation.

The Asiana Lounge not only provide events like this but a Korea/France painters exhibition, Piano performance services, and Ensemble performance services are provided in bringing maximum comfort towards our customers. Also Asiana Lounge is a cultural area that brings our customers and airliner as one.

Meanwhile, Asiana Airlines announced that it will be showing the G-20 PR Video inside the cabins for all Asiana flights inbound to Korea. The airing of the G-20 PR Video inside the cabins is performed in support of Asiana’s best wishes of successfully hosting the G-20 summits in Korea this November.

The G-20 PR Video will show images of the representatives from the G-20 nations in meetings and Korea becoming elected as the host for the G-20 summits this year. The video will have a one minute and 27 seconds in running time.

Asiana will extend the showing of the PR Video to all of Asiana’s international flights starting from the 1st of February, in which Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese subtitles will be included inside the video for our foreign passengers.
In addition, Asiana Airlines enlisted as a member of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) last year’s 16th of December. Asiana plans to lead the way in promoting Korea of its social contribution to the international society and aid the G-20 summit’s successful hosting.

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