Asiana’s New 7 Star Cabin Meal

Asiana Airlines (President & CEO: Young-doo Yoon) and Edward Kwon (Burj AL Arab’s Hotel’s former Head Chef) introduced it’s new cabin menu lineup on the 24th of June at LSG (Asiana’s Catering Associates) presentation room located in Incheon, Republic of Korea.
Asiana Airlines and Edward Kwon formed a partnership on the 20th of April to upgrade and jointly develop new cabin menus for Asiana Airlines customers. With only 2 months after forming the strategic partnership between Asiana and Edward Kwon, 40 new menus has been chosen in agreement with Asiana’s catering associate LSG (Lufthansa Sky Chefs).
Edward Kwon commented “The outcome of the new menus was the endless communication of theory (Best in taste & style), and reality (Airline Cabin Meal) which were the basic principles in making the new menus. Especially, we put tremendous time and effort to provide the high-end quality of meals towards the travel class passengers.”
Asiana Airlines official commented “The most important factor of cabin meal is simultaneously satisfying the customers taste and sight. We also choose the menus that could be cooked on the ground and easily serviced inside the cabins despite the space limitation. These were the key factors in choosing our menus.” 

The representing menu for Business Class is ‘(Thyme Crusted Halibut with Chive Mash Potato)’, for Travel Class is ‘(Slowly Cooked Chicken, Onion Puree, Crushed Potato, Green Peas, Au Jus).’Around 10 menus will be serviced starting from the 1st of August on Asiana’s European routes, and gradually expand to Asiana’s long hauled routes.
The ‘Thyme Crusted Halibut with Chive Mash Potato’ dish was developed to remove the fishy smell by using Thyme herbs, cooks the cover of the fish to crisp, and to harmonize the taste, mash potato is added. The ‘Slowly Cooked Chicken, Onion Puree, Crushed Potato, Green Peas, Au Jus’ dish slowly cooks the chicken breast in low temperature to maintain the gravy of the meat, and includes the Onion Puree and peas which is low in calorie and good for the health. These menus were provided by Edward Kwon’s essence of experience.
Asiana Airlines Executive Vice President of Cabin & Airport Service, Tae-Keun, Han commented “In providing the best of quality of services, Asiana has received consultation from Edward Kwon in changing our cabin menus. Except for the Bibimbab, Sambab and Mulberry Noodles which is the continuing best sellers. Asiana will continue its reputation as being the 5 Star Airline, 2009 ATW and 2010 Skytrax Airline of the year and the grand slam winner of the airline industry by continuously making improvements for our customers.”

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