Asiana’s Special Cabin Services

This summer, Asiana Airlines (CEO: Young-Doo, Yoon) will be offering an exotic flight experience, along with differentiated service, to captivate the customers.During the summer holiday season, from July 15th to August 26th, 383 specialized staff will provide a variety of exuberantly themed services for passengers travelling on a total of 52 flights.

Asiana’s specialized service team is comprised of 8 teams in total, including the Magic team, the Charming team, and the Tarot team. These teams, consisting of cabin crew, dress in special themed costumes according to the event.

As a part of the new summer event, a cabin crew dressed in a pirate costume greets the passengers, shows them some magic and then serves them a cool freshly-made summer cocktail. For those who are travelling on their birthday, passengers will receive an extra celebratory performance, presented by the Magic team.

Further more, the following activities will also be available to passengers going away on summer holiday:
a nail polishing and make-up service with refreshing colors fit for summer fun, as well as a moisturizing facial pack (Charming team)/ Tarot fortune telling (Tarot team)/ an on-board fashion show with traditional costumes from popular holiday destinations (Delighters team)/ a caricature with a vacationland background (Illustration Team)/ a flight attendant trial experience for those interested (Flight attendant experience team)

For the children, Asiana crew will give a briefing about flying in both English and Korean, provide face painting, make folding fans, and take memorable pictures together with the children.

Kang Jang-Won, a flight attendant from the International Cabin Crew Operations Team said, “Our new services will differentiate us from the already existing services that other airliners provide. Our fun and unique airline services will be memorable in-flight experiences for our passengers.”

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