BIG, Episode 10 Review

Character ledger:
Kang Kyung Joon-BIG (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo SYJ-Small (SYJ-S)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)

KKJ-B listens to the walkman while GDR asks quizzically why she’s strangely this happy that he’s here. I don’t know, maybe because you love him. Sometimes the correct answer is the mot straightforward answer. Studying for all those standardized tests in my lifetime taught me that. KKJ-B notices her staring and takes off his ear buds to ask what she said, since obviously he can’t be allowed to hear her confession just yet. GDR snaps out of her daze and quickly lies that she was asking if he wanted to drink some water. She hurries to the movie theater to get water, but then wonders. She calls herself an idiot. I think we’ve establish you are, GDR, but a well intentioned and thoughtful one, so I’ll let this pass. Turns out KKJ-B did hear her, and he wonders to himself why she lied about what she said. GDR runs back to KKJ-B and both of them are slightly awkward.

They go see the movie, which seems like a horror. GDR watches the screen while KKJ-B watches GDR. No, I’m serious; he keeps starting at her, without blinking or turning away. Swoon, my knees got weak just watching that onscreen. She asks if he doesn’t like the movie and admits that GCS doesn’t have the best taste. KKJ-B suddenly asks “Gil Teacher, do you like me?”, but his question happens to be delivered at the same time the movie hits a spot where a character lets out a blood curdling scream, so it appears GDR might not have heard his question.

After the movie ends, GDR and KKJ-B walk out and she’s happy. Turns out she did hear his question and is trying to avoid it. He directly asks what she meant by being happy that he came. GDR makes the excuse that she was happy not to be all alone. He points out her expression while staring at him outside was all sorts of odd. GDR piles on the ridiculous excuses, like she was thinking of what to eat and drink at the movies. KKJ-B makes the “yeah, right” face and points to his face, asking if what she was thinking about was. She admits she’s confused lately and it was nice that he showed up. KKJ-B notices her wedding ring and that sends him crashing down to reality.
He mentions his vow not to like her and cause her confusion, which he still intends to adhere to. He asks her not to like him, because if she does, he doesn’t have the confidence he can keep at her bay.

KKJ-B says he’s hungry and wants to go eat. He walks off and a bickering couple walks pass GDR where the man is pleading with the woman. She wonders if she’s clingy and causing KKJ-B distress. She imagines the scene outside the movie theater but this time she’s grabs KKJ-B’s arms and strokes his cheeks, while KKJ-B is all “Jesus” and disgusted with her. GDR snaps out of it and vows not to be that way.

GCS finds JMR at KKJ’s bedside instead of at the movies. JMR wonders if a person must really like another if he is willing to see a show he wasn’t interested in. GCS thinks the person at least likes the other person 80%. JMR wonders if she at least has the remaining 20%. This conversation leads dim witted GCS to wonder if JMR likes someone new these days.

LSY meets up with SYJ’s mom to give her a farewell gift. SYJ’s mom asks to be kept apprised of KKJ-B’s situation, making the lame excuse that she’s interested because this was the patient SYJ saved. When SYJ’s mom walks away, LSY grabs a strand of hair from her hairbrush.

KKJ-B and GDR are dining at KKJ’s uncle restaurant. KKJ-B reveals that SYJ’s mom said SYJ was searching for someone before the accident, but she hoped SYJ would never meet that person. KKJ-B thinks maybe it’s yet another woman, maybe someone SYJ secretly had a matseon with. GDR laughs it off, but she’s not even the slightest bit hurt at the possibility. They discuss the restaurant, which GDR finds really cool. KKJ-B reveals his uncle modeled it after his mom’s restaurant in LA, but the food here sucks. KKJ’s uncle comes by and recognizes GDR as KKJ’s teacher, and here with the man who saved KKJ. He thanks KKJ-B for the chef’s phone number and directly asks if he was sent here by KKJ’s dad to help.

KKJ-B asks who KKJ’s dad. Uncle knows is that his sister referred to the man as a doctor. His wife comes and drags him off, chiding him for talking to KKJ-B and GDR. Uncle thinks KKJ-B is a good person. GDR wonders why KKJ-B isn’t looking for his dad, but he points out that he can’t do anything while KKJ-B’s body is lying in the hospital. His mom mentioned some things to him before and he did try looking in the past.

SYJ’s dad looks at a picture of SYJ with him mom. He turns the picture frame around and opens the back, revealing a picture of a younger looking KKJ’s mom. LSY grabs a hair from sleeping KKJ’s head and hands both hairs to another doctor to run a DNA test. She wonders if the two men are brothers.
On the drive home, GDR looks at the Miracle picture in KKJ-B’s wallet and asks if this is a connection to his dad. KKJ-B says yes, but he doesn’t know where to start looking for his dad. The picture seems familiar to GDR somehow (she found SYJ’s plane ticket in the book in episode 5) but she doesn’t remember where.

KKJ-B confirms he’s had the picture since he was a kid and there is only one since his dad drew it. GDR insists she’s seen this picture before. GDR promises to help him find his dad. KKJ-B asks for the wallet back and she puts it in his palm and folds his hand over it. He teases that she’s coming on to him again by holding his hand for so long, which flusters her.

GDR does her patented bang her head against a hard surface routine. KKJ-B asks what she wants to do since this is the last night of her vacation. They end up at a convenience store to try and buy Made in China gifts for her colleagues. GDR looks through various knick knacks, until they discuss pandas. SYJ finds some all-white teddy bears and has the brilliant idea to convert them into pandas as the perfect gift. They start arguing over the black and white pattern of a panda, whether pandas have black arms or black legs.

KKJ-B and GDR make faces at each other and begin to use black marker to color their respective bears.

When completed, they present their “pandas” to each other. KKJ-B’s panda has black around its collar, while GDR’s has black legs and belly. KKJ-B bursts out laughing at GDR’s panda. GDR really needs to stop competing with KKJ-B on anything requiring some use of intelligence, because she’s losing big time. GDR asks her smartphone to pull up a panda picture. behold, pandas look like KKJ-B’s version.

Their panda-coloring contest winner gets to live like a panda, lazy and carefree, just eating and sleeping. KKJ-B immediately collects by saying his shoulders are sore from all the painting. GDR has to give him a back massage. Then he says he’s thirsty, and GDR goes to grab him some water. He laughs because he’s enjoying this immensely.

GDR and KKJ-B sit at the table and wrap all the colored pandas into gift bags. The camera pulls back and we see his panda and her panda hanging on strings from the ceiling, facing each other with their noses touching. I think I just melted. JMR continues her tour of denial by heading to KKJ-B’s house in the morning, declaring to GCS her plan to come every morning. Oh good lord. GCS is naturally not kosher with that and points out his sister and brother-in-law are newlyweds. JMR turns into a peeping tom and stands outside the window looking at GDR and KKJ-B at the breakfast table.

GDR is insisting KKJ-B eat his beans, but he refuses and picks all of them out. This makes JMR happy, knowing KKJ-B hates beans and still refuses to eat them. GDR warns him to eat it all and leaves to go see her mom. After she walks away, KKJ-B grabs a glass of water and eats all the beans like pills washed down with water. GCS is pleased; pointing out that his brother-in-law must really love his sister.
This shocks and depresses JMR, and she asks how much a person must like another to eat food he hates. GCS says 90% like, which leaves JMR with only 10%. GCS now wonders if JMR likes his brother-in-law. He wants to tell JMR that he likes her to the extent he can give his life for her.

GDR goes home and finds her mom packing a gift for GDR to bring to her mother-in-law as a farewell present before she goes back to the US. GDR is reminded that to the world, she is married to SYJ. JMR asks GDR not to like KKJ-B since she must want SYJ to come back. So if KKJ-B does anything, JMR wants GDR to put him in his place. After JMR leaves, GDR looks at her ring as a reminder that she can’t like KKJ-B because his soul will be going back to KKJ-B one day.

GDR comes home and sees KKJ-B sitting on the sofa staring at the Miracle picture in his wallet. She asks if he wants to find his father. KKJ-B says that if the other side comes to find him, then he will meet with them. Otherwise he won’t go searching for his father. He and his mom lived well just the two of them.

KKJ-B and GDR are sitting at the table discussing SYJ’s parents. KKJ-B knows they live apart, and when he was in the US he met SYJ’s dad once on 6-24, which was also the code to SYJ’s phone. Clueless GDR wonders what that date symbolizes. KKJ-B is angry GDR forgot his birthday and huffs back to his room.

GDR remembers something SYJ said and runs to KKJ-B’s room, which gets his hopes up thinking she’s here about his birthday. GDR says 6-24 was the day SYJ decided to become a doctor. She hands him a book that has an article about SYJ. When SYJ was 18 years old, he decided to become a doctor. He wanted to become someone with warm hands who would heal others. SYJ held someone’s hand and made that decision

KKJ-B asks GDR to be that person to him, to help him decide what to do with his life. He mentions 6-24 again before walking out, asking her to think about his future. This is when GDR finally remembers that it’s KKJ-B’s birthday. Which means KKJ-B is now 20 years old. GDR looks at KKJ-B’s back and smiles as she thinks about his future.

LSY gets the results of the DNA test and a turn out KKJ’s biological mom is SYJ’s mom. But turns out they are full brothers and KKJ was likely born to his mom who carried him as a surrogate.

LSY is pretending to check on KKJ-B but is really trying to get more information from KKJ’s aunt. She asks if KKJ’s mom is really his birth mom. KKJ’s aunt says yes, she saw KKJ’s mom pregnant. LSY comes to the very logical conclusion that KKJ was born via a surrogacy. SYJ’s mom stares at her Miracle book and wonders what to do.

KKJ’s uncle and the Vice Principal are back at the mandoo restaurant being all sorts of wistful and pathetic about their thwarted youthful loves. Turns out they were each late for a meeting with their crush, and think that was the reason why their love didn’t come to fruition.

GDR walks with Ae Kyung brainstorming birthday presents. Ae Kyung thinks its GCS’s birthday, but GDR wants a present that makes a person’s heart move. JMR comes to find her and asks about finding KKJ’s dad. She thinks that finding KKJ’s dad is a great excuse for GDR to not need to take care of KKJ-B. GDR says she doesn’t dislike staying by KKJ-B’s side. JMR refuses to back down, she’s determined to find KKJ’s dad to preserve her own future with KKJ. JMR finds KKJ-B and brings up looking for his dad. He doesn’t care to, nor does he have the money to hire an investigator. JMR says GDR will pay for it; she would be for it since it alleviates her responsibility to take care of KKJ-B.

KKJ-B is hanging out in the pediatric playroom with Teddy Bear and Rabbit. As usual, Rabbit wants to play with Teddy but he’s having none of that. KKJ-B wonders if he really is a burden on GDR.

GDR reminds herself that she should be thinking of SYJ instead of picking out a birthday present for KKJ-B and wondering about his future. She tries to remember what she did for SYJ’s birthday. They were supposed to go bike riding and she was waiting for him for two hours that day in the cold. SYJ didn’t show so she left, but during her wait she drew hearts on the park bench. GDR is cheering herself up to stay focused on SYJ when KKJ-B sees her, and he wonders again if she’s feeling stressed out.

KKJ-B stares at GDR as she cleans the living room. His piercing gaze makes her uncomfortable, because she sees KKJ-B and not SYJ staring at her. She makes a big deal of cleaning, so KKJ-B makes the effort to clean thinking he’s taking a load off her shoulders. This makes GDR think that KKJ-B is self-sufficient without her.

GDR goes back to her room and tells herself to stop thinking about KKJ-B. She decides to go out and he offers to go with her. She asks him to stay put; she’s off to find the version of herself who knows how to patiently wait. He tells her to go and not feel any pressure, he’ll cook and clean and wait for her.

GDR rides her bike back to the bench where she waited for SYJ but she can’t find it, she thinks it all looks the same. KKJ-B has thoroughly cleaned the house and he compliments himself on doing a great job when he sets his mind to it. JMR comes barging in, as usual, this time declaring that she’s located KKJ’s dad.

She shows KKJ-B a magazine of a famed professor. She remembers her dad taking KKJ’s mom to an exhibition of this professor’s work once, and JMR has found the connection where this professor was teaching at the university where KKJ’s mom went to school.

SYJ’s dad returns to Korea, and instead of going to see SYJ’s mom, he asks the driver to take him to go see a professor. SYJ’s dad goes to the meet Professor Bang from the magazine JMR was holding. Professor Bang reveals that SYJ came to see him last year asking about Hee Seok and her son. When asked if the son has been found, SYJ’s dad says not yet.

KKJ-B doesn’t want to look for him, because a dad is someone who will be by his side in the future. He also doesn’t want to proactively seek out someone, but he’s willing to respond if approached. He wants to rely on himself.

KKJ-B wants JMR to leave and not mess up the clean house, which he intends to show GDR. JMR makes the excuse of a headache and goes up to the room she commandeered. She tells herself that if she stays here and leaves all her things here, then this will become her room one day.

GDR finds the bench and tries to think about SYJ, willing those feelings of her heart racing while waiting for someone to come back. But she feels nothing. She gets a call from KKJ-B, who asks where she is. When she says that she’s at the park, he’s also there and will come find her. After hanging up, GDR’s heart starts to race and she wonders why her heart is beating so fast when she’s waiting for KKJ-B. She remembers back to when her heart faced while waiting for SYJ, and now she’s feeling the same way as she waits for KKJ-B. When she sees him, she hides behind a tree and calls him to lie that she’s not at the park anymore. GDR lies that the person she’s waiting for isn’t him, so he shouldn’t come find her. He sees her hiding and tells her he will leave and not burden her anymore. After he leaves, GDR cries behind the tree, asking why her heart is breaking.

Professor Bang reads the Miracle book, confirming that the two angels in the picture are both sons of SYJ’s father. KKJ-B goes home and opens the fridge to get a drink, which is when he suddenly has another attack like when he was at the airport. His head spins and his body buckles, sliding down on the floor. In the hospital, KKJ’s body once again jerks upward.

JMR is at the hospital and hears the nurses talking about KKJ moving his hand. She runs into the room with LSY and the nurses. GDR finally locates the bench where she drew her hearts, but she touches her heart and wonders why she her heart is completely unmoved.

JMR calls GDR and says KKJ’s body moved in the hospital. GDR hangs up and wonders if KKJ’s soul went back to his body. GDR runs home, her anxiety and worry for KKJ-B splashed all over her face.

She rushes into the house and finds KKJ-B lying prone on the sofa. His eyes are closed. She kneels down and asks if he’s alright. He slowly opens his eyes and says “Gil Teacher, it’s me”, confirming it’s still KKJ’s soul inside.

She sags in relief and starts to cry, but he thinks she’s sad that SYJ didn’t come back. He tells her that his soul seemed to have gone back to his body, this time for longer, and then apologizes that SYJ didn’t come back. He starts to cry.

KKJ-B talks with JMR and confirms there was a momentary switch, which has left his body completely weak. JMR asks about GDR and KKJ-B thinks she’s disappointed there wasn’t a switch to bring SYJ back so she’s crying in her room. GDR goes to her room and continues crying, berating herself for being crazy. She asks why she can’t control these feelings. KKJ-B listens to her crying from outside and he cries as well. He tells SYJ to hurry up and return. Ae Kyung asks for a day off for GDR, saying to the VP that GDR is not feeling well.

The next morning, GDR is lying in bed and KKJ-B comes into her room and sits down beside her. He’s asks if she’s disappointed about the non switch, but she starts to say she’s disappointed about. But doesn’t finish her sentence. He offers to take her to the hospital if she’s not feeling well, but she doesn’t want to. He reassures her that the change seemed to be longer this time, so it’s a sign that SYJ is coming back.

GDR asks KKJ-B, when he’s back in his own body, how she will deal with it. He thinks she’s worried about the burden and tells her not to worry about it. In fact, his disappear right now to give her some peace. After he leaves, she keeps crying.

LSY gives SYJ’s mom the medical update on KKJ, finally coming out and asking if that boy isn’t also her son and SYJ’s younger brother. Mom finally admits that the two guys are brothers. Because she couldn’t carry a baby, her husband has the child with another woman.

Professor Bang reads from the Miracle book “one child saves another” by reaching out his hand. LSY mentions that SYJ saved KKJ in the accident. Professor Bang says the boys are fated to save one another. Since the story is about saving a life, one needs love to do so.

That child was KKJ-B, and his blood was used to save SYJ. Because of KKJ, SYJ was able to survive. LSY thinks the two guys met during the accident are astonishing, but SYJ’s mom doesn’t think they ever need to meet. In fact, as long as SYJ doesn’t get sick again, she never intended to see that child again.

LSY goes to KKJ’s hospital room and wonders if she should tell SYJ what she learned. KKJ-B goes to GDR’s room and finds it empty. He goes outside and finds GDR at the park sitting on the park bench.

KKJ-B asks if she’s fine, and she says she is. She asks how he’s feeling. He’s fine as well, but if there is another switch, he knows it’ll be painful but he’ll endure it. KKJ-B tells GDR that if she’s feeling burdened and in pain, she doesn’t need to worry about it. He will stay by her side and when he switches back, he’ll leave so she doesn’t ever need to see him again. They stare at each other.

A heart-breaking episode. This episode has a genre of romance and drama and comedy at the same time. That their souls switch again for the 2nd time. And VP and KKJ’s love affair to Gil’s Parents.

We finally know the truth about Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon, they are really brothers, and the mystery of Miracle Book is also revealed. Hmm, I think that this was a nice beginning.

Seeing that Da Ran has already fallen for Big, but she still don’t mind it. But it really bothers her every time she’s with big. And Big is assuming that, he’s a burden to her because Mari said so, oh come on Big, we all know that Da Ran has already fallen for you, but she don’t want you to know it.

2nd time soul switching. It was really OMG, why? I think Da Ran don’t want to switch the souls of Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae. Lets find out till the next episode

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