BIG, Episode 13 Review

Character ledger:
Gil Da Ran (GDR)
Kang Kyung Joon-Big (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo SYJ SYJ-Small (SYJ-S)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)

GDR and KKJ-B. After the kiss, GDR looked stressful. “I told you not to do it, but you kept doing it. It’s making me having an affair,” she said. “Having an affair it be.” KKJ-B looked happy.

LSY saw the initial KKJ on KKJ’s birthday cake on the nurse’s table in the hospital. Before she remembered about the watch, she saw SYJ’s father and went after him. JMR, who was looking for LSY, saw her talking with a man, but from behind. She followed him and finally called him. When he turned, she found out it’s the same person as Yoon Jae’s father. “Aren’t you SYJ’s father? Are you KKJ’s father?”

KKJ-B hated the way GDR celebrated his birthday like a little kid having the waiters and waitresses sang Happy Birthday Song for him. They’re having dinner in a restaurant together. KKJ-B kept teasing her about “having an affair thing.”
Then back to the hospital corridor. JMR was still confronting Mr.Seo. “You’re KKJ’s father, am I correct?” asked JMR. “Then it means KKJ and SYJ are brothers.” Mr.Seo refused to tell her much. “Ajeossi is a bad person.”

In the restaurant again, KKJ-B kept teasing GDR about the kiss and the affair. Then they’re talking about how it’ll be when they’re in the future. Will they meet again and how’s GDR going to see him that time. Then he’s talking about world cup 2030 when they’re going to meet again.

Going back home, KKJ-B asked if GDR had any birthday present for him. GDR showed him the watch. Then he asked her to put it on to him to symbolize that GDR was really holding on to his hand. GDR didn’t do it. And then KKJ-B told her to stare at the time in the watch. It’s 10.10. He hypnotized GDR: “At this exact time. Every day at 10.10 Gil GDR would think of KKJ. ”And GDR was really hypnotized. She was startled right away when KKJ-B was making the 10.10 gesture before going to convenient store to buy some tooth brush.

JMR was upset seeing it. She went to the convenient store to talk to him, but since KKJ-B was in a good mood, JMR refrained. She didn’t want to ruin his mood. But as soon as KKJ-B left, she spoke out her evil plan, “If Gil GDR found out your father, you and her won’t be smiling.”
Ready for bed, GDR was still “under-the-10.10-spell.” She couldn’t stop smiling and even had the childish dream saying thanks to KKJ-B when she’s on the moon and under the see and even made the 10.10 gesture.
In the morning, she saw so many vitamin drinks in the fridge with KKJ-B and JMR’s picture on them. KKJ-B said they’re JMR’s birthday present.
GDR really thought of KKJ-B at 10.10 in the morning. GCS just realized the wedding ring had gone. JMR insisted on finding it, so the three of them looked for it together in the spot where GDR lost it during the school break time. But they couldn’t find it.
After GCS left, JMR told GDR, “I met KKJ-B’s father yesterday. It’s really him.” She suggested GDR to go to the hospital to see him by her. “Are you thinking of keep staying at KKJ’s side after he woke up?” asked JMR.

KKJ-B met the little boy and asked for the rabbit girl. She’s hurt, so they both visited her. JMR was bleeding and KKJ was so nervous. And the girl’s mother asked him to take her hand. But KKJ went away. Then he saw his reflection on the glass door. He saw SYJ and imagined how SYJ played with the girl. He went back to the girl’s room and held her hand, nervous. But he did it well. KKJ-B made a promise that three of them would always do well together.

GDR was still struggling about the wedding ring. She even imagined herself being interrogated by her senior teacher. She’s crazily hypnotized by the 10.10.GDR even thought of him anywhere anytime. The vitamin drink she bought from the vending machine, when seeing someone tightening his shoelace, in the department store, and then she saw everyone on the street was making the 10.10 gesture. Then showed up the “real” KKJ-B. He found out that GDR was really hypnotized by his 10.10. “I’m surely had to find my wedding ring.”
They went to the spot where they kissed but GCS was already there looking for the ring. GCS hid behind the tree and heard GDR was talking about having an affair with someone called KKJ and she and her husband were arguing about the wedding ring. KKJ-B asked why she needed to find it. GDR said she needed the ring to ask for forgiveness for her having an affair. GCS got the words: affair, apologize, and the wedding ring lost, got the alert alarm in his head. He went back home and reported the situation to his parents. He did it like in sageuk drama, when a soldier was reporting to the king about an urgent situation.
Mr.Gil made a report to the police about his daughter doing something really wrong. When GDR and KKJ-B was still looking for the ring, GDR was approached by his father and the police man. She’s taken away with the police car. KKJ-B couldn’t do anything about it.
Mr.Gil put her in jail. KKJ-B came. Mr.Gil apologized to KKJ-B for GDR’s wrong doing. Instead of upset, KKJ-B said that she did it because of him. So both of them were put behind the bars together.
KKJ-B asked her if she could sleep there. GDR said she could, no matter how bad the place is. KKJ-B said that the place was good enough for her to be able to sleep. They’re holding hands. Then GDR slept on his shoulder and KKJ-B really enjoyed it. He couldn’t stop smiling.
JMR found the same ring and planned to give it to her. JMR was upset because GDR had broken her promise to only like SYJ and to never fall for KKJ-B.
Released from the police, KKJ-B asked if she’s really going to reach for his hand. GDR said yes. But KKJ-B said she still didn’t do anything real and teenagers usually go away. Then he asked her to put on the watch, for him not to run away. GDR put it on for him. Then KKJ-B made the 10.10 gesture and GDR hugged him. They hugged and KKJ-B just couldn’t stop smiling. JMR cried alone watching the scene from behind the fence.
Mr.Seo insisting on waiting for KKJ-B to wake up. Mrs.Seo insisted on putting SYJ’s first and straightly do the surgery to take what they needed from KKJ-B.
JMR told GDR to visit the restaurant to meet KKJ-B’s uncle and the father. JMR asked the uncle to let GDR and KKJ-B’s father meet each other.
Yoon Jae’s mother asked LSY to do the surgery to KKJ-B to take what they needed from him, in order to save Yoon Jae’s life. At another place in the hospital, KKJ-B met the senior doctor who explained to him that he’s sick. So SYJ was really sick and had to undergo a surgery soon. He was rushed to go somewhere, but JMR came and told him that GDR was meeting the uncle to meet his father.
Back to KKJ-B’s room, LSY was forced to inject something to KKJ-B by Mrs. Seo. Then suddenly KKJ-B experienced the attack again and his body in the room was suddenly had a shock. LSY stopped doing the injection. KKJ-B saw LSY and SYJ’s mother in his room. And as soon as he was back to SYJ’s body in the corridor, KKJ-B rushed to the room. “I can’t do it,” said LSY. Then KKJ-B heard what his mother and LSY’s mother were talking about. “This kid would help SYJ survive,” said Mrs. Seo.

LSY was about to go out when she found KKJ-B was there. ”What are you talking about that KKJ-B and SYJ were brothers?” demanded KKJ-B. SYJ’s mother finally confessed. “What had you done with the kid?” asked KKJ-B before LSY excused herself. LSY said it’s something his mother requested, but she couldn’t do it. After LSY left, Mrs.Seo told his son everything. ”For me you’re the first, Yoon Jae. I don’t care about the kid. As long as you live, I don’t care about him.” Then she told him everything about the purpose of KKJ-B’s “creation” and birth. KKJ-B left, and did so heart breaking knows what the purpose of his existence.

Meawhile GDR finally met KKJ-B’s uncle and her own father in law. Mr.Seo was introduced as KKJ-B’s father.

In the corridor with JMR, KKJ-B shared his troubled mind. JMR heard the conversation with his mother. “The mother I knew was not my mother. SYJ and me have the same parents. Now I understand why this all happen, the exchange.” Then JMR said,”When you’re back, let’s just go to US with me.” KKJ-B said, “No, I’m not going. Because I have GDR by side.” Upset with KKJ-B’s answer, JMR was telling a lie saying that GDR had known from the beginning and now was meeting his father. She told him that GDR was on Yoon Jae’s side and wanted him to come back instead of staying by his side like this.
GDR was talking to her father in law in his hotel room. They’re discussing about the angels picture. Mr.Seo told her about the surgery urgency and there’s not much time left.

KKJ-B rushed to see if GDR really met his parents, but when he got there GDR already left for home.
GDR looked down when she arrived home. JMR was still there. ”What happened, did you meet him?” asked JMR flatly. ”So you know?” asked GDR. ”KKJ-B also knew. He suffered because of you. You’ve promised but this is how it results.” She gave GDR the ring and told her to just keep her promise. JMR continued,”If you keep this situation, both of them are going to die. I can lie to KKJ-B, so can you? Please, let KKJ-B wake up.”
KKJ-B came home and saw the Miracle story book. “Do you really know everything?” he asked GDR.
“Yes,” said GDR. ”But why you still do this? You’re worrying about me, right? I’m afraid.” He touched GDR’s hand and GDR didn’t let him do it. KKJ-B saw the ring was already on GDR’s finger.

“I can’t take this hand. Yoon Jae is the first. Yoon Jae’s hand is the hand I’m going to catch. KKJ-B, let SYJ live and you come back too.”


This episode is so heart breaking for BIG. When they don’t even know that they’re talking to the one’s who’s hurting the most because of SYJ’s sickness. It was so depressing that you know that’s your biological mother that wants just you to suffer and don’t mind if you end dead or paralyzed and throw you like a trash and choose your brother to be alive, they are so selfish. In that state because your body is in coma for a year and half months. and that’s the purpose of you’re living in this world.
* so sad if other parents think like they did in this drama*

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