BIG, Episode 15 Review

Character ledger:
Gil Da Ran (GDR)
Kang Kyung Joon-Big (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo SYJ SYJ-Small (SYJ-S)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)

Big episode 15 started in a “transition world” KKJ-B met SYJ who was reading the “Miracle” book with the teenage KKJ-B who’s lying on his childhood bed. “So this is it? I would go back and won’t remember anything. In this way I will live happily?” SYJ gave his hand and KKJ-B was about to take it when he heard GDR’s voice calling his name. Then he’s back to the hospital with GDR was in front of him.
KKJ-B didn’t say anything and hurriedly got up his bed rushing to the ward. He didn’t even say anything when JMR asked if he’s still KKJ-B or SYJ. KKJ-B’s memory back to the underworld. When he was about to reach for SYJ’s hand while GDR’s voice was calling, KKJ-B asked SYJ to wait for a while. “Why don’t you say anything? KKJ-B, right? You’re not yet back, right?” demanded GDR. ”Yes, I’m KKJ-B, GDR Teacher.” He seemed not to remember anything and that’s what he said.
GDR and JMR were shock and confused. ”You even didn’t remember the accident? “Asked GDR. KKJ-B said no, nothing. The girls were trying to explain everything to KKJ-B, from the accident to his wedding to GDR, but KKJ-B was cold and kept saying that he didn’t remember anything. When they arrived home, KKJ-B only remembered GDR’s bed. This reality was very hard for GDR. JMR took this chance to take KKJ-B’s attention. She brought him upstairs to show her room.
It’s strange. And I don’t think I fell for it. I was right, it’s a lie. From the way he looked at GDR while he was climbing up to JMR’s room, the look meant something. Then from the balcony, he’s hand was kind of trying to “touch” GDR from afar. Finally he told JMR that it’s a lie. He did it for GDR’s best. She had to start forgetting KKJ-B because SYJ was coming back soon.
Deep in her heart GDR also didn’t fall for the lie 100%. She kept asking KKJ-B if it’s all memory-loss thing was true. She tried so hard to make him remember, but KKJ-B stayed cold. GDR said to KKJ-B that he didn’t have to do it this far since he’s still not back to his body yet, if it’s about the promise he made to GDR. But KKJ-B was still with his acting no matter how hard GDR tried to remind him. GDR asked him to throw the trash. They’re all the memorable things GDR once packed and almost threw away when they had a fight. KKJ-B took it and when he saw there’s a trash truck right in front of their house, he hesitated. GDR asked if he really could throw the trash away. KKJ-B had taken the notes he drew for GDR with his mobile on his birthday party and then just threw the trash to the trash truck in front of GDR. KKJ-B was actually hurt too listening GDR cried. He was also crying in silent behind his door and tried to hold himself not to go soothing GDR.

In the hospital, JMR was taking picture with KKJ-B with the couple shirt. She still determined that she’d be marrying KKJ-B. She imagined the sleeping beauty with a reverse situation.
KKJ-B and GDR met SYJ’s mother. She told them that once KKJ-B awake, they would accept him as their son. Gyeng Joon, in his cold way, told his mother, “But would the kid accept you parents as his parents? After what he had been through, do you think it’d be easy for him to accept all these?”
With the way KKJ-B talked to his mother, GDR knew that KKJ-B didn’t lose his memory. “Fine, just keep do that,” she said coldly as KKJ-B still didn’t admit it. At home, KKJ-B started eating the frozen pizza again and GDR offered him to eat his favorite ramyeon together.
KKJ-B said to JMR that when he’s back and he lost his memory, he asked JMR not to let him meet GDR and nor tell her anything about what he was saying. JMR promised him.
Gil parents asked why GDR was not going with SYJ to Germany and instead moved her job to another school out of town and even live there alone. GDR said it’s difficult to explain everything at that moment and she asked them to just wait. When she got home, KKJ-B was studying as preparation for himself after he’s coming back. GDR said no matter if he couldn’t remember anything, but she would remember everything.
KKJ-B visited his uncle to give his mother’s journal. When he got back, GCS met him and told him that GDR would move to teach at another school and live in there. “She will be living alone when you’re going to Germany, so she thought of moving out. You really don’t care where my sister would go and where she would live?” asked GCS. KKJ-B could see how GDR actually had packed her things while he left and she herself had gone out of Seoul. The thought that he wouldn’t be able to meet GDR from tomorrow and then on was actually hard for KKJ-B. So he rushed out. GDR came to the new school and KKJ-B actually followed her there.

GDR was going to have the orientation of her new working place when KKJ-B grabbed her out. “So you have to run away to this place?” asked KKJ-B. GDR said he had no business with whatever she did. She said just like him, she also wished the whole things that happened to them never happen to her. She wished there’s never a wedding, there’s never she fell for him, and even there’s never the time when she met him.
Mr.Gil tried to talk with his daughter about her life. GDR cried, letting out all her feelings to her father. She actually couldn’t take the hurt no matter how far she runs away. Mr.Gil called KKJ-B to pick up the drunken GDR. She asked KKJ-B if he could just remember small thing about their memories, that’d be enough. She’s desperate; KKJ-B knew it for sure.
Mr.Seo said to his wife that it’s weird that GDR would not be going together with SYJ to Germany. Mrs.Seo said that they would find out about the reason later tonight. GDR said to KKJ-B that he shouldn’t come to meet the parents that night and let her explained everything to them.
KKJ-B asked JMR to give him back his watch. Then he came to pick up GDR to go together to meet the parents. GDR said it’d be complicated if he came along. But KKJ-B managed to drive GDR. But he brought GDR to the lake, instead. It’s the place where they met the last time before the accident. He’s kind of going to flash back and erase everything they had. He said there he would erase the memory that KKJ-B had met GDR, had a wedding, live together, and fell for her and even the 10.10 promised. They’re all gone, never exist. As the symbol of this determination, he threw away the watch into the water. “Just go back to the moment when you’re waiting for SYJ here,” he said before he left GDR alone in the lake.

Just like KKJ-B who threw away everything into the lake, GDR also had to the same, throwing all their memories in that place and just go back to the time when there’s never Kang KKJ-B in her heart. GDR flashback her sweet memories with KKJ-B but unlike him, she couldn’t erase them all. Instead, she came down to the lake to search for the watch.
In the restaurant, both parents were waiting for GDR and KKJ-B. They looked intense. JMR and GCS were also there.
GDR was all dirty but she managed to get the watch back.
When KKJ-B arrived at the restaurant, he said there’s something he wanted to say to the family. “He said he probably let go of GDR now, but as soon as SYJ is back, he will get GDR back for sure. And there’s no such a thing as someone else in GDR’s heart.” GCS, with his big mouth, said, “So there’s never KKJ?” KKJ-B was about to give an answer for that when suddenly GDR came with her dirty body. “Yes, there’s been KKJ. He’s not someone else. I’m crazy am I? But I will tell everything to you now. Please remember what I’m going to say. I love KKJ.” GDR looked at KKJ-B and everyone just looked startled, but KKJ-B. He just looked cold.

In the same time in the hospital, KKJ-B’s body was reacting. The heartbeat suddenly became faster.


I think now, GDR is the saddest person here at this episode.
The writers make this drama somewhat true to reality. The transition is very clear that “hey! After KKJ-B becomes sad, GDR you are the next.” And I think, KKJ-B must lost his memory ASAP before anything might go crazy for this drama.
Second to the last episode is so dramatic. I hope the last one would be a nice ending.

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