BIG, Episode 16 Review (FINAL)

Character ledger:
Gil Da Ran (GDR)
Kang Kyung Joon-Big (KKJ-B)
Kang Kyung Joon (KKJ)
Seo SYJ SYJ-Small (SYJ-S)
Jang Ma-Ri (JMR)

The episode starts with GDR declaration at the restaurant. “I love KKJ!” After that she took off her wedding ring and put it on the table, in front of the whole family. KKJ-B brought GDR away. Mr. Gil apologized to Seo family.
GDR said she would love him now and then on, no matter he would remember or not. “I’ve never met any crazy girl like you,” said KKJ-B. “Yes, I’m crazy,” said GDR. Then she gave him back the watch and it surprised KKJ-B. “You searched for this in the water? You’re really crazy,” said KKJ-B. “Yes, you’re right I’m crazy for sure.” And then she continued,”Even though you won’t remember, I will for sure get you,” said GDR.

For Gil family this matter was difficult, but for Seo family, GDR was just making things easier. Mrs.Seo dealt with it just casually.
Then LSY called them, informing KKJ-B’s body was making a reaction
GDR and KKJ-B were walking home together, hand in hand, ignoring people staring at the dirty GDR. Then GDR was trying to make KKJ-B be able to keep one silly memory. She took a bush flower from the public pot on the path way, and then crossed the street. The ajeossi who saw it called for her and KKJ-B had to say she’s a bit not right in mind. “KKJ-B, should I sing for you?” she cried from across the street. Then she sang Pororo song. Everyone thought she was a loony. KKJ-B approached GDR and said, “If I can remember this, it’d be cool.”
KKJ-B’s aunty was going to take GDR’s ring, but JMR came asking for it. “It’s mine, I bought it. It’s not a lie. So please give it to me.” Then JMR asked the aunt and uncle a favor, “When KKJ-B awake, you should tell him the person who’s been loyal to him is Jang JMR.”
At home, in the kitchen, KKJ-B was sitting facing GDR, interrogating her, “Since when you start liking KKJ?”
GDR:”I don’t remember exactly.”
KKJ-B protested, “You should remember about this!”
GDR confessed, “At the theater, while listening to the record together.”
GDR also said she started to feel her heart wavering on the park that day when she felt something weird in her heart and KKJ-B was coming for her. “I actually saw you that day,” said KKJ-B. GDR said she had no confidence that day, that’s why she hid.
GDR had to go to her family.

GDR was facing her family. Her mother was going to cut GDR’s hair for her punishment, but she never did it. Mrs.Gil cried, “I don’t know how to face my mother. I don’t even know my own daughter.”
KKJ-B spent his day in the hospital with his two favorite kids. He’s blowing out balloon. When the boy’s balloon was blown out, the surprised KKJ-B felt something weird in his heartbeat.
Mrs.Seo proposed LSY to get closer to SYJ again after he’s back healthy later on after the surgery.
GCS was ordered by his mother to court GDR from school to home. Meanwhile KKJ-B was actually waiting for her in front of the school, but GDR went back home with her brother. So KKJ-B came to her house, but he couldn’t get in so he asked GDR out. But Mr.Gil prohibited GDR to go out of house. She’s definitely grounded. KKJ-B was still waiting for her behind their house. He told GDR to go down from the balcony and he’d catch her. But Mrs.Gil stopped her. Later on, GDR didn’t give any notice to KKJ-B and just jumped down. She’s landed badly, but she’s fine. They hid behind the plant in Gil’s backyard and did the backstreet date just like teenagers. She put back the watch to his wrist and then kissed him and KKJ-B was very happy for the kiss.

Mrs.Seo told KKJ-B that she’s not going with him and his father because she wanted to stay with KKJ-B to take care of him. KKJ-B was a bit touch, but stayed cool. Then she got a call from Mr.Seo telling that JMR took away KKJ-B’s body.
KKJ-B tried to catch her. He called JMR on his way. JMR was really desperate. She said, “If GDR is crazy, I’m double double crazy!” KKJ-B said, “Fine! If you’re not giving back my body, I won’t go to Germany nor take the surgery. I will stay in SYJ’s body and I will die soon anyway.” JMR lost the argument and give up. She sent back KKJ-B’s body.

JMR told KKJ-B that if when he’s back he couldn’t remember anything but insisted on staying by GDR’s side, SYJ would also suffer just like her. Because no matter what, SYJ was GDR’s fiancée.
JMR met GDR and told a lie about the ring. She said she took it from the restaurant and put the ring somewhere in mandoo’s ingredient. The crazy GDR look for it here in there, even run after the take away mandoos. But of course she found none. Actually I don’t really get the urgency of this scene.
The unconscious SYJ in the hospital remembering the last time he talked to GDR. He remembered the way GDR desperately asked him if he really loved her. KKJ-B’s body cried.

GDR was across the street and KKJ-B called her. They talked on the phone. GDR said that every day she would remember him well, no matter he would remember or not after he’s coming back.
KKJ-B talked straightly to JMR that he would stay with Gil GDR, so she would not need to come to him anymore. KKJ-B was giving the harsh reality for JMR and that’s just his style, but he’s making it a friendly break up. ”JMR, come here,” KKJ-B gave her the last pat on the head.

JMR left for US straightly soon. She only had GCS sent her away. GCS wrote down his name on JMR’s bag, told her to wait for him.
KKJ-B was ready for Germany. He told LSY that when the SYJ she liked was back, she could try to get his heart again. “Please be sexy.”
GDR came with an old green umbrella she just had it fixed. KKJ-B was watering the plant. “KKJ-B, do you remember the first time we met?” asked GDR. She asked him to spray her so it’d be like rain, like the moment they first met.
They redo the first time they met, by taking the bus. KKJ-B said he was the one who change their umbrellas. KKJ-B said if he appeared next to GDR, she should catch him. And no matter KKJ-B might indifferently shrug her away on that moment, GDR should surely catch him. So they would have a moment like this one, the sweet memory under one umbrella under the rain standing side by side.

Sadly, that’s also the place where they’re saying good bye. KKJ-B cried, telling out his desperation. He didn’t want to lose all his memories with GDR. “Gil GDR, I love you.” Then he left.

One year later.
GDR was doing fine. The sick cute kids were recovered. Teacher Ha and his wife were expecting a child. GCS became a cook in his family business. He sent mandoo regularly to JMR. And this time, when he was about to send mandoo to JMR just like usual, JMR suddenly appeared in front of him. JMR was studying photography. GCS took their picture together with his mobile.

KKJ-B’s house was occupied by another family. GDR walked pass it.
Then she rode a bus. It was raining and 10.10. On the bus, a radio show was airing, telling story that seemed to be GDR’s. Then there were two green umbrellas on the bus floor, GDR smiled. GDR got off the bus, opened the umbrella for its raining. Then someone called her name. A tall big man in checkered shirt came running joined her under the umbrella. But we didn’t see his face, just the broad shoulder and the KKJ watch on his wrist.

The scene was back to moment when KKJ-B told her that moment under the umbrella before he left. GDR remembered what KKJ-B told her that day: to catch him and no matter KKJ-B might indifferently shrugged her away she had to run after him. And she did it.


It was a happy ENDING! YEY! But, some kind of mysterious, because KKJ is FACELESS. I didn’t saw his face, but his voice was present at the scene. They didn’t focus KKJ’s face at the last part, instead, it was GDR and KKJ’s first meeting with the green umbrella scene and for me it somewhat not a good scene. I think they didn’t intend to do that, but they don’t have a choice.

For me, BIG is a 4 star DRAMA. A romantic comedy scene with a TWIST of excitement. 🙂

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