Big, Episode 2 Review

Done watching Episode 1?
Are you not satisfied at the end of it?
Now here’s the Summary and My POV about the 2nd Episode of BIG <3


While, Kang Kyun Joong-BIG (KKJ-B) [because KKJ was transported to Seo Yoon Jae’s body], wakes up he realize that he’s in a different body, and Gil Dan Ra (GDR) was trying to drag him to the hospital for some test, but KKJ-B refuses.
Instead, he manages to convince the panicked Da-ran to listen to his theory of what happened, using the robot figurines and two cups. KKJ-B’s hypothesis was this, “SYJ thought that his body was dead and so the soul jump in to KKJ’s body, so KKJs soul has no choice but to jump to SYJ’s body.” But GDR thinks that SYJ’s is not that kind of person that jumps to another body, that’s why KKJ-B was so frustrated and he told that he hates SYJ’s body.
KKJ-B opens the fridge and opens a soda, but GDR told him that SYJ’s not drinking a soda. She told him that while KKJ is in her fiancés body, he must take care of it and don’t eat unhealthy foods and he should dress warmly.
GDR called KKJ’S uncle to check whether SYG-S is doing ok. They already moved him to a hospital in Seoul, and they promised to let her know if there is good news about him. When KKJ-B goes into his room, she discovers that his fridge is stocked with soda and frozen pizza.
KKJ-B wakes up the next morning and bangs his elbow on the bed. He complains, in English, that this body is “too big”. But, for the first time since the body swap he is happy: this body means he doesn’t have to go to school. Da-ran has laid out a healthy meal, when KKJ-B open his fridge, he notice that his pizzas and sodas are gone and it’s stocked with water and healthy things. Complaining that she must really be concerned over Yoon-jae, he refuses to eat it.
GDR visit KKJ’s body, believing that Yoon Jae’s soul was there. She remembered how their hold each other’s hands in the snow. She remembered how warm Yoon Jae’s hand was.
GDR was already late for school morning ceremony. She got enough attention from Ms.Kim. And it’s not long after that, KKJ-B came with taxi in panic. He found out his new body got an allergic. Firstly he asked for money to pay the taxi. And then he’s panicking to GDR and almost took off his clothes in front of everyone.
KKJ-B went to the hospital to visit his body. In the same time, GDR’s father came to the hospital to deliver his homemade mandoo with eel to his future son in-law. KKJ-B didn’t recognize him at all so he ignored GDR’s father. GDR’S father called her and told her that his son-in-law didn’t notice him and thought that he was so busy, so GDR run as fast as she can to go to the hospital and look for KKJ-B.
In the hospital KKJ-B just realized that he’s a famous pediatrician. He saw SYJ’s face at the entire hospital and it freaked him out. He tried to cover his face all the way up to the SYJ-S room, but he came across SYJ’s friends. Lee Se-Young (SYJ’s colleague) asked if he’s okay because he acted strange. KKJ-B told them that he got a food poisoning after eating a mushroom.

GDR came right in time and brought KKY-B away from those doctors. She brought him to SYJ’s room, but KKJ-B told her that the female doctor was a bit strange that she acted so intimate towards SYJ. But GDR told him that they are just colleagues, and there is nothing wrong with that.

KKJ-B was lying on SYJ’s bed and GDR gave him her hand to get up, KKJ-B got back his memory of what happened that day in the water. He told her that he give his hands to him so he could live.

While they are in SYJ’s room, GDR told KKJ to hold his hands, and from there maybe the effect of the transportation of their souls would be back. KKJ-B try it and after, GDR told her sorry, sorry to SJY, but KKJ-B were bluffing and take this as a joke. GDR left him upset.

KKY’s uncle and aunt came, and ask KKY-B (because he’s in SYJ’s body, and he’s a doctor) what happened when KKY wouldn’t wake up and KKY-B gave them an answer. And the nurse asked about his stuffs his aunt checked on his stuffs and took his money and cards and throws the rest of the things. KKYJ-B was upset. He even ignored GDR and asked her to leave him alone. GCS (Gil Choong Shik, GDR’s brother) came and defended her but the upset KKJ-B had no desire to play along. GCS insisted and it made KKY-B called him “Stupid!”

GDR was under interrogation of her brother and father when her mother brought KKJ-B in and he notice that that’s GDR’s house and everything becomes awkward. And out of nowhere, KKJ-B shouted “Surprise!!”

GDR drag KKJ-B outside to interrogate him and asked him why was he there and GCS came and ask them what are they talking about, but GDR told him that he should not get into adults conversation, and KKJ-B repeat GDR said to his brother.

KKJ-B sit beside GDR’s father, and told him that why he doesn’t have a socks (because in Korea, that is counted a bit impolite) and he acts like a teenager and very straight forward that their house is small. Mr. Gil introduce him to his Stone Collection and they have their own family stone collection, and told him that when he and GDR will get married, he will have his stone in the Family Stone collection, but KKJ-B refuses it.
During dinner KKJ-B acted strange, eating without a proper manner. But he’s very excited when Mrs. Gil offered him alcohol. GDR tried to hard to prevent it by snatching his glass and drink most of it for him.
KKJ-B complained about the big body he had now that it didn’t fit his clothes. GDR then brought him to SYJ’s apartment to get some clothes. Changing his clothes casually within GDR’s sight, GDR was panic and turned her heads.
Then GDR tried to explain how her boyfriend’s characteristic to KKJ-B. She imagined what he’s going to say to her that day if they met. Suddenly KKJ-B expression became serious and he said,”Gil Da Ran, I love you…” Then he switches his expression to his natural again.

Suddenly LSY made a call and said she’s coming. GDR told KKJ-B to go down to meet LSY. While she’s checking on SJY’s wardrobes, she saw his suitcase and he even had his passport and he’s not telling him where he is going.

Meanwhile downstairs, as soon as KKJ-S showed up, LSY approached him and hugged him tight. KKJ-B was confused and shrugged her off. LSY said “I love you.” In the same time, GDR came out and called his name. The smart KKY-B figured out what was going on between these people. He looked at both women in turns and said,”Seo Yoon Jae this bastard.”

For me, it’s so shocking, because Gong Yoo is so cute when he’s acting like a teenager. Bringing all the cuteness in him, he manages to switch emotions entirely. But it’s a bit hilarious when KKJ is adjusting to his Big self. He’s even looking at that ahjussi’s body and talked about his chocolate abs.

I think being ship into a different body has a negative and positive advantage.. Imagine that, when we transport to a different body, we’re thinking that, we can transport to the body of a celebrity or a well known person.


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