Completion Ceremony of the Japan-British Exhibition Japanese Garden Project

Date: September 2009
Venue: The Japanese Garden in Hammersmith Park, South Africa Road, White City, London, W12 7PA
Tel: 020 8800 7101
Organiser: Japan-British Exhibition 100 Japanese Garden Restoration Committee

A restoration of the authentic Japanese garden built for the Japan-British Exhibition held between May and October 1910 at White City in Shepherds Bush to celebrate the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. A Japanese garden designer, Izawa Hannosuke and Japanese and British workemn worked together to create the garden through the cold winter of 1908/09 to be ready for the exhibition.

The current Japanese garden is nearly two-thirds of the original size and is now part of Hammersmith Park. Although some restoration was done as part of the 2001 Japan Festival, it is still need of much work. From April-September 2009 staff from Hammersmith Council and Japanese and British volunteers will work under the supervision of a Japanese garden expert. The completion ceremony will be a chance to celebrate the restoration of the garden to its former glory.

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