Conceptual Zen Garden to celebrate 150 years of interaction between the UK & Japan

Date: 7-12 July 2009
Venue: RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 

This conceptual Zen garden commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and Britain. The main theme is the way nature contributes to relaxation, sustaining humanity through meditation. The garden has four scenes: an English meadow, a birch forest, a Japanese cedar forest and a waterfall, illustrating how the UK and Japan live in harmony.
The scenes are expressed in Zen terms, which is about simplifying the essence of nature. A minimum number of plants is used to represent the scenes, and no actual water. There are three viewing points: the first, where the whole scene can be observed and the healing sounds of the trees appreciated with the help of the sound mirror; the second, a walk through the forest between the birches; and the third, a place to meditate by the waterfall in order to find ones personal sound, which in Zen symbolises the enlightenment found through the self.

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