Contemporary Dance Performance to celebrate "The Polish Connection" (Choreography: Yong Min Cho)

Date: 20th/21st June & 27/28th June, 12pm
Venue: Dulwich Picture Gallery, Gallery Road, London SE21 7AD
T: 020 8693 5254
F: 020 8299 8700

Dulwich Picture Gallery will host four performances of a contemporary dance performance overtwo weekends in celebration of its new exhibition, The Polish Connection. The dance performanceis going to be developed in relation to Malinowski’s installation. Working from the 18th centuryportraits of King Stanislaw the vectors of the Polish King’s gaze are manifested as the black lines ofMalinowski’s wall drawing. These lines then will be translated into dancers’ movements. Rolf Gehlhaar’s music based on the sound of English and Polish words is going to provide therhythmic structure for the choreography. The dancers’ movements are going to be closely relatedto the specificity of the unusual spaces of the glass “cloister” and the Gallery’s gardens. Thechoreography, taking the four dancers through the inside and the outside spaces, is going to pointtowards a dreamlike travelling in time.The performance is free of charge.

Choreography: Yong Min Cho
Music: Rolf Gehlhaar
Dancers: Carlotta Bruni/ Georgiana Cavendish/ Yong Min Cho/ Karolina Kraczkowska
Costumes: Jung Yeon Chae/ Yong Min Cho

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