Discover Korean Food 106: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Goo-Gi-Ja Mul -Kimchi”

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[Ingredients & Quantity]
100g Cabbage, 100g Radish, 2tsp Salt
20g Japanese Parsley, 10g Spring Onion, 1/2 Red Pepper, 10g Garlic, 8g Ginger
Kimchi Soup: 3 Cups Water, 2g Licorice, 10g Chinese Matrimony Vine, 2tsp Salt

1. Wash the cabbage and the radish and cut them in 2.5cm width, 3cm length and 0.3cm thickness.
2. Soak the cabbage in salty water for 5 minutes first. Add the radish and leave them for another 5 minutes. Drain but keep the water.
3. Wash the Japanese parsley and the spring onion and cut it 3cm in length.
4. Remove the seeds of the red pepper. Chop it 2.5cm in length and 0.3cm in thickness.
5. Boil the licorice and the Chinese matrimony vine until 2&1/2 cups of water remain.
6. Add the water and season with the salt. 6. Wrap the minced garlic with a piece of cotton cloth. 7. Add the spring onion, red pepper, and the Japanese parsley. Mix well and place in a jar. Add the cotton cloth and pour the Kimchi soup in.

1. Porridges or Rice Cakes go well with Goo-Gi-Ja Mul -Kimchi.
2. For better Scent, add the Japanese Parsley or Cucumbers after the Kimchi becomes marinated.
3. If you don’t soak the Cabbage or the Radish in salty water it will soon become mushy.

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