Discover Korean Food 107: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Gyul-Moo-Ggul Julim Cha”

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Gyul-Moo-Ggul Julim Cha is a tea that contains Radish, Mandarin and Honey which is good for preventing a cold. According to “Bon-Cho-Kang-Mok”, the Radish is antidotal, helps digestion and is especially good for the skin. It includes sugar, amino acid, minerals, Amylase, and Vitamin C (7 times more than Apple).

[Ingredients & Quantity]
3 Mandarins, 300g Radish
1 Cup Honey, 1 Cup Brown Sugar, Pine Nuts, Jujube Chops

1. Chop the Radish.
2. Chop the Mandarin skins.
3. Mix the together with the Brown Sugar and the Honey. Put them in a bottle and preserve them.
4. After 3 days, Serve(add 2 tbsp of them into the warm water with the Pine Nuts and the Jujube Chops).

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