Discover Korean Food 115: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Joraeng-i Dduckguk”

[Ingredients & Quantity]
500g Nonglutinous Rice, 6g (1/2tbsp) Salt, 150g~200g Water
6g (1tsp) Rich Soybean Paste, 4g (1tsp) Salt
60g (1) Egg, 0.2g Shredded Pepper
2kg (10 cups) Water
Gravy: 300g Beef, 2.2kg (11cups) water
Aroma Salad: 20g Spring Onion, 10g Garlic
Seasoning Sauce: 3g (1/2tsp) Rich Soybean Paste, 1.1g (1/4tsp) Minced Spring Onion, 1.4g (1/4tsp) Minced Garlic, 0.1g Pepper Powder, 4g (1tsp) Sesame Oil

1. Mix the nonglutinous rice with salt and drain. Pour water and mix together.
2. Clean the beef and the aroma Salad.
3. Boil the beef for 11 minutes at a high temperature and boil them for 30 minutes at a medium temperature.
4. Add the aroma salad and boil for 20 more minutes.
5. Take the beef out and cut it 5cm length, 0.5cm width, and 0.5cm thickness and marinate with the seasoning Sauce.
6. Make the gravy (1.4kg) by draining the water with a cotton cloth.
7. Fry the egg yolk and the white and cut 2cm in a rectangular shape.
8. Cut the Shredded Pepper 2cm in length.

1. Steam the nonglutinous rice on top of the cotton cloth for 15 minutes
2. Make the Rice Cake (1.5cm thickness) by hitting the nonglutinous rice with a bat for 3 minutes.
3. Slice the rice cake.
4. Boil the gravy for 7 minutes, add the rice cakes and boil for another 5 minutes.
5. Season with the rich soybean paste and salt and boil for 2 more minutes.
6. Add the beef and dress with the egg and the shredded Pepper.

* You can dress it with a beef skewer.
* You can use chopped fried egg for dressing.


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