Discover Korean Food 119: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Insam Sulki Dduk”

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Insam Sulki Dduk is a nonglutinous rice cake dish mixed with ginseng and ginseng Honey. Ginseng is good for the rain and stamina.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
2&1/2 cup Nonglutinous Rice Powder,
10g Ginseng Powder, 2tbsp Honey, 3tbsp Water
50g Ginseng Honey, 1 Chestnut, 1 Jujube, 1tsp Pine Nuts

1. Mix the nonglutinous rice powder with salt and drain.
2. Cut the ginseng honey 0.5cm in width and length.
3. Peel the chestnut and clean the Pine Nuts. Peel the Jujube and chop.
4. Mix the ginseng powder with the honey in warm water.
5. Add the rice and ginseng honey and mix well.
6. Dress with the rice powder, chopped Jujube, and the pine nuts.
7. Steam for 15 minutes.

* You can use Red Ginseng Extract instead of the Ginseng Powder.

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